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Comment Re:Open Pandering (Score 0) 74

Hillary isn't "progressive left". She is, at best, a little left of center. The media also isn't saying she "deserves" to be president. If they are, they certainly have a funny way of showing it. Typically you don't devote air time to trying to tear down the candidate you think "deserves" to be president.

The media also isn't labeling the right as angry/bigoted/racist/etc. They've earned those titles through their actions and what they've said. Now granted, those most vocal on the right may only represent a small segment of the right but that's what's getting the air time.

The RINOs need to become real republicans again and change their message. Brushing up on their science classes would also help.

Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 1) 679

You know, it would really help if you read the freakin' paper so you don't look like an idiot when making comments.

Also, the paper has received several critiques including one from Dr. Michael Mann. Yes, that Dr. Mann. He thinks that they don't provide a solid basis to draw the conclusions they did, and he makes some good arguments AGAINST the paper's conclusions.

Comment Re:Russians really hate Hillary (Score 2, Interesting) 706

Everything's a crazy conspiracy theory until it comes out decades later in declassified documents that it was true. I remember back in the 80's when charges that the CIA was helping South American drug lords import shit-tons of cocaine into the U.S. was just a crazy conspiracy theory too.

I'm far from a tinfoil hat wearing kook. But the fact that this guy was murdered in a decent neighborhood just weeks after he leaked a bunch of sensitive documents about major political figures, by a "robber" who didn't even bother to take his cellphone or wallet, seems more than a little suspicious to me. It strains belief that it was all just a coincidence.

Make no mistake, Edward Snowden would have met the same fate if he hadn't been smart enough to get the fuck out of the country.

Has the bar for crazy really dropped so low? So let me get this straight. Someone gets murdered in DC, and it's suddenly Clinton's fault?

Let me clue you in. You clearly don't live in this area. There are no "nice" areas that will prevent you from getting shot. Last week we had a case where four people jumped an old lady, shot her in the arm, then stole her shoes. Not her purse. Not her money. Just her shoes.

But clearly it was Trump trying to send a message, right? I mean, she was a black lady and had a pro Hillary sign on her property. #dumbassconspiracy

Comment Re:2 bad choices; Trump may excel (Score 1) 993

...At least with Trump threre's a chance that he may be turn out to be OK, which we already know Clinton won't/can't be from her own previous record.

No. No there isn't. His comments on nuclear weapons alone is more than enough for any sane person to realize that he's an extremely stupid and dangerous individual to have in any position of power. Even Palin, one of the dullest rocks to ever grace the campaign trail, understands why nuclear weapons are deterrents.

For FSM's sake, the man believes that AGW is a hoax perpetrated by China to sabotage the US. That's not holding an opinion or a differing view on the subject. That's just plain old batshit crazy talk.

Clinton? She's no prize. Not by a long shot. Against any other reasonable candidate she wouldn't stand a chance. The republicans could have put up just about anyone else, and there'd be a good chance of them beating Clinton. But Trump? Trump is so bad he makes her look like a damn good choice. It's almost like they went out of there way to find the worst possible candidate so that they all but hand over the election on a silver platter.

I don't want either of them in office.

Comment Re:SMOD 2016! (Score 1) 993

I'm voting for the Sweet Meteor of Death in 2016. A civilization ending impact can't happen soon enough.

The Sweet Meteor of Death is a liar and a criminal! If you're not stupid and actually care about the future then vote for the Calamitous Comet of Destruction 2016! Remember, it was the only one who recently had enough balls to challenge the sun's vile corruption! Now that's an astronomical catastrophe that can get things done!

Comment Re:Love it and stay (Score 0) 265

And if you're a Democrat reading this and are angered: take the challenge. Post a reason why Hillary would be better than Trump as president...

What the fuck does this have to do with "the heart rules the head" bullshit you spouted off before?

If you want evidence of which party is "ruled by the heart" how about looking at something objective, like...oh I don't about basic scientific understanding?

Republicans don't spout lies and insults? Did you sleep through the past 20 years or so? Live in a cabin in the woods for the past couple of decades? Happen to miss the RNC this year?

Both parties do this. That's why sites like FactCheck actually have a job. Republicans do it more, and are better at it to be sure, but they both do it.

Basically, the two things Hillary has going for her is she has experience and she knows the game. Those are both positives and negatives in my opinion. But that's overshadowed by all her other..."qualities", which make her (or should have made her) unelectable. Trump is just batshit insane; a US version of Kim Jong Il. He's said shit that would have gotten any other candidate I can think of over the decades burned at the stake (Democrat or Republican).

So you have a cold calculating ruthless sociopath and an idiotic batshit insane sociopath. It's the worst election I can remember. It's not even an election. It's a choice between the devil you know and the devil you don't. Usually I just vote third party in this situation, but in this case the thought of Trump in the Whitehouse is so damn terrifying there isn't much of choice.

I think there's a large number of people out there who feel the same way. They aren't voting for Hillary as much as they are voting against Trump.

Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 3, Informative) 315

The problem with the software engineering/programming people is that they don't care about reusability, and it shows; once the project is done they move on to the next one.

That's a bullshit statement and you know it. The people who maintain projects like Spring, Hadoop, etc. don't give a shit about re-usability? Yeah, ok.

The people producing C libraries (like myself) are happily reusing the libraries we wrote two decades ago without having to rewrite them to use in another language.

And I still happily reuse Java libraries I wrote from over a decade ago without having to worry about what particular machine they're going to be run on, what OS changes have been made, etc. I haven't been doing much python programming lately, but I'm pretty sure I can run the same scripts I wrote 10 years ago and still have them work just fine today.

In addition, there is absolutely nothing special about C. C is a language, nothing more. The compiler can produce binary lib files that can be linked in to other code, but that isn't limited in any way to just C.

Use the appropriate tool for the job, and avoid treating everything like nail just because you only know how to use a hammer.

Comment Re:Of course the spin is people are... (Score 2, Insightful) 693

*grabs popcorn*

So the dog finally caught a car. Now we get to watch what happens when a bunch of idiots vote against their own best interests and have to face the consequences. Take this a preview of what's coming in November for the good ol' US.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a ball.

Comment Legislation Can't Fix Incompetence (Score 5, Insightful) 660

This should be obvious, but I guess politicians need to be seen doing something, and apparently reasonable gun control in a country that makes up a 1/3 of violent gun crimes just isn't going to fly.

The guy was nuts. He had a documented history of being nuts. His friends thought he was nuts. His family thought he was nuts. And yet, he could still get plenty of ammo and guns. The problem wasn't that there wasn't enough surveillance. The problem is that no one was paying attention to the information that was ALREADY AVAILABLE.

"Oh, I see you have a history of being bat shit insane. Here, let me get you a special discount on our Sandy Hook signature line of guns."

Comment Re:Uh, really? (Score 1) 412

What, like Guantanamo Bay was going to be closed under President Obama?

And for the millionth time, a president can promise ANYTHING but he/she has to have the support to do it.

Presidents aren't gods. They can't just wave their hand and make shit happen. "I will close Guantanamo!" made a good sound bite, but anyone with a partially functioning cortex should have realized that doing so is a lot more complicated than simply saying "CLOSE IT".

And that's really the problem with elections in general. It's why people have low confidence and trust in politicians. Politicians have to market themselves, and they have to do it in the 5 minute attention span the news/people have. But at the same time, they have to deal with problems who's answers are anything but simple. How do you resolve that?

Well, right now we have politicians delivering sound bites that are tailored to sound good, but if you actually stop and think about what it is they're talking about the sound bites are really just fluff. The actual implementation and execution of said sound bites may be quite difficult or impossible, especially if you're going to be meeting opposition.

So go ahead and vote for whoever "sounds" better to you. But keep in mind that doesn't mean they're going to get anything done. Obstructionism is the word of the day in politics.

Comment Re:The denialists need to be dealt with somehow. (Score 1) 331

I'm not convinced you care about the future either. There are much more important problems than global warming such as overpopulation, poverty, destruction of arable land, habitat destruction, corruption of human society, nuclear proliferation, and environmental pollution. A key problem with climate change mitigation is that these greater problems are routinely compromised for token efforts in climate change mitigation.

No, the key problem here is don't understand the wide range of consequences and impacts climate change will have. Overpopulation is an issue that will be made much worse by climate change (migration). Poverty will be made worse by climate change. Arable land destruction will be made worse (already seeing some of that and it's only going downhill from there). Habitat destruction will be worse (goes without saying). So on and so forth.

Humans are terrible when it comes to assessing long range threats. Most people simply have no concept of how much everything today relies on our formerly stable climate. When you hear those estimates of trillions, it's not some off the cuff number. Really smart people sat down and researched the chain of consequences.

Worse, this isn't a problem we can magically make "go away". At best it would take decades of dedicated effort to undo the damage of the past 150 or so years. So when we get to that "oh shit" moment, not only are we ill equipped to actually do anything about, there will be an additional several decades after that where things will get worse due to the lag in the climate system.

If we deal with these other problems, then untrammeled climate change is not a big deal. Human societies, particularly modern ones readily adapt to conditions that changed on the centuries long time scales we speak of. If we don't deal with these problems because we're putting our resources in preventing climate change instead, we would still face disaster.

Bullshit. All it would take is a slightly altered change to mid-level jet stream patterns and most of humanity would be seriously fucked. The largest food exporters on the planet rely on a stable climate to produce said food. The small percent of arable land that produces most of the world's food is within a narrow band of latitudes. A small change and bam, drought. We already had a small taste of that when Russia ceased exports a few years ago due to extreme heat and drought. Imagine if the same thing were to occur in the US midwest where the aquifers are already pretty much exhausted.

Human societies have FAILED in the face of regional climate changes. Entire empires have collapsed due to drought. Computers and iPhones are not edible.

The status quo does a good job of fixing these other problems while climate change mitigation efforts have been notorious for being harmful and counterproductive, prioritizing extremely weak climate change mitigation over the bigger problems.

I think the fundamental bankruptcy of your beliefs is that you can't show that your so-called "give a damn" is better than doing absolutely nothing. It's not fair to the people who don't think so much about the future, when you do and come up with ideas worse than doing nothing.

More BS. Other than a couple countries who have gone ahead with renewable initiatives jack shit has been done to reduce the carbon footprint, as evidenced by the never ending increase in atmospheric CO2. It's a global problem, and requires global solutions but we're to socially retarded as a species to work on that scale.

Check that, some organizations like the US military that actually do make long term plans have been preparing mitigation efforts. They're realists. They know nothing will be done about it, so might as well be ready when the shit hits the fan.

Comment Re:Luddites? (Score 1) 1052

You confuse rich people with flashy people. There are plenty of wealthy people who don't flaunt their wealth in this manner. It's never good to rub people's faces in the fact that maybe you have something they don't. Nothing good ever comes of it. And there are plenty of people who own the "bling" and can't really afford it, living beyond their means for as long as they can keep up the juggling act. Never judge a book by its cover.

Precisely. I'm quite well off, but you'd never know it by just looking at me or where I live. I could easily afford a McMansion in a ritzy part of town, but I choose to live in a normal middle class house in a normal middle class neighborhood. I could have a couple of new Mercedes, BMW's, or Lexus's but I have couple of moderately aged Prius's. I could be wearing expensive brands of clothes, jewlery, etc. but I wear old jeans and shirts.

There are flashy people, and there are rich flashy people. But I'd be willing to be a large percentage of "rich" people you wouldn't be able to pick out of a normal crowd/neighborhood. They didn't get rich by buying expensive homes/cars/etc.

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