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Submission + - How can I help a 14yo learn to program?

WyzrdX writes: My son is 14 and loves using Mac's and Linux. He wants to learn to code so he can write programs for the Mac and dabble in linux programming. (He despises Windows)

My question for Slashdot is;
How can I my son to start learning some of the currently used languages that would be geared toward kids? And is C++ still viable to learn for someone who wont even be in college for another 4 years?

Comment Re:Depends on the era of "you" (Score 3, Insightful) 309

You mirrored my thought exactly.

Since then I only acquire what I need, and use it until it no longer functions, at which point I trash it.

It took me several years to realize I was hording. I had a "REASON" to keep everything. It was going to be used for this, that , or whatever. Then I realized I needed to get rid of this stuff when I walked into my office and was ashamed to allow my best friend (best friend for more than 10 years) see inside and closed the door before he arrived.

I had a 6 ft tall bookshelf that contained more misc parts than books and there was no room for anything else. My large walk-in closet was so full, I couldn't see anything behind the first 3 feet. A nice wood futon became storage for stuff I didn't want on the ground. And then the floor had a path roughly 18 inches wide from the door to my chair and there was no room to move.

After seeing this I told him about the embarrassment and he got a couple of people from work to come over and load everything up. I had HDD's as small as 2GB and 256MB sticks of RAM. Cases I had retained for 12 years. CD drives, floppy drives, VGA cards, Graphics cards that had 2D daughter cards ie. Voodoo 1, And so many nic cards from server pulls and desktop replacements.

So we took everything to a company he had done some programming for that resold parts to the public as working replacement parts or recycled what was useless or unsaleable. They gave me $200 bucks for 2 truckloads and I didnt look back.

All that remained was my desk, a bookshelf with a few books on it, a clean futon, 2 printers, my dual Xeon Server, a small newegg box of sever NIC cards, and A larger Amazon box of cables and last but not least my PC.

I really didnt see how bad it was until it was gone. Now I hate seeing any extra parts laying around.

Comment Re:Way to go....... (Score 3, Informative) 314

So... which part of this release actually provides a compelling reason to use Linux over any other OS? You've been itching for something to run on that TI C6X system you built?

The fanboisim here makes me gag. Apple has nothing on you guys.

My post had nothing to do with fanboisim. I currently use Win, Mac, and 5 different flavors of Linux not counting my tv, car stereo, smart phone, and at least 3 other devices that run modified Linux code.

I have been using Linux off and on for years. But it has only been recently that I have really been modifying it and making it do what I want and how I want. Currently I have my MBP that I use that I need to have Windows installed on due to either software differences in Win and Mac versions (ie. Quickbooks) or because I need access to some windows items while on my Mac.

I use a Windows machine for some games only because the gaming industry seems to feel that there is only 1 OS that is worth the time. Even Mac is lacking on a lot of the games I play. And I am not a big fan of running some games in a X over for Linux.

When I use Linux it is for everything else from my firewall to Development. But I am dependent on my Phone and Tablet which run Android. Now with android kernel merge I may have a greater use for using linux than before.

And as I stated, I just hope I dont have to start at the basics. I am no guru by far but I really dont want to have to thrash what I have learned in the last year or so and start again. Will have to wait and see what the distros look like.

Comment Re:Answers Explained (Score 1) 543

It's still perfectly sufficient though, except when Firefox eats over 700MB with Flash loaded. I could upgrade it to 1.5GB for about $20, but I'm more focused on my next machine which will eventually have at least 16GB if it doesn't start out with as much. In any case, what needs to be upgraded most is the crappy Intel GMA 945 graphics.

16 GB is a waste of money if you currently have 1 GB and think it is perfectly sufficient. Save your money and buy a new laptop cheap anywhere with 4 GB of RAM and throw in an SSD for an extra performance boost. But if 1 GB is sufficient any more than 4 is a waste. 16 GB may sound exciting but you will never use it. You would have to increase usage as well as start working with new software that eats memory to even see any use of the extra 12 GB.

Comment Re:RAM's cheap (Score 1) 543

The limit is not based on the Manufacture of the RAM, Intel makes the CPU and MB Chipset which is Sandy Bridge for the 2011 Models unless Apple has put a top limit in the EFI. Apple says it has a limit of 8 GB but;

I have a 13" MBP and a 15" MBP both early 2011 and both have 16GB bought from OWC installed and working fine with Windows in BC and OSX 10.6 on 13" and Lion on 15".

As for what the actual limit is idk. I do however know I have an HTPC with the same Chipset and an i5 equal to what is in my 13" MBP and it has 24 GB (I could only afford 3 8GB sticks at the time)

Comment Re:Slow Down The Earth (Score 1) 359

I seem to live about 2 timezones west of where I am and I don't think moving would help. Mornings are just something I can't do.

I wish our earth would rotate slower. My personal day length is somewhere around 26 hours. I have experimentally verified it during long holidays (when I studied physics I used to have 3 months of summer holidays with enough funding and nothing to do), where my perceived day would rotate roughly one cycle in a fortnight.

When I talked to others I found that this is more os less the same for a lot of people. I wonder why we haven't managed to adapt to a 24 hour cycle. Or maybe we did adapt, but our no-longer-hunter-and-collector lifestyle makes us un-adapt.

Well if I didnt agree with you, which I do, I would likely complain about you utter disregard for those of us trying to wake up by presenting us with a coherent and intelligent reply. :P

Comment Re:Old computers don't die, they just get repurpos (Score 1) 317

I've probably got a dozen old computers packed away that work, but are just waaay outdated. My last desktop that I built for myself is about 11 years old at this point, it's still chugging away as a file server and streaming video to my WDTV Live box. I can't bring myself to pitch a still working computer, even if it's so old as to be obsolete. I'll find some use for it, and will keep it running.

I try to re purpose every machine I can. Have 1 as a linux mail server and it only has a Cyrix 333MHz CPU.

Although I have recently donated 9 machines with Ubuntu to a local Boys Club, otherwise I normally have around 10 to 15 MB's and CPU's around. And dont get me started on RAM and Cases. My wife hates that I just added 172 sq.ft. on to our house for an office after I bought a climate controlled storage shed for component storage. Although I use the shed for company storage as well.

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