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Comment Wouldn't hand it over. (Score 1) 209

I have nothing on my computer that I'd need to hide. Well, I'm sure that there's probably some way that they would find to prosecute me or anyone else given enough personal data and the breadth of the criminal code.
And that's why warrants with scope should always be used for such searches.

But, with or without a warrant, I'm not handing over my password.

Comment Why do we care that Facebook is doing this? (Score 2) 93

Freespace optical communication has been around for a long, long time. It's a problematic system to use in an atmosphere, since anything and everything can degrade the throughput. So, now we get to use a system the is horribly degraded whenever it's foggy, rains, or birds are flying around? No thank you.

Other systems have shown to achieve 10GB/s, so their test of 2GB/s isn't that revolutionary.

Let's stop the clickbait of *random famous company does something that other people have done before*.

Comment Cost of a console or a little more (Score 2) 729

You can build a "budget" gaming rig these days for $550, which will play most games except the very latest at high/ultra quality settings.
And shops like NCIX will send one already built and tested to your door and save you the headache of picking it out yourself.
So for the price of a console you get a rig with the potential to upgrade a couple of parts before you get around to replacing it.

Comment Re: Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 5, Informative) 1718

I know, I know. You're just trolling with ignorance. But here's how it works.

Atheism is just a lack of beliefs in gods. It's not a religion. Now you have have an atheist who is dogmatic about other things, usually ending in -ism. Capitalism, communism... But if you question what their theology is (theism being key) you don't get capitalism as an answer.

It's exactly the same as someone being Christian and being a right wing capitalist. Even if the two may statistically go hand in hand, when you ask that person what their theology is, you get Christian as an answer.

Words and concepts matter. You don't get to throw them out for 10 seconds so you can say something, but then expect YOUR OWN words to carry weight.

Comment Re:I doubt usage is more common... (Score 1) 819

Would be nice if you didn't post as an AC, since chances are you only posted to be a snarky bitch and will never come back to read it.

Anyway, can't find the article amidst all the noise on drug tests -- the US is *obsessed* with drug testing if google results are an indication.
This page, however, shows the cutoff levels used in detection. The point of the original article that I read is that the private sector is using much lower cutoff levels -- as they note is an option right in the first paragraph.

Comment I doubt usage is more common... (Score 3, Interesting) 819

There was an article on this a few years ago. The issue was not that more people were using drugs. It was that commercial industry was diving right into the drug-testing and using tests/standards far beyond even that of the military and the FBI.
It can be harder to pass a drug test to be a mail room clerk than an agent.

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