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Comment Re:Take action (Score 5, Insightful) 258

What were you smoking? Win2K Pro was a fucking GREAT OS, rock solid, no eye candy bullshit, it just did what a great OS should do which is STFU and get out of the way so you can run your programs. XP was Fisher Price trash for kiddies, XP X64 (which was really Win 2K3 Workstation, MSFT got wind of so many of us turning 2K3 into desktops they just decided to sell it) was a damn fine OS, 7 is still a kick ass OS, and 8/8.1 is a good OS IF and ONLY IF you strip out the crapstore and spyware garbage and slap on Classic Shell, otherwise its UI will irritate the hell out of you.

But one thing we can all agree on is this...Windows 10 is trash. That is all it is, its trash. It gives you NOTHING better than the previous OSes, even its touted "features" are nothing but datamining trojan horse shit, takes away your ability to keep busted updates (which appears to be damned near a weekly thing with that POS) from being installed, has fucking ADWARE baked into the damned thing, has made BSOD a common condition again which I thought had died with XP, there is honestly not a single positive I can say about that piece of garbage.

Comment Re:The MS Merry Go Round. (Score 5, Interesting) 211

Ain't no suspecting required, just look up Barancles Nerdgasm's "I was fired" video on YouTube. He was part of the testing team and talks about how pretty much all the QA and testing teams for Windows were fired and makes it clear the vibe at Redmond was pretty much Insider for alpha testing, Home and Pro is the beta, Enterprise is the actual product...which is of course the only version you have to rent instead of buy.

This is why I'm telling my customers to stay far away from Win 10 and if they get a new PC with that POS OS? I point them to Win 8 OEM which you can get quite cheaply (and once upgraded to 8.1 with Classic Shell is just Win 7 with some speed tweaks) because even with the new OEM systems it doesn't take more than one or two patches before I'm getting calls that shit is broken.

Now I've had every version of windows since 3.1, including the shitastic WinME and the bloated irritating Vista...Win10 IMHO is the worst product they have EVER came out with bar none. WinME? You could hack in some files from Win98 SE and make it a decent if not good OS. Vista? You could use NLite to chop out the crap and make an okay, not as good as XP X64 but an okay OS for daily use. And of course Win 8/8.1 you could just slap on Classic Shell and take out the crapstore and telemetry crap and its a good solid performer...Win 10? IMHO its not even beta quality, with every update just as much shit gets broke as gets fixed and frankly until Win 10 I had even forgotten what a BSOD looked like simply because how well previous versions past XP handled major errors. Its just not a good OS folks, its buggy, has baked in spyware and ads, it doesn't even look nice, its just a bad product.

Hopefully by the time 8.1 (if not 7) is reaching EOL they will have given Nutella his walking papers, if they haven't? Well I don't think there will be a Windows business to worry about really, it'll just be legacy installs while everyone is on Google or Apple OSes. Ballmer tried to kill the company being a faux Apple, Nutella is trying to finish the job by being a faux Google.

Comment Re:It's the OS that just keeps on giving (Score 2) 220

Nope, sorry, but bullshit. those wonderful Linux netbooks? Yeah they saw 400% hbigher returns than the ones with Windows so the second MSFT gave companies a decent price on XP and later Win 7? They quit selling the ones with the OS that was costing them money, simple as that.

As for why netbooks died out? The companies decided they wanted more profit so they made them bigger, added more bells and whistles, and priced themselves out of the market, simple as that. When netbooks were $179-$299? I couldn't keep 'em in stock but by the end they were selling AMD duals for $450 and the Atoms for $349...who is gonna pay that when they could get a full size laptop with better performance for $279?

Why Linux fans can't seem to grasp such a simple concept is frankly beyond me but the reason Linux doesn't go anywhere whether its installed by default or not (see Linux netbooks, the Walmart Linux desktops and laptops, the Dell Ubuntu laptops) is called the network effect with Windows literally being listed as an example of the network effect in action. Its really VERY simple, people buy computers to run specific programs not for the OS that is on it and those programs? They are written for Windows. Hell most users don't even know which version of windows they have, if they even know they have windows, all they know is they install their program and it works and if it doesn't? the PC is BROKEN and worthless, period.

So if you want people to actually use your OS? Then you have to get all those proprietary vendors to support your OS although with the hatred of all things proprietary in Linux land I don't see that happening, hence why MSFT has put out 3 stinkers in a row and Linux hasn't gained squat. As long as their programs run? People would gladly take Windows over your OS, MSFT could put the Eye Of Sauron as the desktop wallpaper and they would not care, all they will care about is their programs work on windows, they don't on yours...end of story.

Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

Not interesting on price you say? Well I'd really like to you show me an Intel at $135 that gets these kinds of numbers because the last time I checked all you can get from Intel for $135 is a crappy Pentium dual or an even crappier Atom. When you look at the bang for the buck it really isn't even close, I mean you can get an octocore from AMD for around $135 that has a 4Ghz turbo clock OOTB and which can easily hit 4.4Ghz-4.6Ghz on air, you aren't gonna find anything from Intel that competes until you at least double the price. Then when you look at motherboards and see how you can get a much nicer motherboard for less when you go AMD? Its really a no brainer, you can get a hell of a lot nicer system for a lot less money by going AMD.

This isn't even bringing up the elephant in the room which is that software hasn't kept up with hardware in quite a few years so even for gaming you can pair that chip with a $200 GPU and enjoy your games at 1080P with maxxed out graphics and high FPS, and for those that don't game one of the AMD APUs will give them all the power they need while having excellent picture quality and hardware accelerated video and both will spend a lot less.

Comment Re: Fuse (Score 1) 128

Allow me to plug BLU phones....GREAT phones! They do NOT put in any OEM crap, just stock Android (or Windows Phone if you want one of those) and their forums show you how to root any of their phones. They are also built like tanks, have models from $50 to $400 so they have a model for everybody, good battery life, just really damned good affordable phones.

So anybody that just wants a good stock android phone at a good price? You can't go wrong with the BLU phones, I've switched everybody in my family to BLUs and have never regretted it, reliable hassle free stock android.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 2, Insightful) 58

I guess "Windows isn't done unless Lotus won't run" by your logic is completely reasonable behavior, it WAS their OS...right?

Or maybe if you'd stop waving your little Intel flag as hard as your squeeing fangirl ass can you'd know they didn't "not optimize" for other chips, they purposely designed their compiler to put out broken code on other chips so badly in fact that you could take a Via CPU (the only CPU that allows you to change the CPUID in software) and by simply changing the CPUID from "Centaur Hauls" to "Genuine Intel" you magically got a 30% performance, the power of of CPUID huh?

Of course what it really was was a classic case of "Windows isn't done unless Lotus won't run" and this kind of behavior is typical of Intel, hence why they had to shell out 1.4 billion for market rigging and anti competitive behavior in the EU just 2 years ago. Would you like a quote from the judgement?

"The Commission demonstrated to the requisite legal standard that Intel attempted to conceal the anti-competitive nature of its practices and implemented a long term comprehensive strategy to foreclose AMD from the strategically most important sales channels. ... The General Court considers that none of the arguments raised by Intel supports the conclusion that the fine imposed is disproportionate. On the contrary, it must be considered that that fine is appropriate in the light of the facts of the case.

In other words the exact same shit MSFT got busted for and frankly they should get no less than what MSFT did, 10 years of being monitored by the courts to keep them from pulling shit like this again.

Comment Re:Nokia was going downhill well before that (Score 0) 88

Nope they were already well and truly fucked. they had not one, not two, but THREE different OSes, Symbian, MeeGo, and the Java based one I can never remember the name of. All three OSes were headhunting the other's teams, fighting for resources, and brown nosing the PHBs in various departments. What this did was basically split the company into three separate fiefdoms, where each group not only fought to make sure THEIR OS was the "future" but fucked any and all cooperation in the company as badly as Sega Of America VS Japan in the late 90s and we all saw what the result of that was, didn't we?

Elop honestly didn't have a choice, because there was three different toxic factions in the company his only choice was to go outside the company or else he would have to pretty much fire everyone and start over because after years of fighting for "their OS" to "win"? If he would have chosen one of the ones being made in house he would have had two thirds of the development groups actively trying to fuck the "winning team" as it had just gotten too nasty.

Comment Here is what I don't get... (Score 0) 706

If it was ANYBODY else that you were given the same insanely huge list of "suicides" all connected to this one person? You'd say they were either a serial killer or obviously mobbed up....yet with the Clintons people just keep making excuses, why?

If you have one person die under mysterious circumstances that is terrible, 3 could be a coincidence, but over SIXTY DEAD, all either victims of "suicide" or "botched robberies" where nothing was taken and they are shot execution style? I'm sorry but anybody who doesn't accept the fact that the Clintons have racked up a body count is frankly delusional at this point. If I had to guess I'd say the Clintons got real chummy with the spooks running dope for the Contras out of Mena in the 70s and 80s and still have their numbers on speed dial.

Comment Re:Shoot the Messenger (Score 1) 407

It was DAMN good but VERY gritty so if you can't handle some gore? Then its not for you. it literally starts with the new guy being handed a bucket and told to "clean out the mess" which just so happens to be what is left of the guy who had his job previously after the body bag is removed, complete with a chunk of his face stuck to the wall. and the first time the new guy is in combat he freezes and people die, again just like what most of us would do when suddenly bullets and bombs are flying everywhere.

But there really are no "good guys" in that movie, everyone has some good quality and some truly despicable ones...just like IRL in war there is no heroes, only casualties...damned good movie.

Comment Re:Pot calling kettle. Come in kettle! (Score 2) 260

Frankly the studios SHOULD be sued for false advertising because increasingly what you see in the trailer isn't even in the film, so how can you say its anything but false advertising when you sell a product based on content it doesn't actually have?

Remember Fan4stic with those cool scenes of The Thing jumping out a plane and kicking ass? Not in the movie. Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, they tried to sell the movies with action scenes that simply did not exist in the final cut.

To use a /. car analogy if I sold you on this new car by showing you pics of this tricked out chromed up engine, only for you to get it home and find I swapped it out with a used nasty looking 4 banger you'd be pissed, wouldn't you? Well I don't see how this is any different, as for nearly a century a trailer is the "best of" reel to get people excited for a film but now increasingly its nothing but bullshit that doesn't even exist in the movie.

Comment Re:Oh no (Score 4, Insightful) 637

Informative, really mods? I can go to ANY right wing site RIGHT now and say "GOP is the rich old white people party" and I will NOT be this to how many left wing sites will ban your ass immediately if you talk about how Hillary is a crook that deserves PMITA prison.

I should know because I have said this very thing on many right wing websites...never banned, never silenced. Been called all kinds of names, told I'm a communist, never banned. Been banned from HuffyPo, Daily Kos, Young Turks, pretty much the only "right" you have WRT free speech with the progressives is the right to be a dittohead, anything else won't be tolerated.

But hey if you can show me a link to a conservative asking for "safe spaces", issuing "trigger warnings" for differing opposing views, setting off fire alarms to keep someone from speaking, or demanding a college girl be sent to "diversity training" for daring to say something liberal, like the girl who DARED to say "all lives matter"? I'll be happy to read it, otherwise I'm sorry......trigger warning..., but you are full of shit,

Comment Re:trolling for clicks (Score 4, Insightful) 637

Its also SJW shit, they banned Milo for saying Leslie Jones looked like one of his ex boyfriends while they ignored Leslie Jones saying things like "is that (famous black entertainer) sitting with a white woman? I'll fuck that bitch up" "sick of white people shit" along with stupid white bitch this and dumb white muthafucka that. She hasn't even bothered to delete all her racist shit because she knows its SJW heaven, you can go on her Twitter right now and look that shit up.

They lost a LOT of users over the Milo mess because the one they took up for was not only so obviously horribly racist but even fucked up and accidentally sent a private tweet publicly showing she was trolling her own channel when she tweeted "I can stay on for awhile,loved the racist posts @PaulFieg" trying to drum up drama for her new ghostbusters shitshow. It would be one thing if they actually applied their policies fairly, but the Milo mess provided proof you can be as racist and scummy as you wanna be on long as you are the right skin color and the left side of the political aisle.

Comment Re:Shoot the Messenger (Score 1) 407

Oh yeah they were ALL real WWII tanks, they even talked the Bovington tank museum into letting them borrow the Tiger tank that the Brits had captured in North Africa. It also shows the realities in that stage of the war, most of the time they were using HE rounds against machine gun nests and anti-tank artillery and the few times they run into a tank is pants wetting fear and a lot of times the tank would come back but some of the crew would be a mess on the interior walls...that was just the way it was, plenty of documentaries talk of tanks getting shot to shit and having to be cleaned out and re-crewed.

BTW this is where the myth of "M4 Shermans burn" came from, the Germans were on the retreat and knew any tanks they just knocked out would be recovered so they were given orders to keep hitting a tank until it caught fire. The Soviets did the same thing but because their crews were poorly trained and would often run the Germans ended up not only recovering their tanks but also a bunch of KV-1s and BT-7s, there are even pics still surviving of KV-1s with German Balkenkreuz and cupolas so the Germans knew the value of making sure a tank was destroyed.

But I quit reading after the 12th review because it was nothing but hipster, anything popular got shat on while some weird artsy fartsy movie that didn't make 10 million at the box office? He sang the praises of...makes me wonder if he goes home to drink some white wine and complain about how pedestrian all these movies he has to watch is, why they don't even have subtitles or a script that "requires interpretation" because the director was just making shit up on the fly!

Comment Re:Shoot the Messenger (Score 1) 407

EXACTLY, in every war in the history of war any civilians that got between the armies? Suffered. Are they supposed to make a super fake WWII movie like they did in the 50s, with lots of flag waving and jingoism? I have a feeling that if they did that he'd pan the shit out of it like I'm sure he did Red Tails.

I read about a dozen of his reviews and the word that keeps going through my mind? Hipster. He comes off as one of those reviewers that only likes movies made with subtitles or that nobody else saw, again it reminded me of the young Gene Siskel who always wanted to show how much more sophisticated and smarter than the average movie goer he was.

Comment Re:Shoot the Messenger (Score 1) 407

Yeah looking at the guys other reviews I see a pattern...if its popular? Then its crap. A good example is the way he shat all over "Fury" and I certainly don't remember that one getting a lot of hate, in fact IIRC it was a hit with both moviegoers and critics, Wikipedia says critics by and large praised the movie and IMDB has it at 7.6 out of 10 which is not too shabby.

I can see why fans would be pissed if they are going out of their way to pick reviewers like this guy, its really not hard to skew results when you grab those "artsy fartsy" critics that don't like anything "the peasants" might like. I haven't gone through all his reviews yet but you wanna bet he just gushes over art house foreign flicks, like the critic equivalent of a hipster that can't like anything unless its unpopular? Even his writing style reminds me of early Gene Siskel, back when it was called Sneak Previews, back when it seemed Gene didn't like anything that wasn't playing in an art house.

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