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Comment Re:Bugger! (Score 1) 100

Amen. Got a Cat S50 I can't root for the life of me. I need root to remotely help my grandfather who accidentally presses buttons all the time. I got him a great water proof drop proof old age proof phone, but the gas and mileage of physically driving 100 miles to press a stupid button is getting on my nerves!

Yo Grark

Comment Re:What if... (Score 1) 93

You are making the assumption they are all tuned into the same frequencies.

Imagine you get 100 people into a room and their teeth pick up radio signals, some AM, some FM. What one person hears will be different from the next one.

Yes it's a mental disease, but like any other, there are reasons pro's/con's why it happens and how.

- Yo Grark

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