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Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 384

Nobody is forcing anyone to drive for Uber. Quit if you don't like it. Holy crap there's someone willing to pay you to drive your own car. If that's not your bag, fine. But go somewhere else to complain about it.

It seems you're just as gullible as the rest of the population. Uber doesn't pay the drivers.

The way it works is the rider pays the fee, Uber takes a (significant) percentage, and the driver gets the rest. There is no paycheck. There is no W-2. There are no payroll taxes or anything else. Uber's model is matching drivers and people, and for that service they collect a percentage of the fee. But they do not pay the drivers.

Of course, for people who don't know any better they think all that money is free and clear. They learn the hard way at tax time that it isn't.

But wait! It gets worse!

Uber takes advantage of the naive and ignorant by promoting how much money you can make, but then hides the tremendous amount of depreciation that happens on your vehicle. Unless you own your car outright, what you're really doing is cashing in the equity of your car. Now that may not sound so bad, until you actually do the math and find out your car is depreciating faster than the amount you make in fares. Then there's the insurance, miscellaneous expenses, etc.

It's your standard churn and burn. It usually takes people a year to figure out they've be screwed, though some figure it out sooner. In some markets you might be able to pull in a profit if you're lucky, or if you do the dangerous and costly areas/times. But you actually make more and with much better benefits working at wal-mart.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 574

Ok, so which is more important: everyone in the country slipping into poverty...

That has little to do with politics. That's plain old fashioned greed. The top 20% really don't need to have almost all the wealth. They really don't. And they certainly aren't using it to "create jerbs" or whatever lame excuse the right/alt-right is using to justify their multi-million dollar paychecks. And if you think Trump is going to do anything to prevent these greedy bastards from hoarding you really have another thing coming. King Crony and the fascism clan are already planning to remove taxes and regulation from businesses, with an eye on removing worker protections. His policies will wreck the economy and transfer even more wealth to the elite in the process.

He's going to use the presidency to make himself and his friends and family a huge bucket of cash. Anything else will be lip service and exaggeration just like the rest of his life.

terrorist attacks from immigrants next year, or...

You're an idiot. Heart disease alone is going to kill over a million Americans next year. Cancer will be a close second. Then you have car crashes, gun violence, and about a million other things that can kill you before you get down to "terrorist attack". Yet I don't see you or anyone else in a breathless panic about all the other things that have a much higher chance of killing you on any given day.

Terrorism is an irrational fear. If you voted for Trump because of terrorism fears, you've only demonstrated that you can be swayed by irrational rhetoric, which Trump is a master of.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 788

The fascinating part is that we now know you don't actually have to be very bright to do brain surgery.

No, you have to be very intelligent. You spend a good chunk of your life learning about nothing but brain surgery.

The opportunity cost being that you don't have that time to spend on learning other things.


You may not have time to learn about other things, but there's no excuse for being a fucking moron. The pyramids are something you learn about in grade school. At the very least you learn about King Tut, one of the most famous mummies they discovered from the pyramids.

Being a brain surgeon and being intelligent, one would think Carson would have arrived at the conclusion of "Oh, they found a dessicated corpse inside a pyramid. They must have been fancy tombs!", not ""Oh, they found a dessicated corpse inside a pyramid. They must store grain there!"

Comment Re:Science Deniers (Score 1) 331

Don't deny the science. The earth is 1.8 degrees hotter than the last 100 year average. Not sure why I would relocate over a 1 degree change in average temperature, but I just follow the science not hysteria.

This is primarily referring to areas of the tropics and coastlines.

But, to put that temperature change in perspective, -2C below the 20th century average is enough to plunge the world into an ice age. It takes a lot to move temperatures, but it doesn't take a lot of change to significantly alter the climate.

Comment Re: Better up the Military Budget (Score 1) 331

There's plenty of land. There will also be plenty of useful farmland - it just might not be the same land that makes good farmland today.

That's a bullshit lie you're pulling straight out of your ass. The amount of arable land in the world is limited. Not even considering how one would easily and cheaply move major agricultural infrastructure, where do you see all the "useful farmland" magically appearing? Where are these virgin, nutrient, non-parasite laced soils? Do these areas just happen to have diurnal cycles that match the crops too? The right pH? The right amount of rain and drainage? Solid aquifers to provide water during lean years? Are they easily accessible? Are the native species conducive? Will any species brought along by such a transfer suddenly grow wildly out of control due to no natural predators to keep them in check?

There are thousands of factors at play, and there a few regions in world which actually permit the large scale operations we use currently to produce most of the world's food.

The problem isn't really an overall resource shortage, it's that which land is valuable will change.

Yes, the problem will be shortage. If areas where current production is done dry up, there aren't any other areas that can take their place in any reasonable time frame.

Wars have certainly started over just that. People will need to move, likely across current borders. How will that end up?

No need for some flood of refugees, though. This is a slow change, by human measure. Plenty of time to work on moving, perhaps emigrating, to where you want to be.

The changes aren't slow by human measure. It took decades of building up the support and infrastructure necessary to support current agricultural operations. Assuming these magical untapped farming areas exist (which they simply don't), you'd need to put the same infrastructure in place there to support operations (likely more).

It can take years to relocate, but we have years.

It would require decades, not years. We also haven't established where the best areas to relocate would be, and now we certainly won't with a bunch of scientific illiterates at the helm.

Make good use of them if you believe in all this.

If your worried about a flood of refugees ruining your home area even though you found a good place, promptly, well, join the club.

When a million starving desperate people are heading straight for you, you get out of the way. When people have nothing left to lose, they don't really care about laws and morality. That's why the military and intelligence organizations are very much interested in climate research. It's not only so they can have effective plans for dealing with the impacts here, but also to identify likely areas of socio-economic unrest that could flare up with potentially bad global impacts.

Comment Re:John Doe warrants are the problem here (Score 1) 203

When the IRS or any other agency wants discovery of evidence in a case, it should be demonstrating interest in a specific person, partnership or corporation being investigated. The whole idea of John Doe warrants is an unconstitutional fishing expedition. Let's hope that now we'll get some new Supreme Court appointees who don't rubberstamp the government's every whim.

You do know who was elected right? You're aware of the types of people he's filling his cabinet with and listening to?

The same person who tweeted flag burners should be thrown in prison and have their citizenship strip is the same person who will be sitting in the Oval Office. If you think for one second someone like Trump, his cronies, or pretty much anyone in the alt-right gives one shit about your privacy and warrant limitations then you are going to be in for some eye opening surprises over the next four years.

Comment Re:The real sham (Score 1) 1429

is how the media twists and contorts just about every news item lately to paint the President Elect in a negative manner. Either liberal views or an attempt to stay relevant in this day and age, either way it's just sickening.

So, reporting facts is considered "liberal views"?

Tell me, are his pending court cases "liberal spin"? Is hist long and sordid history of the past decades "liberal spin"? Are his cabinet picks who represent a range of idiots to psychotics "liberal spin"? Is his backing out on his so-called campaign promises "liberal spin"?

Get real. You're actually calling Fox News a member of the "liberal media". The only way you could possibly do that is if you consider Breitbart to be "fair and balanced".

Honestly, the media doesn't need to do any work to paint Trump in a negative light. He does that all by himself.

Face the facts, the liberal opinion and political agenda doesn't work and the people have voted as such. Media as we knew it is just getting lost in the noise that is the internet. Intelligent people are able to see the difference between signal and noise no matter how much noise the liberal media produces.

  Whereas our political system isn't perfect, its better than any in history and people are more intelligent than the media.

Oh yes. Liberalism is a complete failure. That's why we're in so much worse shape than 2008.

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