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Comment I trust them to do the right thing (Score 1, Interesting) 211

I've already seen a bunch of posts mourn the whole bunch of addons that will stop working end of this year. Probably, I'll lose some myself.

But personally, I trust Mozilla to do the right thing here. They've probably weighed the pros and cons, and made their decision. I'll see what the end result is. There's enough browsers to choose from nowadays.

Firefox has some unique things why I use it, first and foremost "search in links". Try it, tap the single-quote key and type text that appears in a link. Then hit enter. It's the fastest way to surf the web without a mouse.

But if end of this year comes and it turns out they screwed it up, fine -- I'll go and use another browser.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 902

It's one thing to fire the guy for the contents of the videos. It's another thing entirely to report on the guy getting fired by deliberately editing together clips to strip them of their context and make the guy out to be as much of a monster as possible in the service of manufacturing outrage for your yellow journalism.

Comment Re:It's good to be reminded (Score 4, Insightful) 184

But these days - in America at least - intellectuals trained in the same classical tradition as Winston Churchill are derided as beholden to the white male patriarchy. Hell, even figures previously associated with high minded ideals and liberty like Thomas Jefferson are now considered personas non grata. Meanwhile, the typical modern university does its best to train Alinskyite radicals.

Of course intellectuals are disdained. Thought is dead.

Comment Re:Bad journalism (Score 1) 68

You are correct, I have a line conditioner for my scope and atomic clock (admittedly a low end rubidium model) that is only a big-assed inductor and a capacitor. Works great at cleaning up AC, but I did assume DC-DC in my post since this was space-based GPS stuff and AFAIK the power bus on those is DC only.

Comment Re:having kids is dumb (Score 2) 489

Being married does not save on taxes.

It does compared to being divorced and paying extortion money via child support to an ex that refuses to work...
heh, ask me how I know.

And before someone says something about the CS comment, I have my kids half the time, but I bear vastly over half their expenses, even after 4 years where their other parent could have gained meaningful employment with the 6! (4x 4.0 AS, 2x 4.0 BS) degrees they have.

Comment Re:New hard drive? (Score 1) 605

I *loved* my ESDI drives. WREN III nominal 160MB drives with dual read/write heads on linear actuators (yes, I know, this was after steppers).
Formatted by using the debug routines in ROM on the controller, you could pick space or reliability. 62, 63, or 64 sectors per track with 2, 1, and 0 spare sectors respectively that the hardware could re-map for you.

Comment Re:bitwise math (Score 1) 605

Any time I've had to *really* tune something I've left the clear simple C code in a block comment in the source.
I leave a note: This code is not cruft, this is what the below sub with inline asm and crazy bit operators does but in a vastly more readable form.

As a matter of course I try to make those crazy optimizations as self contained as possible, ideally as their own sub.

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