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Submission + - LAN games now requires $5000 permit from Swedish Gaming Board (

Xemu writes: In Sweden, a recent judgement from the Supreme Administrative Court, has declared that anyone arranging a LAN game must seek permission from the Swedish Gaming Board. Such a permission carries a 35 kSEK (5000 USD) administrative fee. Failure to register your LAN game with the authorities may result in penalties, and a criminal record, preventing a young gamer from getting a driver's license, US work visa and potentially causing problems with employers with strict hire policies.

Submission + - T-rex revived from fossil DNA by Chinese Academy of Sciences ( 1

Xemu writes: "The feared T-Rex have been successfully cloned by Chinese researchers by inserting missing pieces of bird DNA into the fossil DNA. The technology to use bird genes was pioneered by american researcher Jack Horner. The research will be soon be published in Nature, reveals Swedish popular science magazine Illustrerad Vetenskap"

Submission + - Etch-a-Sketch inventor Andre Cassagnes, has died at 86 (

Xemu writes: "Andre Cassagnes, the inventor of the Etch-A-Sketch has died in Paris at the age of 86. The famous toy was actualized during the presidential campaign Etch-A-Gate when Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, began holding up Etch-A-Sketches during their rallies. The toy is pretty advanced as it is essentially a manually operated plotter with a built-in erasing system. Plenty of hacks out there exists to mod the plotter to draw greyscale robotically, turn it into a temperature logger etc. Thank you Andre!"

Submission + - Humans smell in Stereo (

Xemu writes: "Humans can locate an odour source thanks to a feature called stereo sniffing, says researchers in an article just published in Nature Communications. To further enhance odorant location capabilties, mammals combine serial sampling with bilateral nasal cues. Much like your average teenager in a dark basement would locate that smelly sock. Blocking one nostril makes it harder."

Submission + - Norwegian oil Statoil customer data hacked (

Xemu writes: "Norwegian oil company Statoil has just moments ago closed down all it's customer portals in Norway, Sweden and Denmark after a computer intrusion was detected on Wednesday. According to Bård Standal, a Director at Statoil Fuel & Retail, there are indications that customer data has been compromised and steps have been taken to increase the monitoring of Statoil debit and credit cards fraud."

Submission + - $500,000 Batmobile stolen by Swedish TV star ( 1

Xemu writes: Swedish TV star Bobo Krull was supposed to drive half a million dollars worth of Batmobile between New York and Los Angeles. Now the 550 horsepower Batmobile is missing. When asked, Mr Krull says it's "between two garages". The full scale replica was built over many years by Stockholm long-time Batman fan Leif Garvin. Use google translate to read the article.

Submission + - Italian team successfully demonstrates Cold Fusion (

Xemu writes: Today, an italian team of researchers from the University of Bologna has demonstrated Cold Fusion together with a peer-reviewed paper. The demonstration was made using a kilowatt cold fusion reactor using nickel and hydrogen that can produce up to 10 kilowatts. There's only one catch: They refuse to show how the blue box works, citing patent concerns. What does our esteemed slashdot readership say, has the dream come reality, or is this a scam? Hard facts welcome.

Submission + - Sweden declares cartoons to be illegal child porn (

Xemu writes: Don't keep manga on your hard drive if you travel to Sweden. Swedish manga translator Simon Lundström had four million manga pictures on his hard drive, downloaded from the net in large packages. He was found guilty of posessing 50 cartoons depicting child pornography, after he was reported to the police by his ex-wife in a custodial fight.

Submission + - Swedish Teen Racy pictures stolen from Facebook (

Xemu writes: A brash website allowing users to rate Swedish teenage girls as "ugly" or "hot" has caused an outroar in Swedish media. The images of the girls, the majority of whom were 16 to 18 years old, were copied from their Facebook sites without permission. According to Anders Ahlqvist from the IT-crimes department of Sweden's National Bureau of Investigation (Rikskriminalpolisen), the site violates Sweden's law governing the use of personal information (Personuppgiftslagen – PUL).

Submission + - Europe to monitor all Internet searches (

Xemu writes: European parliament is issuing a written declaration about the need to set up an ”early warning system” to combat sexual child abuse. However, the substance of the declaration is to extend the EU Data retention directive to search engines, so that all searches done on for example Google will be monitored. If you are a citizen concerned about the right to privacy and freedom on the Internet, you can help by sending a mail to the MEPs from your country, and explaining the issue to them.

Submission + - German court kicks Pirate Bay off the net (

Xemu writes: The district court in Hamburg ordered bandwidth provider CB3ROB to discontinue service to one of it's customers, the Pirate Bay, on grounds of copyright violations. This has caused the infamous torrent site to go offline. Spokesmen for the site has said that they have a backup plan and expect to come back online within hours.

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