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Comment Re: No story here, move along (Score 1) 208

I don't know about fried but that was my thought. the injury cross linked his normal "cpu" and vision "GPU" basically using his normal vision processing as a massive floating point processor. Not unlike using your GPU to mine bit coins or do other massively parallel processing.

Mining bitcoins in your head just by looking, now THAT would be a savant skill worth having.

Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 1) 105

Does anyone really expect these criminal organizations, headed by the kind of people who set up a Star Trek style command bridge, are going to do the right thing?

Sure. The Star Trek bridge seems to indicate that it's an organisation headed by a trekkie, so I think there is a pretty good chance they are geeks and will do the "right thing". I would be more worried if they had built a replica of the White House and was an organisation headed by politicans or lawyers.

The only way to deal with these scum is to shut them down and start from scratch.

Repeating the same experiment is likely to yield the same results.

Comment Re:Diminishing returns (Score 0) 478

Eventually, people will understand that to avoid risks originating from the poorest countries, the final solution is to just eradicate those countries.

Terrifying prospect. Before this 'final solution' is implemented, I think it's equally possible that the rest of the world will understand that the biggest and most harmful risk is the United States, and arrive at a different solution.

Comment Re:Quite so! (Score 1) 401

this is a bay area company and I KNOW that they, as a general trend, have stopped investing in people and now only look for exact matches

Why should they "invest" in someone when the investment can just walk out the door whenever he/she pleases? Invest in yourself then get a higher paying job.

CFO asks his CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the company?” CEO answers, ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Submission + - LAN games now requires $5000 permit from Swedish Gaming Board (

Xemu writes: In Sweden, a recent judgement from the Supreme Administrative Court, has declared that anyone arranging a LAN game must seek permission from the Swedish Gaming Board. Such a permission carries a 35 kSEK (5000 USD) administrative fee. Failure to register your LAN game with the authorities may result in penalties, and a criminal record, preventing a young gamer from getting a driver's license, US work visa and potentially causing problems with employers with strict hire policies.

Comment Re:Hate labor laws? (Score 1) 293

Instead we make them show up every day, for their 7-8 hours and sit in chairs and do nothing

If this is the best use of available resources your company's management can come up with, I suggest replacing management with smarter people.

Even asking these people to clean toilets would have made the company more money.

Comment Re:hypothetical (Score 4, Insightful) 221

A police officer's testimony is all that is needed for most convictions. Adding a microphone and camera is sort of redundant. Police have eyes, ears, and memory.

Must see:
Scott Fraser is a forensic psychologist who encourages a more scientific approach to trial evidence


Submission + - T-rex revived from fossil DNA by Chinese Academy of Sciences ( 1

Xemu writes: "The feared T-Rex have been successfully cloned by Chinese researchers by inserting missing pieces of bird DNA into the fossil DNA. The technology to use bird genes was pioneered by american researcher Jack Horner. The research will be soon be published in Nature, reveals Swedish popular science magazine Illustrerad Vetenskap"

Comment Re:Kickstarter has peakerd for me. (Score 1) 156

I mainly pick up games on kickstarter...and initially games were pretty cheap about $5, the companies got seed money during development, and maybe I get a game...all of a sudden those games have shot up in price to $20, its gone from funding development to payment upfront...I haven't funded a game in a while.

It's because of people like you that Kickstarter is failing. Shame on you!

Of course not. Not every project posted on Kickstarter inherently deserves to succeed. There's a lot of crap posted on Kickstarter now, where people outright beg for money for nothing. ("Hey, I want to do X, never did it before, fresh out of college, show me they money")

It's also mostly treated as a pre-order system - "Hey, give us X dollars for product Y today and you'll maybe get it when we build it" is a really dangerous proposition. As the backer, we take all the risks, for no gain. X dollars for product Y is not a gain either, as you can buy the product Z online today for X dollars, and it does the same as the future-Y would do.

          I can fund the development of a game because I want to see the game come to life, but why should I fund the manufacturing of product Y, where I can buy Y+1 in the store next door already. A game is a unique piece of digital art, a random manufactured product very rarely is unique except in shape or colour.

There's another huge problem and that is the high failure rate and high risk of backing. I have backed five projects now, and so far only one has delivered - the other four are all late by 6 months or more. I am definitely more cautious with funding another project now. 20% success rate is abysmal and makes backing projects a very expensive hobby.

Kickstarter in itself is doing fine, but the good projects are being shadowed by the many poor ones. In a way, Kickstarter is failing because it's own success.

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