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Comment Re:The fact that you were younger and less jaded t (Score 1) 249

For me, it's the total difference in attitude. Back then, I was a kid with no disposable income to spare. Your parents rented you some games from the video store for the weekend and you played the hell out of them. Very seldom did you get the exact games of your choice, so you learned to just deal with what you got. It didn't matter of they were clunky or poorly designed, or if the music was no better than 8-bit blips composed by someone totally tone-deaf who figured the NES's "noise" channel was a substitute for any instrumentation; you were on a holy mission to beat the game(s) within the rental period. Eventually, you even acquired a taste for some of the crappier ones that would later manifest as nostalgia. You'd give anything, any genre a chance.

Dude. its so true. The weekend mission was to beat the game before you brought it back. Ahh those were the good days. can you even rent games anymore?

Comment Where is the line (Score 1) 173

The problem I see here is the xp modifiers. When you can give another guy more advantage in a game because he pays more money is just wrong. When you hit the online playing field in these types of games everyone is equal from the beginning. Now it will be the rich kid who has the advantage.

I like what Battlefield Heroes is doing. Free game (not released yet) but you can buy outfits and other stuff like that. BUT you dont get any advantage in the game.
ImperialAges is another game that is browser based that I am playing right now. Free game and you can buy the VIP package but it will not give you an advantage in any way.

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