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Comment Re:C & C++ (Score 1) 617

Logo. Even though I don't really count that as "true programming".

My first language was really two languages, C and x86 assembler. I took a C programming course on a whim when I was in college and discovered I had a natural knack for it. I wanted to know more so at the same time got a bunch of books on assembler. By the end of the semester I had written an anti-virus program.

The next semester I took a course on OpenGL and ended it with a 2D-3D graphing calculator.

Ah memories...late night coding sessions in the old college computer lab. Those were the days. :)

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 296

...Surfacing just outside or in the harbor, and suicidally popping that nuke would devastate Los Angeles even if it fizzled....

Popping a nuke of NK type at ground level wouldn't do much. If it fizzled even less so. They've yet to demonstrate that can reliably launch without exploding, let alone one capable of carrying a "Little Boy" type of payload.

Regardless, whatever joy little Kimmy got from nuking LA would be extremely short lived. A pre-emptive nuclear strike on one of the largest and key shipping ports in the world? That's basically giving the US a "I can do whatever the fuck I want to you now, bitch!" badge. That won't end well, especially with our own little tinpot in charge here.

Comment Re:Logical thinkers vs Emotional thinkers (Score 2) 339

Unlike 2016, where clearly logic was the primary driver? Riiiiiiiight.

People, in general, are ignorant. But Duning-Kruger and various other "I R DA SMART" complexes prevent people from accepting that they're ignorant. A large part of that is due to the fact that ignorance is equated with stupidity and weakness in our society. No one likes to be considered stupid and weak, and it is far easier to stick with your uninformed beliefs than to actively challenge them. Add this to the large inertial mass of apathy in this country and you get what we have now: A failing democracy.

Democracy fails when the people can't be bothered to educate themselves on important subjects, willfully choose ignorance, and/or let apathy take over. Trump wasn't a surprise or a fluke to anyone paying attention over the past couple of decades. It was an inevitability.

Comment Re:Sounds great! (Score 0) 422

The EPA can use "Common Science", reports from private parties, and medical research, but only if sufficient data is provided that the conclusions of the reports can be independently verified...


Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit I take it. The bill is a not-so-clever way to effectively destroy the EPA. You see, "independently verified" is not spelled out, but the subtext (given the jackass who's pushing this pile of shit) means that any and all science would have to verified by the EPA. In order to verify said science, you would need subject matter experts who would have the time and funding to replicate the research. The EPA didn't have those kind of resources BEFORE Trump and Pruitt, and it certainly doesn't have those resources now.

This bill says "peer reviewed science is not good enough". Combined with the gutting of the EPA and earth science programs in general, this bill basically guarantees that there will be no new regulations or policies ever and current policies and regulations would be rolled back.

Now can you think of anyone who might want that to happen? Anyone at all?

Comment Re:It has not (Score 1) 150

Precisely. Hadoop was marketed as a big data panacea and everyone tried to apply it to everything only to discover that it really wasn't a panacea and really wasn't a good solution to the problems they were throwing at it. In addition, it's not particularly easy to use and you can spend a considerable amount of time just in configuring, tweaking, and maintaining the system.

Hadoop, like any other tool, has it's uses. But like any other tool if you try to apply it outside of what it was really intended to be used for your going to run into problems.

Comment Re:I know it's trendy (Score 1) 649

I know that basic math is taught in schools, but when I read something like your post it makes me wonder how many actually manage to pass basic math.

First, almost all of that debt is owed to ourselves. No, I'm not making that up. Read up on the debt, where it comes from, and who is owed. We're borrowing against ourselves in our own currency.

Second, and this is where the basic math comes in, there's no fiscal responsibility in this budget. It's cutting from domestic and science programs and dumping it into military spending. That's like saying you're being fiscally responsible with your credit card because now your out buying guns and ammo instead of food and clothes. This bag of crap called a budget does zero-zip-nada in regards to fiscal responsibility.

And why should it? Republicans have been responsible for some of the largest debt increases in history. But instead of paying for all their crap, they want to cut taxes on the rich to "broaden the tax base" (even though 10% of the population control almost all the wealth) and want to throw millions of poor and old people in the gutter just so they can deal out massive tax breaks to their CEO friends (that was a tasty treat in their so-called "health care act").

Comment Re:How is this backfiring? (Score 1) 116

Democracy is what allows stupidity to survive, thrive, and through the inevitable apathy, take over. It sacrifices what's best for what's popular, and what's popular is rarely what's best.

In some cases it's harmless. In others, it's destructive. But generally it is the lesser of two evils. A system where everyone has an equal voice doesn't deteriorate nearly as quickly as one where some voices are more equal than others (regardless of how benevolent and intelligent those voices are), though all systems are eventually doomed to fail as it's just human nature.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 2) 513

You have a very naive view of what defense companies do.

While some parts of these companies manufacture weapons of war, that is only one part of what they do. Take a company like, say, Northrop Grumman. Yeah, they develop drones. But they also develop things like the Webb telescope, emergency response systems for police/fire/etc., so on and so forth. Raytheon develops weather monitoring systems used by NWS. Lockheed has been pouring money into fusion research.

Classifying defense industries as nothing but merchants of death is like classifying Walmart as baby killers because they sell things that can (and have) killed babies (rat poison, bleach, etc.). There are very few companies that do nothing but defense work these days. Most are diversified across many sectors.

If you want manufacturers of death and misery, try gun and tobacco manufacturers.

Comment Re:That's cute (Score 1) 239

I don't think he's going to deliver, but let's be serious, it's been less than 2 months.

And in that time period he's managed to have more scandals, conflicts of interests, ethics violations, flat out lies, etc. than any president in recent memory. Alternative facts, CONway promoting Ivanka's product line, senior level cabinet members having, at best, questionable ties to Russia. This is the type of shit I used to read in in political intrigue novels.

Someone else was in office 8 years and didn't close Guantanamo.

You can't be that stupid. That wouldn't have anything to do with the assholes in Congress who did nothing but work to undermine and block Obama in every conceivable way, would it? The republo-fascists would not approve any of the closure measures, therefore no funding and support to actually close Gitmo and deal with the people held there.

Back to H1-B's, you're smoking some good shit if you think for one moment Trump cares about "the little people". This is a narcissistic sociopath who has a long history of fucking people over whenever and however he can. From throwing African Americans off his property to making the IRS develop special rules just to deal with the BS he pulled to avoid paying taxes, Trump is all about Trump.

Comment Re:Perhaps a better method... (Score 1) 1001

Reminds me of a whiteboard response I wrote to interview question I had a long time ago.

The guy asked me to write a some binary tree related algorithm (don't remember which one) on the whiteboard. My response:

  He laughed his ass off. Got an offer the following day but decided to take a different job instead.

Having been in the industry for a couple of decades now, I don't care where you got your degree, what algorithm you can pull out of your ass, or how many lines of code it takes you to write an octree in C++. None of that tells me if your capable of utilizing available resources effectively to get the job done, how well you work with others, etc.

I'll take experience over degree credentials any day of the week.

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