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Comment Re:Old (Score 1) 80

As has always been the case, if you want the best of everything (or an Apple) you are paying a premium. If you're willing to accept a step down in one or more categories, the price will drop off greatly. It isn't anything unique to this market.

In the case of the Moto G4 plus, you're talking a smaller and lower res screen, slower download/upload speeds, much slower cpu and gpu, and an older version of bluetooth. The $250 Moto is only 2gb of ram and 16gb of storage. $300 for the 4gb and 64gb. You might of gotten a deal or just generalizing. All that said, I'm not knocking the choice. I'm just saying there is a trade off.

Comment Re:get off your high horse (Score 1) 230

You're the one that insisted that making a statement about one of the groups was insulting to the other. I said making a statement about both groups is insulting. Now, you're trying to claim it doesn't matter. This wasn't about defending them from your idiotic comments. This was about pointing out where/why you were wrong, and hoping you might think about it. Barring obvious exceptions, anyone that serves deserves respect. Your comments, at the very least, disparage the service of drafted men.

Comment Re:If you enlist, you take orders, PERIOD. (Score 1) 230

When you say that people who didn't run from the draft showed courage, you're insulting people who volunteered.

Whatever his actions, your extreme stance isn't the right approach. Regardless of your intent, your statement insults both drafted and enlisted. It implies that enlisted people feel they're superior to drafted men and that they feel insulted when drafted men take pride in serving when called upon. You're also saying drafted men shouldn't take pride in serving when called upon. While I cannot speak from experience, I doubt that enlisted vs drafted is their biggest concern during a war.

Comment Re:If you enlist, you take orders, PERIOD. (Score 1) 230

That is complete bull. Attributing courage to one group doesn't inherently diminish another. If it was explicitly stated that the people that were drafted were just as courageous as volunteers, then you would have a starting point. Further, it doesn't always take courage to enlist. Lack of perceived options also factors into it. Also, having courage to enlist doesn't mean you actually have the courage to risk your life out there. Drafted or enlisted makes very little difference at that point.

Comment Re:Saturated with Phablets (Score 1) 132

Counterpoint: It's succeeding for many, many people. However, I do understand the plight. I'm at the other end of the spectrum. I want a flagship with 6" screen and they are putting out at best 5.7". Google Nexus 6/6p/Pixel XL dropped from 6" to 5.7" to 5.5". The regular Pixel at least dropped to 5" for those that want smaller screens.

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