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Comment Re:Trolololo (Score 1) 192

It's a bad check. Either way, the sender isn't actually out any money other than postage. The recipient either cashes the check for $30,000 and sends back $25,000, then finds themselves $30,000 in debt to their bank or they keep the whole $30,000 and still finds themselves in debt to their bank for $30,000 - but in a much better position to pay it all back, if they haven't blown it all already.

Comment Re:ethernet dongles (likely at added cost on $2k+) (Score 1) 683

The Series 7 weighs half a pound more and is .25" thicker than the MBP we're talking about. It also does not have a retina display, 2 Thunderbolt ports, or 256GB of SSD for primary storage.

The Series 7 is $1,000 less and has about 45 minutes more battery life, a DVD-RW, a mini-HDMI port (in addition to the HDMI port), an additional USB port, and an Ethernet port.

Most importantly to me, if there's a hardware issue, I can't simply walk in to my local Apple Store, put it on the counter, and say "fix it."

What was the point you were trying to make, again?

Comment Let the IRS do it. (Score 1) 387

Surprisingly, I haven't seen this suggestion yet:

Take it to your local IRS office, and ask them to assist you.


They are required, by law, to assist any taxpayer who asks for it - up to, and including, filling out all forms and checking them for accuracy (given you've brought in all the documents required). They cannot charge you for this service, and they are trained, every year, in what has changed in the tax code and what they should be looking out for.

No, it's not software. Sorry.

Comment Re:ASP.NET and C# (Score 1) 519

What it is about PHP is that the barrier to entry is negligible. With ASP.NET, there is a perception that the platform requires several expensive components just to meddle with it and learn. With PHP, you can throw Apache/MySQL/PHP on any windows or linux box - there's even livecd LAMP distros - and whip up your first PHP-based database-driven website in a matter of minutes.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 578

Mine has a barcode and a magstrip. That's not very helpful.

On the front, it says "Texas Commercial Driver License USA TX" and some numbers and such. There's a photo of a rather handsome guy, too.

Here's the thing, really. Driving on PUBLIC ROADS is a privilege. As a society, we have agreed (by not rioting, burning, torching, looting, etc) that each State can regulate (through statutory law) transportation on public roads. Additionally, there is a Federal Department of Transportation, who can also make rules concerning travel between the states, for the purpose of commerce - aka, Commercial Driving. One subset of the US DOT that handles some of this is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA makes the rules concerning Hours of Service and what constitutes the Federal definition of Driving Under the Influence. They also regulate what equipment is required on a truck for it to legally drive on Federally-funded roads, like the Interstate highway system and US highways, also known as the "national network".

But, the basic point of the statement - that driving is a right - is true, given that you are driving on private property and you have permission from the landowner to do so. I used to drive, at the age of 12, all over the parks around a lake in E. Texas, as they were privately owned, and I had permission. Lake Patrol got a kick out of it, and would keep an eye on me, but left me alone - and they were well aware that I was a minor and didn't have a license or a learner's permit. It was great practice. :D As for driving on public roads, however, it is a privilege.

As far as judges "making laws" goes - it is the court's job to interpret the Constitution and the law of the land. If someone brings a suit to court against a State for a law they believe is un-Constitutional, and the court rules that the law is, in fact, Constitutional, then it is, by fiat. That's how it works. You can pretend that those judges are not empowered as such, but in reality, that's their job. Likewise, if they rule that a law is un-Constitutional, even if that law is a literal Act of Congress - the law is stricken. It takes a Constitutional Amendment to put such a law into effect; this is why the Defense of Marriage Act has lost traction and is now being considered as an Amendment. Discrimination is un-Constitutional, unless, of course, it becomes part of the Constitution.

Comment What Would The Dude Do? (Score 1) 735

I'd go into a closed-door meeting with management and say "I've been offered a position at another company making 7k more and with a much shorter commute, but I like working here. What can you offer me?" If they aren't willing to play ball, give notice. At that point, they may try to make an offer - unless it's even more than the 7k, don't accept; they'll always be looking to replace you. If they make you a reasonable offer, take it and enjoy your new old job.

Comment Re:renaming your WiFi AP to government agency (Score 1) 267

I have a shirt that says "Undercover Cop" on it. One day, I threw it on without thinking and didn't realize the interesting situations I was setting myself up for, as that day I was 1) flying between two domestic airports with a layover at a third, and 2) crossing an international border. Fortunately, much amusement was had by all, including the pilot of the first plane, who stopped me upon boarding to ask, "So... are you an undercover cop?" I replied, "Would you believe me if I said I wasn't?" He laughed, then said, "Seriously - do you have any weapons on you or are trained in CPR? I need to know." I said "No, and yes." He thanked me and told me to enjoy the flight. Border patrol just chuckled, but that day could have been so much worse - just because of a wardrobe miscalculation...

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