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Comment Never had a chance (Score 2) 43

When you buy a helmet, you want a good fit. You go to the store, try all brands and models, until you find the good fit. Then you want safety. A strong shell, good padding, good foam layer. Then you want the right type (full face or other) and a good visor. Skully offered one model only. Statistically, one model only fits a minority of people. They had one choice of materials, type of helmet, visor. That limits the number of potential customers to only a few.
I looked at them, and decided the helmet wasn't safe enough for me, and probably wouldn't fit.

What they could have done instead is produce visors and build-in electronics for a range of well known helmet models. That way, I would have bought a Skully set for my preferred helmet.

Comment Not just CS (Score 1, Insightful) 317

If every student should learn programming, than they should also learn astrophysics, and architecture, and rocket science, and medicine, and every other job there is. Or should they?

Some people have a talent for programming. Others for astrophysics, or architecture. Before making statements about CS and programming, people should acquire a basic knowledge about what CS is. Apparently, Mr Obama doesn't have that knowledge. That's a pity, because I know that at least one of his advisors does.

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