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Comment Re:This problem is quite common. (Score 5, Insightful) 312

Yep, It happens all the time everywhere.

What I find most troubling about this is that most company don't recognize the problem or are not even aware of it? I think the mentality that "anyone can be replaced so we don't have to create incentive to retain them" is going a bit too far.

Because the real problem is in fact employee turnover.

Comment Re:Got it (Score 2) 381

With the new proposed rates, Bell would be charging reseller 18.20$/month just to get a ADSL line to a customers. This is about the same as before. What changes is that they now charge for the data going through the pipe. They couldn't charge 2$/month to lease a copper line because it cost much more than that to maintains! In fact, the most expensive thing an ISP has to do is to run copper wire to every house, and pay for the nice tech that plug you in when you rent their service.

Actually, data is pretty cheap to move around. You can get rate at 4/GB in large datacenter to move data anywhere in the world. Bell will be making a large profit with their 112.5/GB overcharge. Plus, Bell don't even have to move your data to the Internet, they only have to get it to your reseller which have to provide Internet connectivity. I don't believe it cost them more than 1/GB to move data to the reseller which is often local.

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