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Comment More about price for me... (Score 1) 224

While being able to download a movie in less time than it takes to pop the popcorn I will eat while I watch it, I can't really justify paying upwards of $70/mo for internet access. Right now, I pay $45 and have enough speed to stream in full HD. And yes, downloading a movie/game takes more than 30 seconds but with a little planning (i.e. start the download at an earlier time so that it's done by the time I want it), having less than lightning quick speed is a non-factor.

Comment Re:I recently switched. couldnt be happier. (Score 1) 312

I agree with being able to feel a difference. I work in a research lab and my time is split about 50/50 between computer and benchwork. On the days that I sit at my computer for the entire 8 hours I feel more sluggish and tired. But they days where I am at the bench even 5 out of my 8 hours, I leave feeling more awake and less stiff. I would love to get a standing workstation or even a treadmill desk for every day use!

Comment No Glass, but... (Score 1) 226

It's ok, because the screen in my center console can pull up Facebook, so I'll just take my eyes off the road and read it there. Don't get me wrong, having a HUD in front of your eyeballs while driving is a terrible idea, but let's think about the big picture here.

Comment Sad but true (Score 1) 304

While I'm glad someone is teaching these kids about personal finance, I feel like this is yet another subject that should be taught by parents. I took an elementary economics class in high school that also taught us how to make a budget and even balance a checkbook. However, I had learned these things several years earlier. I know nowadays more than half of Americans are in massive debt so perhaps parents wouldn't set the best example for their kids. Just makes me sad that this sort of thing is even needed.

Comment Only useful with good eyeballs (Score 1) 520

As a programmer and someone with terrible vision (Google "nystagmus"), ridiculously high resolution monitors are particularly useless for and even detrimental to my productivity. Yes, I can fit 10 programs on the screen at once, but none of that matters as I can not read the resulting size 6 font in each of those windows. I'll stick to my two, 20", 1280 x 800 goodies.

Comment Say no to someone in an emotional state... (Score 1) 299

If you're upset/stressed/worried and just want to do something simple to make yourself feel a little better, the worst thing you can have happen is someone nagging you about not doing to one thing that you think would make you feel better. It's a good way to get someone more upset and a good way to end up with a broken phone.

Comment 50% more basic features/better basic features (Score 1) 495

I voted for faster, because more memory to keep up with my ADD brain is always good, but what I really want is a phone with some basic customization options. I upgraded to an Android from an ancient Nokia running Symbian and was sad at the lack of, what I considered to be, basic options. Things like changing the system color scheme (I have poor vision and light text on a dark background is best for me) or being able to independently control the volume/vibrate settings to every sound my phone makes (ie, different volumes for text messages, calendar alerts, system pop-ups, etc). These are all things my Nokia did, and I really took for granted. I find it sad that to be able to do these things on my Android, I would have to download individual apps for them or even jailbreak my phone. Also, there are several functions my Nokia does/has (calendar, to do list, Google maps) that are either far inferior or missing on my Android. I was under the impression these are pretty standard things, but I guess not. Yes, I know there are apps for everything, but I would like to not have to search for/download every single little thing I want my phone to do.

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