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Comment Re:I'm just guessing they won't study the fraud (Score 1) 648

in scientific research. For example, what is this "hide the decline" all about? Why would scientists want to hide their data?

They didn't, and you'd know that if you read the whole chain as opposed to some out-of-context excerpt that just happens to fit your bias. "Hide the decline" had nothing to do with "hiding" anything, and a whole lot to do with finding and eliminating bad data.

Why wouldn't the CRU (Climate Research Unit at UEA) release their data sets as required by reputable journals such as "Nature."

Ensemble model runs produce petabytes of data. And that's just one data set. Peer-reviewers are of course granted access to the data as needed, but there's no conceivable way to "release" a terabytes and petabytes of HDF/NetCDF/GRIB/etc. files to the public short of a massive data farm, and people like you bitch enough already about "all the money being spent on science".

Why would they deny FOIA requests and conspire to find a way around them?

Because fucking idiots were making ignorant requests that would have wasted thousands of man hours and millions of dollars. But then again, that was the whole point of the FOIA requests to begin with. The "interested" parties had no interest in the actual data, and wouldn't even know what to do with it even if they got it. They wouldn't even be able to store it, let alone process it unless they happened to own their own super-computer.


Why would they seek to marginalize the "Climate Research" journal because some scientists had a contrary opinion, and why did they describe this as "plugging the gap" (their words)?

Having a contrary opinion is fine. Having a contrary opinion being published as reviewed science when supported by nothing but bullshit a college undergrad could rip apart is something else entirely.


Why did a hockey stick emerge from their data no matter what "red noise" was input to the program? (White noise is random; red noise is random from the last iteration, like stock market quotes)

That's a bullshit statement. Not once have I ever seen a single shred of credible evidence to suggest this ever happened. In addition, there are several models with source code freely available for your perusal. Feel free to find the models that behave in this manner.

And why did a hockey stick emerge only when the data was confined to the results of a single bristlecone pine tree?

For fuck's sake, are you stupid or just incompetent? Seriously, the first hits on google take you to several well-written blog entries over on Real Climate that give a thorough debunking to this nonsense.

And why was the fact that contemporary tree-ring data showed a DECLINE in temperature in contrast to very accurate modern thermometers conveniently hidden? Was it because if they don't work accurately now there is no reason to suppose they were accurate thousands of years ago, thus putting the lie to the paleoclimate temperatures?

There's ignorance, and then there's willful ignorance. You are being willfully ignorant. If you were honestly interested in learning the answers to these questions, you would have at least done a little bit of online research. Clearly, you are either incapable of doing that much or you deliberately don't want to.


When you read about these shenanigans it reads like a political backroom dealing attempt to hide shoddy research. I implore you to read "Hiding the Decline; a history of the climategate affair" by A.W. Montford. isbn:978-1475293364, too avail yourselves of the degree of fraud perpetrated by these folks.

Definitely one of the willfully ignorant if you're hauling out that worthless piece of trash. Do you really think the global warming is NEW? You think this was something scientist just cooked up in the past couple of decades? And you wonder why anyone with even a modicum of knowledge on the subject thinks deniers like yourself are just a bunch of fucking conspiracy nutters.

You want to be taken seriously? STUDY THE FUCKING SUBJECT. AGW was first hypothesized back in the 1820's by Joseph Fourier. It was first formalized (complete with a basic model predicting climate sensitivity to CO2) by Svante Arrhenius in the 1890's. The theory of AGW is OLD. As our technology and science has improved, so has our concepts of the dangers of AGW and the resulting climate changes it brings. It isn't some socialist tool to make climate scientists rich and powerful (they're not).

Read the exposed emails sent back and forth which prove all this.

Nothing like a bunch of out-of-context selectively chosen emails to gin up a bullshit controversy. I guess you'll just ignore the several investigations that took place and found nothing because...well... it doesn't fit your narrative.

Real the lamentations of the computer programmer assigned to try to make sense of all this as he says the data is a mess. One would think the members of slashdot could relate.

This means exactly dick. I've worked on climate models and will openly tell you the data is a mess. You've got data coming from different sensors, all with different calibrations. You've got data coming from satellites which have their own custom binary formats (and worse, the data itself can't be used until it has gone through multiple transforms). You've got data coming from multiple different studies, all with different scales, inferences, etc. All that data has to be normalized, transformed, screened for errors and biases, so on and so forth.

What, you think the data comes in a nice geo-temporal format all properly calibrated to kelvin at a nominal surface height? The raw data is veritable cluster fuck of formats, projections, biases, etc. that all have to be handled well before it touches a model.

Do you see why asking for the "raw" data is stupid? Unless you are familiar with the entire data pipeline, hardware used, etc. the raw data is pretty much fucking useless.

Why hasn't Al Gore been called to task for mixing up cause and effect on his giant graph showing correlation between CO2 and temperature? Turns out CO2 went up historically AFTER the temperature warmed. It's not a cause of warming temperatures, it's a result. But, as you may know, he won't debate anyone on the subject.

Well for starters, that's because you're claim is completely wrong. It's debunked on Real Climate. It's debunked on Skeptical Science. And there are plenty of other sites and even books on paleoclimatology that debunk that claim. But since your willfully ignorant, none of that really matters.

And for the billionth fucking time, Al Gore is not now nor ever been a climate scientists.

The climate may very well be warming. That happens when you are coming off an Ice Age

Well I guess that just happens by magic then, right? Nothing to do with basic chemistry or thermodynamics, right? The planet just warms up when it wants to.


And it may be caused by us (or maybe not), but the degree to which these scientists sought to cook the data is unprecedented and one has to wonder why they went to such trouble to do it.

And, once again, you're just making shit up. Svante Arrhenius back in the 1890's predicted a 2C rise. Right now, AR5 is showing the most likely rise to be 3C, a difference easily explainable by our much better understanding of the science as well as advances in technology. Yeah, the manipulation is clearly rampant.

They have made such a massive attempt to squelch opposing data that one wonders how they can look at themselves in the mirror and call themselves "scientists."

This is fraud on a massive scale, but who cares? The masses of people who aren't "scientists" won't be able to tell the difference anyway and we can just accuse them of being ignorant.

They're not "squelching" anything. A highschool AP physics student can work out a rough model of climate response to greenhouse gases in a couple pages of derivations. Determining the warming or how much is actually the easiest part of the problem to solve, and there is plenty of data available to back that up.

Then of course there's the absolute dumbassery of thinking a global cabal of climate scientists can somehow keep a massive worldwide conspiracy under wraps when even the most powerful politicians can't keep who they're banging a secret.

Tell you what. Post a nice paper for peer review showing how all the stupid scientists have gotten it wrong for the past 100+ years. You'd be an instant millionaire and win the Nobel Prize.

Comment Re:hal (Score 1) 648

Yeah, and those old pseudoe science pushers from the 1800's like Joseph Fourier and Svante Arrhenius made billions by pushing this scam forward with the prescient knowledge that 100-200 years later the massive consortium of global climate scientists would be rolling in dough, driving BMW's, living in hilltop mansions, and...wait...that's not actually happening is it?

The prediction of global warming was made well before relativity was twinkle in Einstein's eye. Arrhenius (a.k.a the father of modern chemistry) developed a simple global climate model predicting the sensitivity of the climate system to increased CO2 and greenhouse gases in general. His work was published in the 1890's.

All the bullshit about this being some modern global conspiracy is just that: bullshit. Moreover, the same bullshit pushers from such well known controversies as asbestos, acid rain, smoking, etc. are now paid to push climate denial bullshit.

Comment Re:Does anyone care what Trump thinks? (Score 1) 526

The last I'd heard, news fact-checking organizations were reporting that he told the truth 15% of the time. Why would I ever care what the opinion of someone like was?

And don't tell me "because he's going to be president". The people of the United States are still smarter than that.

True enough. Most people voting for Trump are uneducated white "rale 'muricans". Most people voting for Hillary are doing so because they they can't stomach the the idea of someone like Trump as president.

Comment Re:The Self Reward Syndrome (Score 1) 210

Carbs, protein, fat...bullshit.

Fad diets, special exercise programs, etc. only causes weight loss in one area: your wallet. How much weight you lose is governed by physics. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, the weight comes off. Period. It doesn't matter if you got the calories from eating a candy bar or from eating a salad.

Your body is not a perpetual motion machine. Calories are calories. Eat less, exercise more.

Comment Re:Impossible (Score 1) 209

So, at the speeds Verizon provides me, 569 gig in a few days is a physical impossibility.

Definitely agree with other posters - sue them for the max amount allowable in small claims court. Bet they settle without you ever actually talking to a lawyer.

Wow! That's like seven exploding Samsung Galaxy 7's worth of data!

Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 1) 629

I don't think there was much concern about Reagan having Alzheimers while he was president, and making decisions as president.

Also, can anybody look at Hillary Clinton's behavior in the past year and honestly say she doesn't appear unhealthy? I just don't know of any other people in the media spotlight or candidates for office I've seen who go on 2 minute coughing fits multiple times, or who need a stool while they're on stage.

By that measure, I guess FDR should never have been president then?

Comment Re:Global ride-hailing company? (Score 0) 31

Please call them what they are : a taxi company.
No need to repeat their marketing drivel.

They're not even a taxi company. They're a contracting service. They match independent contractors (drivers) with riders. The contract drivers agree to is so bad you'd have be blind and/or stupid to accept it. The drivers would actually be better off just working for a real taxi company. At least then they're aren't wrecking their own cars while making pennies on the dollar after expenses and taxes.

Comment Re:Open Pandering (Score 1) 76

Hillary isn't "progressive left". She is, at best, a little left of center. The media also isn't saying she "deserves" to be president. If they are, they certainly have a funny way of showing it. Typically you don't devote air time to trying to tear down the candidate you think "deserves" to be president.

The media also isn't labeling the right as angry/bigoted/racist/etc. They've earned those titles through their actions and what they've said. Now granted, those most vocal on the right may only represent a small segment of the right but that's what's getting the air time.

The RINOs need to become real republicans again and change their message. Brushing up on their science classes would also help.

Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 1) 709

You know, it would really help if you read the freakin' paper so you don't look like an idiot when making comments.

Also, the paper has received several critiques including one from Dr. Michael Mann. Yes, that Dr. Mann. He thinks that they don't provide a solid basis to draw the conclusions they did, and he makes some good arguments AGAINST the paper's conclusions.

Comment Re:Russians really hate Hillary (Score 2, Interesting) 706

Everything's a crazy conspiracy theory until it comes out decades later in declassified documents that it was true. I remember back in the 80's when charges that the CIA was helping South American drug lords import shit-tons of cocaine into the U.S. was just a crazy conspiracy theory too.

I'm far from a tinfoil hat wearing kook. But the fact that this guy was murdered in a decent neighborhood just weeks after he leaked a bunch of sensitive documents about major political figures, by a "robber" who didn't even bother to take his cellphone or wallet, seems more than a little suspicious to me. It strains belief that it was all just a coincidence.

Make no mistake, Edward Snowden would have met the same fate if he hadn't been smart enough to get the fuck out of the country.

Has the bar for crazy really dropped so low? So let me get this straight. Someone gets murdered in DC, and it's suddenly Clinton's fault?

Let me clue you in. You clearly don't live in this area. There are no "nice" areas that will prevent you from getting shot. Last week we had a case where four people jumped an old lady, shot her in the arm, then stole her shoes. Not her purse. Not her money. Just her shoes.

But clearly it was Trump trying to send a message, right? I mean, she was a black lady and had a pro Hillary sign on her property. #dumbassconspiracy

Comment Re:2 bad choices; Trump may excel (Score 1) 993

...At least with Trump threre's a chance that he may be turn out to be OK, which we already know Clinton won't/can't be from her own previous record.

No. No there isn't. His comments on nuclear weapons alone is more than enough for any sane person to realize that he's an extremely stupid and dangerous individual to have in any position of power. Even Palin, one of the dullest rocks to ever grace the campaign trail, understands why nuclear weapons are deterrents.

For FSM's sake, the man believes that AGW is a hoax perpetrated by China to sabotage the US. That's not holding an opinion or a differing view on the subject. That's just plain old batshit crazy talk.

Clinton? She's no prize. Not by a long shot. Against any other reasonable candidate she wouldn't stand a chance. The republicans could have put up just about anyone else, and there'd be a good chance of them beating Clinton. But Trump? Trump is so bad he makes her look like a damn good choice. It's almost like they went out of there way to find the worst possible candidate so that they all but hand over the election on a silver platter.

I don't want either of them in office.

Comment Re:SMOD 2016! (Score 1) 993

I'm voting for the Sweet Meteor of Death in 2016. A civilization ending impact can't happen soon enough.

The Sweet Meteor of Death is a liar and a criminal! If you're not stupid and actually care about the future then vote for the Calamitous Comet of Destruction 2016! Remember, it was the only one who recently had enough balls to challenge the sun's vile corruption! Now that's an astronomical catastrophe that can get things done!

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