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Comment Re:Problem is - He's a US citizen (Score 3, Interesting) 42

While I think we all agree that nothing is invincible, you want it to be a very hard problem to break, and one that the site owner can't facilitate. Further you want tamper evidence, thus even if he's served an NSL with gag any action on it will betray that something's up.

In other news, I'll be a customer again :)

Comment Re:Not dead, just a zombie (Score 1) 356

3D will always cycle back now and then as long as it requires the glasses.

I wonder if VR and AR will stick around on this current rise or if the headsets again limit use to a small subset of people.

It's like video phones. They seem obvious and the tech keeps improving, but fundamentally I hate having to change my clothes, fix my hair, shave, etc... before making a call; so it never really catches on.

Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 4, Interesting) 249

Most of those reasons for pirating are because they can't get the content very easily in a legal way. I guess most people are willing to pay, as long as it doesn't get too complicated.

I would rather pay in money than in time and frustration. I WILL NOT pay in both money and time/frustration.

This is the perfect summary.
I *pay* for Netflix && Amazon Prime. I don't expect to see something in my streams when it's new to the theaters, or even when it first hits shelves on disk (though it'd be nice), but when I can't stream a 5yo movie/TV series then fuck it, off to usenet to pull down a copy.

It really is that simple. I used to pirate piles of shit when I was younger, now it's not worth the hassle unless I really want to see it and my paid services don't make it available.

Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 1) 270

Yes that's the right way, but in this particular case it looks like something caused a lockout and his personal email is the failsafe. While that should *never* happen, it did. I would then handle it as I said.

As to the escort out mentality: I agree with it. of 100 people you let go, 99 can be saints, but that 1 devil will cost you more than the 200 weeks of pay you "lost" by just paying them not to show up their last pay period.

Comment Re: What an idiot (Score 1) 270

This is corp property I'm talking about no less.
All my employers have had a "Personal use" policy that I strictly follow, e.g. my posing on /. here.
I never store business critical *anything* on my computer, nor do I store personal critical anything on my computer.
My laptop is used as a disposable asset; upon return it's wiped.
That said, I think the only reason I've never had grief about said policy is that my last email to my boss has always been the UNC path to all data, source, docs, etc.

Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 4, Insightful) 270

It sounds like someone else setting up the account used Williams's personal email to link him in, and he never removed it (likely because a lockout could ensue). I am not so sure that he is really to blame here.
Any equipment that has seen any mixed personal/business use has always been forensically wiped prior to returning to my employers.
None have ever complained.

Hoarding passwords is a dick move and not okay.
Even as PO'd as I am at my former employer, if I was in a similar situation I would have made them the offer of:
re-instate my work domain account and email, give me a cube for a week, and pay me as a contractor on a 1099 for that week.
In exchange I'll use my personal email account that someone else (apparently) linked to unwind this and remove my access after adding someone else and verifying their access works.

That is reasonable and prevents me from working for free, disentangles the mess, and most importantly to the court system, doesn't look like an extortion attempt.

Comment Re:Merit over Intersectionalist Bingo Quotas (Score 1) 307

Because Asian and White males are ignored.
They won't blow the whistle because they saw what happened to people like me (and a couple others) who dared to not agree with the progrom. One was a quite Sr manager who simply had enough and sent a blistering email to executive management, direct management, and his staff.

Yes it's illegal.
No you can't prove it.
Yes I talked to a lawyer.
Yes I followed his advice to walk away (he gave compelling reasons, and there was *lots* more to my case than just this).
Yes I took the money that was on the table in exchange for waiving my right to sue. (not to be a witness though, so if someone else were to speak out I could testify).

Comment Re:Merit over Intersectionalist Bingo Quotas (Score 2) 307

You don't hire to fill quotas unless you're government. You hire the best candidate to do a job.

Tell that to Intel Corp. and their "diversity initiative". Managers were essentially* barred from hiring men unless from a distinct minority (black, hispanic, american indian).

*I don't believe there is written directive to this end, but more than one manager told me directly that this was the case and that it was not uncertain that their own performance reviews depended on their "diversity".

Comment Re:I'd love it except I have a kid (Score 2) 91

Are you some kind of fucking moron?

That is a great question -- "am I some kind of fucking moron" and I'd say it entirely depends on what you mean by "fucking" and "moron", for instance If one would interpret these two terms in the best possible light, perhaps while laughing out loud as a compliment to a joke well made, with a slap on the back, at the pub, after a good evening of dozens of locally brewn pilsners, then by all accounts I'd be delighted to be called a fucking moron and I'd gladly take it with a prize for the longest fucking sentence.

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