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Submission + - EU wants Brits to stop protecting children against an evil Internet (

X10 writes: When we founded Meldpunt (www.meldpunt-kinderporno) we aimed at protecting children from online (sexual) abuse. We worked with organizations in almost every country in Europe and we founded INHOPE. We (Meldpunt and a few other hotlines) argued with the English organizations about the scope of our actions. We limited ourselves to catching pedophiles (in close cooperation with the police), they extended their goals to protecting children from seeing pornography. This is why the Internet Watch Foundation received more money from the EU than Meldpunt. Now, the EU wants the UK to stop blocking pornography by default. It doesn't feel good to see John Carr, who I worked with in Inhope, defends the UK policy to censor the Internet. The EU is right to tell the UK to respect net neutrality.

Submission + - Dutch gunman claims to be hacker. What? (

X10 writes: Gunman raids news studio of prime time news on public TV in the Netherlands. He claims he's a hacker, and 98 other hackers are backing him up. He's carrying a gun, not a laptop. He gets arrested without a shot. Which is understandable, his gun was fake. Could easily have gotten him killed. What he wanted was 10 minutes time on air for his message.
So you claim to be a hacker, you go to the studio with a gun? Come on...

What would you do to have your ten minutes of fame on prime time TV, preferably without getting caught and without getting shot?

Submission + - The sudden policy change in Truecrypt explained (

X10 writes: I use Truecrypt, but recently someone pointed me to the sourceforge page of Truecrypt that says it's out of business. I found the message weird, but now there's an explanation: Truecrypt has received a letter from the NSA.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: what do you guys do with moderator points?

X10 writes: Every once in a while, I get 5 moderator points. But I don't know what to do with them. I can go through comments, but rating them feels like to much of a responsibility to me. Rating down a troll is easy, but the rest, well, I let it go. So my points go away after a few days.
What's your opinion about moderator points? Do you like getting them?

Submission + - Ask SlashDot: What if they give you a broken project? 1

X10 writes: Suppose you're assigned to a project that someone else has created. It's an app, you'll work on it alone. You think "how hard can it be", you don't check out the source code before you accept the assignment. But then, it turns out the code is not robust. You create a small new feature, and the app breaks down in unexpected ways. You fix a bug, and new bugs pop up all over the place. The person who worked on the project before you is well respected in the company, and you are "just a contractor", hired a few months ago.

The easy way out is to just quit, as there's plenty of jobs you can take. But that doesn't feel right. But, what else can you do?

Submission + - Google introduces programming test for attending GoogleIO (

X10 writes: "Google announced some time ago that they want only developers to attend their Google IO conference. They hinted at developing a "programming test" that you have to pass before you can register. Now, they have introduced the Input Output machine at the same time they announced that Google IO registration will open on March 27. I take it that registrations will be ordered according to the quality of one's IO machine. Cute idea...."

Submission + - No graphics card support for linux laptops? (

X10 writes: "I bought an Asus laptop, and I put Ubuntu linux on it. I couldn't get the Nvidia GeForce graphics card to work. Then I found that the card has "Optimus", it saves power by being off by default, and linux doesn't switch it on. I need my laptop for work, so I bought a Dell Vostro 3550 which is officially certified by Ubuntu — beit without the graphics card. It has an AMD ATI card. Which didn't work, for the same reason: laptops with hybrid graphics have an onboard integrated graphics card for normal use, and a separate Nvidia or ATI card for better graphics. So now I have two new laptops with different graphics card, and neither works. And believe me, I've spent many days trying to make it work, on both laptops. There's a group at that tries to solve the problem. As everyone who buys a new laptop and puts linux on it, will experience this problem, I wonder why the linux community hasn't solved this issue already. I'm willing to help."

Submission + - google webgl hacks my computer (

X10 writes: I watched a youtube video of Danger Mouse, then I watched a Google WebGl video about the making of the video clip with WebGL. But ever since, I see the image of the video in every transparent picture on my screen in Ubuntu 10.10. Did Google WebGL put something in my videocard? My page shows a picture I drew for the occation, and a camera screenshot of how it looks on my screen.

This is the clip I watched:


Submission + - Is Android open source? (

X10 writes: Everybody is discussing the features of the new Google Nexus One phone, but developers are worried about the future of Android: Google did not provide version 2.1 of the Android SDK which is used on the Nexus to developers prior to releasing the Nexus. Is Google taking Android back to being proprietary rather than OS?

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