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Comment Both (Score 1) 457

It's a reservoir to hold water long-term and supply it as-needed. During heavy rains, it fills to avoid flooding downstream since the rain will supply the water necessary. During the dry season, water is released downstream for supply.

There is a separate mechanism that releases water when the reservoir gets full. There's only so much flood protection you can provide with a fixed-size reservoir and massive rainfall.

Comment Re: "captured" (Score 1) 197

Holy shit, baking soda (trona ore) really is mined! Yes, in that case, it would offset some of the energy used to mine the ore. And as that PDF lays out, there are many other uses for baking soda. I knew of some (deodorizing, leavening, buffer) but not as a grease/electrical fire retardant. Pretty cool stuff!

Now if only we could turn it into solid rocket fuel! Just add vinegar?

Comment Re: "captured" (Score 1) 197

So, if the bank robber is eventually released from jail after serving their sentence, then they weren't ever captured.

We've already thrown logic out the door by comparing CO2's effect on the atmosphere to a bank robber. But yes, if that bank robber immediately began robbing banks, I would consider him to have been only temporarily captured.

How temporarily equates to never in your mind . . . I guess, education fail?

Comment Re: "captured" (Score 2, Informative) 197

When the cops announce they've nabbed a bank-robber, do you only consider him captured if they killed him in the process? Your standards seem either not well thought out or simply unrealistic.

If the cops nab a bank robber and then release him, I don't consider him captured. Jail would suffice; I don't see that execution is necessary.

Are you inhaling the baking soda? Is it floating in the atmosphere helping insulate the planet?

Carbon from fossil fuels is captured only if it is prevented from entering the atmosphere. If the baking soda is used for, y'know, baking—and then those baked goods are eaten—the carbon will end up in the atmosphere. In other words, not captured.

Comment Re:Service guns (Score 0, Offtopic) 197

1. taking a third (or more) of his paycheck
2. taking out credit in his (and everyone elses) name, leaving him and the rest of society with the debt and compounded interest
3. regulating his speech
4. surveilling his behavior
5. trampling his due process rights

Holy crap, I had no idea service dogs were so versatile!

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