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Comment Re:Marketing (Score 1) 179

Funny, I've had some 9.4 and 10.4 boxes for quite a while now...and they all run fine. A few have upgraded and I think the worst I've had to fix was a compiz bug.
  I only set them up with the official ubuntu repos though, didn't enable backports and impressed upon them that Update Manager is a good thing.
      I think you're just trolling 'cause you don't check the forums or don't/can't learn command line..
      Free as in freedom also means free as in free to sweat it out for yourself. If you can't or won't, go whine somewhere else.

Comment Cyanogenmod is the shizz (Score 1) 118

I've been using Cyanogenmod on my phones since JesusFreke decided to quit maintaining for the G1..and it's really great to see how the community has grown. There are more phones and devs maintaining them than I ever would have imagined back then.
    I hope SOMEONE eventually has the balls to ship a phone with Cyanogen on board..at least a developer phone or something..I think it'd be good for the community and good for the phone companies to see what can be done. It's OUR hardware once it's bought..use what you want on it..and help develop it..

Comment Re:Fighting malware doesn't have to complicated (Score 1) 105

Umm...not only won't be joining the club, but have turned at least 6 of my formerly Windows using friends on to Ubuntu..and the only question I've had in the last 4 years was from ONE friend who asked me if it was safe to run updates because (in her words) she didn't want to run update and have it break things like Windows always did....and it hasn't. I showed her how to set up for long term support updates and she's happy as a clam, everything works and SHE DOESN'T KNOW SQUAT ABOUT COMMAND LINE.
    Methinks to be so very vehement on the subject you may, at some point, had some issues yourself. If that's so, I'm truly sorry for your pain...but don't lump the rest of the human race into your little universe-quite a few of them are willing to learn.

Comment Re:Fighting malware doesn't have to complicated (Score 1) 105

As a happy Linux user of more than 10 years and more flavors of hardware than I want to remember right now, I must say," Noob!! , Quit whining..." If you don't like it, use Windows...those of us who are capable of asking questions and actually using (or LEARNING to use) cli (gasp!) will continue to use our free, much more capable OS. Incidentally, I didn't go to college for this- I simply learned to read man pages...
  Veteran of: Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Knoppix, SUSE, DSL, Puppy, Red Hat and Vector.
      I don't particularly CARE if the regular users figure out how to use Linux..if they can't figure out the simple stuff, I don't want them playing in my pool.
        "nuff said :)

Comment Re:You keep getting it wrong. (Score 1) 162

Umm.. hate to say this, but hon, you are an optimist. At least in America-basic broadcast info is supposed to be something folks can get to all the time..and the only place I know that does that is PBS. I respect Google for throwing some of the goodies out there, there are so few companies that do. If net neutrality falls apart we aren't totally screwed, but it will be gettin' close...
  Honestly, ya have to leave people some space to LIVE in...we are not all about ad agencies..


The "King of All Computer Mice" Finally Ships 207

An anonymous reader writes "The much-anticipated, much-mocked 18-button joystick mouse from WarMouse is now shipping. The press release features an impressive set of user quotes from game designer Chris Taylor, new SFWA president John Scalzi, and a doctor who runs a medical software company. Crazy or not, it's obviously more than just a gaming mouse."

Comment Re:Not a checkbox, a shortcut... (Score 1) 208

Have a custom utility that allows for backing up and fast restore of apps. Apps that are copy protected on restore would be batch downloaded from the Market. It is pretty tedious to reload a phone app by app.

Android already does this (or at least my latest install of Cyanogenmod does).

Don't play games with root access. If people want to root their devices, let them. This is one reason that HTC is doing better than Motorola. HTC puts out the code they use, Motorola seems not to, so guess which vendor gets unofficial Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 releases first? Perhaps consider enabling fastboot on all Android devices, because people eventually will find a way to root the device, so might as well save them the effort and have phones have a vibrant modding community, which gets more people to buy those models. Best of all worlds would be to have a few models of phone which are meant for modders, similar to Google's ADP1 and ADP2. These would have fastboot ability for quick flashing of new stuff, and so on.

I would SOO love to see this, but the chances of Motorola getting off of their code is slim to none. So now and in the future (unless something changes) my money will be going to HTC so I can get a phone (the Nexus1) that I can root and mod to my hearts content.

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