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Submission + - Asia Pacific now out of IPv4 addresses. (

Yaztromo writes: "It's official: after the IANA ran out of IPv4 addresses back in February, today APNIC was the first of the Regional Internet Registries to have run out of IPv4 addresses for general consumption (a single /8 has been reserved for use in IPv4-IPv6 links; qualifying service providers can only get 1024 addresses from this space at a time)."

Submission + - Nortel and Vonage settle patent disagreement. (

Yaztromo writes: " is reporting that Nortel and Vonage have decided to settle their patent dispute amicably. According to the story, Digital Packet Licensing originally filed the suit, but after Vonage picked up some of their patents, they continued the suit against Nortel. Nortel (predictably) countersued. This agreement provides a cross-licensing solution for all the patents involved, with no money changing hands. Too bad Vonage hasn't been able to reach such agreements in other patent cases, but at least this is one less pending patent suit against them."
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Submission + - Firefox 2.0 RC 1 via Software Update

Yaztromo writes: "

I've been running Firefox 2.0 beta 2 since its release (and beta 1 before that), and was just notified on my Apple PowerBook by Firefox's built-in Software Update facility that FireFox 2.0 RC 1 is now available for download. Huzzah!


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