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Comment Re:Depends on what you mean (Score 1) 146

Thunderbolt interface is PCI-E interface to the outside. There are already external graphics "cards" (can't call them a card really) which use various connectors (ATI had a good idea but buried it), mostly USB but these kinds are just to connect another monitor. If Thunderbolt has wider adoption there are going to be fully featured graphics "cards" for notebooks which would allow gaming.

Comment Re:Sunglasses (Score 1) 185

You can use polarized light filter for photo lens. It can be rotated to get rid of the right angle of polarization. Of course holding it before your eyes makes it obvious as well. By the way circular polarization (CPL) photo filters are still linear polarization filters (because they are meant to be rotated) but they convert linear polarization into circular because it is better for digital sensors. So if circular polarization is used on this monitor, this isn't going to help.

Comment Re:Yet Another API (Score 1) 64

Actually Intel's VA API has backends that use VDPAU and something from FRGLX. I am not sure these backends are tested well but in theory an application that uses VA API can use acceleration provided by all three major graphics hardware vendors. In addition to decoding VA API can be used to accelerate encoding and post-processing filters.

Comment Linksys (Score 1) 376

Linksys is a joke, especially since a word Cisco is written on it. I bought WRT150N and it didn't work over an hour under torrents load with its default firmware. The router hanged and had to be hard reset. And that with just 6 Mbit/s ADSL. Right on Linksys support forum I read about alternative firmware from some guy who had the same problem. I flashed dd-wrt on it and never had hang ups again. But maximum bandwidth in LAN I can get is about 25 Mbit/s. After such experience would never suggest buying Linksys to anyone.

Comment Re:Standard Practices (Score 1) 225

Basically, I would NEVER allow remote web management of a device if it's on the internet. I believe the default for DD-WRT is to disable it as well, so you'd have to go in and tell the device that you want to enable this feature. All in all, I think for most users, this issue is a non-issue.

Sure in DD-WRT external web access is disabled by default so it is necessary to enable it manually. But it is a quite convenient thing because DD-WRT provides a Wake-On-Lan functionality and it is possible to turn computers on in the LAN. When I go to work I can leave my home computer off and if I need it, I can turn it on using my router. Now I had to disable external web access until I update firmware to a safe version.

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