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Comment Re:Of what are people dying now? (Score 0) 210

Cars are the number #1 killer of teens. (ages 12-19)
Cars are the number #1 killer of children. (ages 1-12)
Heart disease is the #1 killer of adults. (I couldn't find data on the age range, I assume 20+)
Congenital defects and complication of preterm birth nearly tying as the #1 killer of infants. (ages 1)

So now you understand the republican platform:

1. Remove safety regulations to kill more people.
2. Remove healthcare to kill more people.
3. Remove pre-natal care to kill more people.

But why would they want that? Think of it like chemo for the general population. Yeah, some of their rich white brethren may die, but they're betting a whole lot more poor/non-white people die first. The Aryan dream still lives on in the republican party, and now they actually have the power to follow through on it while maintaining plausible deniability under the guise of "Make America White ^H^H^H^H^H Great Again".

Comment Re:Cancer is a killer but (Score 1) 210

So far as I understand it, when people get to any kind of stage 4 cancer, the causes of death are either due to metastasis (the invasion of the cancer into other tissues) or through the tumor severely impacting organs. The whole "chemo is the killer" is simply a meme invented by the alternative medicine quacks to sell you on poppy seed oil or whatever crackpottery they're trying to foist on morons today.

Actually chemo is a killer. The whole point of chemo is to kill the cancer cells faster than the healthy ones. It's the biological equivalent carpet bombing. Yeah, you're going to take out some friendlies but you'll get more of bad guys.

That being said, chemo does work. Alt-quackery does not.

Comment Re:mod parent down, RTFA (Score 0) 432

The part you missed and ignored is the obvious doublespeak from the Ford CEO.

"Pro-growth" policies when republicans are in power mean "fuck over everyone not already independently wealthy". You can bet the so-called republicans, Trump, and his cabinent of self-serving sociopaths already have a wonderful plan to gut unions, worker protections, minimum wage, etc.

For a little taste of what's to come, just check out the "awesome" plan they have for saving social security. It's absolutely fucking brilliant. It starts by cutting taxes on the rich so there's less money, then they fuck over the millennials wholesale by slashing their benefits.

But whatever. In the post-fact world you can believe whatever you want.

Comment Re:What's the Answer... (Score 2) 236

Is Trump's connection with Putin purely sexual, or are there US national security implications?

Money, sex, and power. Putin helped Trump get elected. Power. Putin-Trump puts Rex Tillerson in as Secretary so he can roll back the sanctions blocking the half-trillion dollar oil deal Tillerson had with Putin. Money.

So now we just need the sex part. All jokes of shirtless Putin and Trump nipple tickling him aside, I'm not sure where that plays in yet. Trump and some of his current and former associates have had plenty of dealings in Russia. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest that someone like Trump has had more than a grabby handful of female adventures, and it would surprise me even less if Putin didn't have an extensive archive of blackmail material on him.

Putin isn't stupid, and he's certainly more intelligent and clever than Trump could ever hope to be. He's a chess player; he knows how to think ahead and play the long game. Trump has had presidential ambitions for decades. I'd bet dollars to donuts that Puty has got quite the dossier on Trump, Tillerson, et al. and I'm also sure they know the Putin isn't the type of person to make idle threats.

Putin will continue to be praised and treated with velvet gloves by this administration because they've got Trump and friends by the proverbial (and possibly even literal) balls.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 236

Actually, it was done twice by 2 US presidents - Clinton and Obama. Both did what they could to try and get Netanyahu beaten in the Israeli elections - w/ Clinton sending Carville to manage Labour's campaign and actually pulling it off - getting Ehud Barak elected

While I don't believe that the WikiLeaks was the straw that broke the camel's back and tilted this election Trump's way, in the event that it actually did, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving candidate

So Trump was elected to give Hillary her just desserts? That's like setting yourself on fire to show the propane company you don't need their fuel to keep warm in the winter.

This country deserves every fucking thing coming to it over the next four years.

Comment Re:Then leave Silicon Valley (Score 1) 504

That's not including taxes, closing costs, etc. There also aren't many working poor families I'm aware of that can swing a credit score on a jumbo, nor even a small percentage of a down payment required for a property like that. Worse, now the bank own's their ass if they somehow can't make the payment, which can include long term garnishment, 7 years of even worse credit, so on and so forth.

None of that is cheap, especially for a family that's living paycheck to paycheck.

Comment Re:The Last Gasp Mutterings of a Lame Duck (Score 1) 635

What legacy? I will admit that he was handed a crappy deck when he got into office, and that the reinvestment act did help. However, what he needed to do is stop the giant sucking sound and stop businesses from moving manufacturing to China and knowledge work to India, leaving nothing but McJobs behind in most of the country.

And exactly how would any such regulation/restriction/taxation plane he would have come up with get past a Congress who was openly hostile? They would have nailed his ass to the proverbial cross and screamed "SOCIALISM!" and you know it.

Instead, Obama presided over more gun control laws passed in three years that ever were passed in the history of the nation (which has caused crime to rise.)

No, it hasn't. And what gun control laws? I can walk into a gun show and walk out with an arsenal with bags of ammo. Anybody can, from your mother to that crazy wild-eyed freak who lives at the end of road and occasionally gets into arguments with clouds. That's why psychos can walk into bar a gun down 50 people, or why some road-raged asshole can shoot a 3 year old in the neck because the grandma was driving "too slow".

a healthcare plan that insurance companies used to their advantage (I know people who are single paying $500 more a month than in 2010),

And that's Obama's fault because? The compromised healthcare bill is a far cry from the original (and simple) one it started from, but it's the only way that the health insurance lobbied republicans would allow to pass.

The insurance companies have for decades said that they would come up with a way to make health insurance affordable to everyone, all the while making sure measures were lobbied into place to ensure that only the well off can actually afford it. When Obamacare was originally put forth with a single payer plan, the insurance companies did an epic freakout. $DIETY forbid we actually have universal healthcare.

a Chamberlain-esque foreign policy which caused a power vacuum and gave us Daesh (with enemy attacks on US soil every month or two in their name)

Try going back a few more years. Obama didn't create a power vacuum. Obama didn't destabilize what little stabilization there was.

and allies, for the first time since WWII, have been left to their own devices to fend for themselves, with broken promises of protection or help.

What are you talking about? Which allies have been "left on their own"?

Of course, the Dems point at Wall Street and cheer. Those numbers mean jack shit for the average person because that wealth flies overseas never to be seen in the US again.

Nooo, they mean jack shit because that money flies into the pockets of the wealthy never to be seen again. Wages are stagnating because the so-called "job-creators" are creating new bank accounts for themselves with the gobs of cash that keeps getting funneled to them. One look at the wealth inequality in this country is all you need to figure out where the money is going.

Companies care about profit. It doesn't matter if it's coming from America or someplace else.

In reality, unemployment is still high.

[citation needed]

Even the tech sector jobs are tenous at best. You have to completely reinvent yourself every 6-12 months or you are on your ass. Don't know what kubernates, terraform, or the platform of the hour is? Better learn now before you have to learn while unemployed.

You're working in the wrong place if your swapping technologies every few months.

As it stands now, there is arguments on who gets the share of the pie, but Obama's policies have caused the pie to shrink for everyone involved with the biggest disparity between rich and poor in the nation's history.

And how would Obama, by himself, manage to fix that? You honestly think the republicans would ever pass any measure that dare threaten the bank accounts of the saints of Wall Street?

The wealth disparity has been a problem since the 80's and has only gotten worse. The republican trickle down garbage and corporate cronyism has down a remarkable job of consistently funneling ever larger amounts of money from the middle class and poor up to the wealthy. Democrats don't have spines so they never do anything about it either.

You can't run a country on service jobs and expect it to survive. You also can't contract out a military's items to foreign companies and expect it to work (like US planes to India.)

No shit. And what makes you think someone who has basically come out and said his campaign was a bunch of feel good bullshit lies is going to do anything address your "concerns"?

Comment Re:Imagine the reverse (Score 1) 1069

There was a slim hope people would come to their senses and Trump would not be elected. Now that it's official, the last thing I want to see is him getting removed from office in one way or another.

Trump is an idiotic con man who managed to convince enough scared old white people to vote for him. He's repulsive, has no redeeming qualities, and will quite probably run this country into the ground while Putin does a happy dance in Moscow. But Pence...Pence is in an entirely different category. He is a malicious theorcrat that has more in common with the Spanish Inquisition. He's the composed christian version of ISIS.

If I have to choose between a white version of Hector Macho Camacho or Voldemort Jesus leading the country, I think I'll stick with Comacho.

Comment Re:Dear Scientists. (Score 1) 534

Release ALL OF IT as a torrent and encourage people around the globe to download it.

Honestly all this shit needs to be in the hands of regular people and not sequestered away for only the chosen to look at.

First, it already is publicly available. Google isn't that hard to use.

Second, you're not going to torrent petabytes of data.

Comment Re:Fake News (Score 2) 534

You mean like how it didn't happen in Australia or Canada?

When the incoming administrations starts issuing demands for the equivalent of a Jew List for climate and environmental scientists, are planning to gut earth science funding, appointing heads who have vendettas against all things climate and environment, etc. you have to be pretty fucking stupid not to see what the end goal is.

We've seen this shit before. We know exactly where it's going. That's why scientists are taking steps to make sure the data is saved and will still be available.

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