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Comment Or rather... (Score 5, Interesting) 384

AIs could incorporate existing biases.

Say you train an AI that will accept or reject loan applications by giving it a stack of previous loans. If the human loan officers were biased against minorities—rejecting otherwise acceptable applications—that AI may end up doing the same. This bias is much easier to detect in human behavior but less so with AI which can't explain why it made any particular choice or even what its criteria are.

Comment Re:Eletronic fingerprint? (Score 4, Informative) 143

"return the second laptop because the device was capable of accessing Allegro's IT network"

It sounds like they depend on the MAC address for access security, and not-a-one-of-them has ever heard of MAC spoofing. (Or a Pingles can for extending WiFi range to off of company property.)

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 137

While I was driving, I voice activated my phone to "call my dad" and I handed my daughter behind me my phone to talk to grandpa. At some point th connection dropped. Next I hear my four year old using the voice control and says "call my dad", sure enough, she reconnected to my dad.

1. I didn't know she knew how to activate the voice control (double click home button) but she had enough exposure to other phones/tablets to know to try it.

2. She was four.

3. Somehow I expected my phone to call itself :P

- Yo Grark

Comment Re:Renumeration (Score 1) 124

Is it any different from Netflix showing you recommendations based on your past viewings and ratings?

  • * Google learned about the movie and that is targeted at kids. This is probably the subtle Disney ad ("be our guest") mentioning letting partners provide data, but they could also just have scanned movie listings like everyone else.
  • * They probably sussed out that you have kids.
  • * They recommended it based on these facts.

It sure would be nice if you could turn these recommendations off, though. It's more bothersome because it's audible, delays the content you really want, and can't be easily ignored like an image off in the corner of a browser.

Comment Same in the U.S. (Score 1) 513

Up here in Canuckistan we're generally not allowed to probe too deeply into prospective employees' personal lives, but when I'm doing an interview, I ask the question "Is there anything that would interfere with you performing the duties detailed in the job description?"

It's the same in the U.S. You can't ask even simple things like "Are you married?" or "Do you own a car?" as these could be used to discriminate. You might assume their answer would interfere with their work performance. And that question you posted is exactly what's recommended here as well. All employees must be able to perform their duties. It's up to them to deal with their specific circumstances to do so. When they cannot (as in your example), it's their responsibility to speak up.

Comment Re: WTF!!! (Score 3, Informative) 513

But to the original point, given that it's illegal for companies to ask about such issues and BAE didn't in this case (good!), was it disrespectful for the guy to wait until his first day to bring it up?

I would definitely have discussed it with my supervisor once I had accepted the position and signed the paperwork, but that's usually handled on the first day in the office.

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