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Comment Re:Dangerous book w/ incomplete instructions (Score 1) 375

I find it more sad that people think crime will be solved by removing the tools of that crime. After guns are removed and people start using knives they will be the first people to limit the size of knives people can buy. After that?

Would you rather be robbed by a person with a gun or with a knife?

Comment Re:Rest in piece, hacker friendly mobile future (Score 1) 479

Looks like I will have to take great care of my N900. It's the first and last of it's kind.

Want to buy an extra one?

I stood firm for a year while there were no relevant developments on the maemo/meego platform. The Nokia maps software is awful; google maps isn't available and the feeble attempts around are just that. The facebook application is limited to uploading pictures and a status widget that eats through your battery.

When my company upgraded Exchange and the synchronisation stopped working I finally gave up. It was a nightmare getting it to work to begin with.

Angry birds works pretty well tho. And I like the FM radio. Too bad it locks-up if you receive an SMS while listening.

Expensive mistake.

Comment Re:People stopped using Telnet? (Score 1) 238

I use telnet constantly. Port 110 to check for a broken email header, Port 25 to check for SMTP auth errors, Port 3200 to check for the present of a NetGen DSS unit, etc, etc... I love telnet. Simple 3-way handshake and boom, datastream.

You use a telnet application/client; you might as well have been using netcat or any other TCP client. I doubt many people still have telnet servers running (emphasis on many).

Comment Re:Real question is... (Score 1) 290

Will Yahoo still have 1M users by year-end to shut out?

I have recently changed my default search engine in Chromium to Yahoo because of Google's annoying Instant Preview "feature" that can't be turned-off.

Guess what? I can still find the answers I'm looking for and, when I don't, I skip to Google to double-check. So far, after 1 week, I still haven't found a result in google that wasn't in Yahoo.

The ranking might be a bit different but after a while I'll probably stop double-checking results in Google altogether.

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