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Comment Re:Isn't this illegal? (Score 1) 326

You're just noticing this now? The neo-fascist movement has been gaining ground for at least the past decade, with countries like Russia helping it along in an effort to destabilize western democracies. Over the past few years it's gotten really bad as FUD has pushed populism to new heights. And now, we get a front row seat.

Comment Re:History lesson (Score 2) 333

Trump is just another President, Bannon is irrelevant.

Unlike Hitler and Mussolini Trump faces an insurmountable obstacle to becoming a true tyrant and dictator. The Constitution and the designed in Checks and Balances. Hitler was able to achieve his position of power due to great flaws in the design of the government of the Weimar republic. There was nothing to stop him when as Chancellor the President died and he just took over the office. Further He came into office with his own private military/police force that engaged in the more dubious acts of his government.

That's incorrect. Hitler was elected on a platform of populism, then the population and his supporters slowly eroded away the protections in place until he could successfully be granted unilateral power.

The Constitution is only as powerful as the people willing to stand for it's principles. When you have a majority willing to piss on the Constitution, putting power and ideology before the good of the nation, then the Constitution just becomes a piece of inconvenient paper. Soon you'll be hearing how the Constitution is too limiting to deal with the challenges of today's world.

There is no means for Trump to seize more power in our government. And he does not have a private military/police force to enforce his will.

Oh yes there is. And you don't need a private military force when you have cult following who thinks your the second coming of Christ.

Additionally Trump is not beloved of the GOP establishment. That means neither side of the aisle in the legislative branch really trusts him. So far he is just fulfilling campaign promises so he mostly has their support. But should he start straying he will lose that support in a hurry. Neither party trusts him. (That's actually good, it means he will have to negotiate to get the stuff he's promising that require laws to be passed.) Neither party will stand for it if he were to try to exceed his constitutional authorities and limits.

That's irrelevant. The GOP is more than happy to use and abuse Trumps ham-fisted methods to further their own agenda and ramrod what they want through Congress, including expansion of powers. And just like Hitler did to his supporters when they started thinking he was going too far, Trump would have no qualms doing the same.

The ends do not justify the means. Making deals with the devil, even with the best intentions, never ends well.

Trump is not Hitler. He can't be. Hitler couldn't have been Hitler under our form of government. At most he could have been FDR and Interned citizens (but not exterminated them).

You really don't understand how this works, do you? Populism is a cult. No piece of paper or set of laws matter. Get enough followers and they'll be cheering as you burn the Constitution.

Comment Re:Make it fair (Score 4, Insightful) 899

Sure, "White Supremacists" can be blocked from Reddit, but what about the leftist nutjobs who believe that you should destroy other people's property and physically assault people with a different political viewpoint?

I've seen crazies, but attributing them to any political affiliation (except for those espousing actual violence) is pretty damn stupid, don't you think? This is the same type of thinking that groups all Muslims into suicide bombing America hating crazies. Should I lump together all Christians as violent terrorist extremists because of Timothy McVeigh and all those whackos who bomb clinics and send death threats to doctors who perform abortions?

I don't look at reddit as a rule, but I'd be willing to bet that extremist left wing groups exist on reddit and will not receive the same treatment as the "alt-right". That is true with Facebook and Twitter, so I assume it true on Reddit. Feel free to prove me wrong on that, I'll be happy to read about Reddit banning left wing nut jobs.

No, the onus is on you to provide evidence that there are forums full of violent threats and doxing coming from supposed leftist groups. If YOU have evidence, then YOU can submit it and get them banned. Enough of the liberal media "legenpresse" conspiracy bullshit.

Frankly, if I had to look at who is worse right now I'd say it's the extremist progressive leftists who see no issues using violence against people simply because they have a different political view. In the last couple years, I have seen no valid reports of white supremacists out beating people.

What do watch? Fox news? Is Breitbart you man source of info? Hate crimes, including against African Americans, are quite regular fair. It's just not enough to make headlines. Well, that is, until someone dies or actually looks at the statistics.

We have seen dozens of faked claims, and many of those have resulted in charges, but the "Right" has not been rioting and beating anyone.

Alternative facts in an alternative reality.

I have seen countless instances of leftists doing just that, and worse. Last night you have a young lady being interviewed on ABC punched in the face and pepper sprayed by one of these "oppressed" liberals. You have another pulled out of a car and beaten for no reason.

You're right of course. Liberals are way to soft. They stop with just beatings and pepper spray. The alt-right just kills people. Much more efficient, and then you don't have to worry about them voting either. For example, like that old white guy that shot and killed a teenage African American kid. Or the alt-crazy who massacred a black church.

Crazy people are just that. Trying to attribute their behavior to a political motive is just stupid.

When you have a Government not prosecuting, or even arresting people, who are terrorizing people and preventing their free speech you will end up with a whole lot of violence from the other side. Hence you have a Trump supporter shooting an agitator at a separate rally after protesters started throwing bricks and rocks at people supporting the speaker showed up to counter protest.

Goebells would have loved you. Which political party just recently told the press to shut up and froze out a major news network? Which political party is trying to implement the Ministry of Truth to prevent information the administration doesn't like from reaching the public? Which administration has fostered conspiracy theories, exaggerations, threatened to lock up political rivals, and has flat out lied repeatedly to the public?

People need to pay close attention to the rhetoric being used by the left right now. Sadly, the useful idiots really can't see the irony and hypocrisy in shutting down other people's free speech by committing physical violence while carrying signs and chanting slogans claiming the other side is fascist. They are claiming that words are violence, and a teacher who is an advocate for violent protests claimed that words from someone raped her. I wish I was joking, but both of those are factual. The claims that words are somehow causing physical harm is being used to justify violence against anyone not agreeing with (or bending over for) the leftists.

Trying times we are in right now, and in places like California I envision it getting worse before it gets better.

Nice try, but Hitleresque propaganda isn't going to cut it in this day in age. You want to point to isolated incidents a claim nationwide persecution. Sorry snowflake, that isn't how things work. If you want to play that game there's a whole shitload of hate crimes I can dredge up for you.

Stop being a fucking idiot for two seconds and actually LOOK at what Mango Musollini and the neo-fascists are doing. Now imagine if the other party were doing this shit. Yeah. Power swings both ways here, champ. If you don't want the liberals to be able to do the shit he's doing, then you better help slam that door shut or your going to be one unhappy camper when those you don't like get into power again.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 899

"Alt right" doesn't mean "far right", it means increasingly-blatant racism coupled with delusions of importance, while you metaphorically fellate a bunch of billionaire fascists who manipulate your dumb ass.

Or, more succinctly, neo-fascism. Fascism 2.0. And people WANT it to happen.

They're going for the trifecta here. They want to combine business, religion, and state for the ultimate power structure. We're just getting a little taste of what's to come.

Comment Re:OK, help me out... (Score 1) 834

The group think is simple. Fascism is ok as long as it gives me a job.

The pathetic thing here is people thinking that this is actually going to help them. It won't. Trump could give a shit less about you or your job. It's populist bullshit. One only needs to examine his pick for the department of labor to see what he thinks of "the working man".

Comment Re:Do the right thing - stand against Trump's bigo (Score 1) 952

There are a lot of things we should fix in America first before we try to help everyone else.

Give me your tired, your poor,

your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me.

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Haha typical libtard why do you hate America so much lolwtf!

Fascism has won. In a couple years the Constitution itself will be considered seditious.

Comment Re: Do the right thing - stand against Trump's big (Score 1) 952

Daesh (or ISIS if one wants to pander to their own self-propagandising title) aimed to force Muslims on to their side by committing extreme and unjustifiable acts that would be reflect on- and be associated with- Muslims as a whole by the greater world, increasing discrimination and prejudice against them- and, in turn, increasing the hostility of Muslims as a whole in the face of this prejudice- forcing them into the hands of Daesh and their allies.

For this to work, you need people to respond in the planned kneejerk manner.

Step forward, Donald J Trump. Your executive order blanket-banning people from Muslim countries and plans to discriminate on the basis of religion are *exactly* what they planned for and wanted.

Well done. You played right into their hands. You are ISIS/Daesh's useful idiot.

Actually, it's an unwitting alliance. The neo-fascists who have usruped the republican party have been looking for a way to get someone into high office, and ISIS has been hoping for a neo-fascist idiot to get elected into a high office so they have a high power recruiting tool.

Not only is Mango Mussolini a full on neo-fascists, he's also clearly corrupt and self-serving. One needs only look at the list of banned countries. Countries where Trump has business interests are not on the list (those also happen to be where terrorists have originated from).

Comment Re:This Is What Happens When You Ignore The People (Score 1, Insightful) 502

...Trump is doing exactly what he said he'd do. He's doing a fantastic job.

Goebell would be proud.

Let me know when you pull your head out of your fascist ass so you can see what's happening. This has zero, zilch, nada to do with preventing terrorism. Not one single terrorist who has attacked the US came from any of the countries mentioned. The countries where terrorists have actually came from are not on the list.

Strange isn't it? Not really. You see, Trump has business partners in those countries, so of course they're not going to be on the list.

Trump is a neo-fascist, along with the rest of his crew. They're following the exact same pattern that Hitler used with his rise to power. And you're cheering this on.

You're a coward and a traitor, just like the rest of the people who support this crap.

Comment Re:Amazing how much he fucked up in just 10 days (Score 1) 952

This what fascism looks like. Every person and elected official who supported or continues to support Mango Mussolini is also a fascist. It's amazing how many similarities there are between what's happening now and what happened back in the '30s. And it's only going to get worse.

*grab popcorn* Interesting times.

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