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Comment Re:No duh. (Score 1) 19

There's plenty of times where this would be lawful *and* appropriate.
there is reasonable cause to suspect a group is planning a bank robbery.
Turning on the On-Star tracking and mic in their getaway car is both lawful (assuming you get a warrant) and appropriate.

There are also (I suspect) vastly more inappropriate uses in those sealed dockets than there are appropriate ones.

Unsealing these as a mater of course would (IMHO) lower the inappropriate use only if when it's discovered it's followed up on with the individuals seeking and granting such use (fines, warning letters, dismissal).

Comment Doesn't seem to be about offline (Score 1) 151

The article doesn't seem to be about offline so much as not working. FTFA:

For me, this means abstaining from work and, in the deepest sense, simply resting

Now this guy owns a business. I can see that it'd be hard to not work. I own a business myself, and when starting, I was dumb enough to take on fixed-price projects. Combined with partly outsourcing to India, you can imagine I worked weekends.

However when I stopped doing those projects and only did on-site (billed per hour) work, I had a real weekend.

Comment Re:Password fatigue (Score 2) 189

going to do a quick count of how many pwds I deal with at work: ...
I have 49 separate pwds I need to know to do my job.
of those *several* are in a one-note file that is on a secure server so others with the same need to know can remain synchronized.
Three or four of these also require a SecurID or similar token.
Only two are committed to memory.


Comment Re: sure! (Score 1) 296

some of my friends know me as "the chemist" :)
Those friends have guns (and are good with them).
There is a group of about 20 of us that, while we may not be best mates we recognize each other's value in certain situations. Guns with requisite skill, gardening, wood carving, food preservation, etc. Everyone would have value to the whole.

Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 5, Informative) 244

*if* you didn't already use those services.
I found that my kids and I almost never watched broadcast TV, but we used Netflix (and Amazon Prime to a much lesser extent) more than TV. It was so bad that we lost the remote control and no one cared. so I turned it all of, data only. Totally worth it. The only real difference is now when a series I really like hits one of the streaming services I don't get enough sleep because I binge, rather than DVR and watching (roughly) when it was broadcast.

Comment Re:USPS (Score 1) 237

Actually, it can be a sound business move.
Two words come to mind: vertical integration.

If they take over more components within the chain that makes their business possible, that can be a key cost reduction and allow them to compete even more fully.

The (likely?) mistake would be if they were to expand outside of their core business. In this particular example, if they were going to try and use this delivery mechanism for "more than just Amazon packages" and offer shipping options to competitors, they may expose themselves to greater chance of failure because, frankly, their core competency isn't "shipping."

Think of it this way: since FedEx/UPS are looking to make a profit, they must charge an amount that has parts X (actual costs for people, vehicles, equipment, etc. to deliver a package) plus Y (the amount to be profitable).

If the shipping is such a core part of Amazon's business (which it is), then eliminating the "Y" portion of the overall shipping costs in favor of absorbing the overhead of managing the X may boost their revenue significantly.

Given the volume they ship and how core that is to them being successful? I think it makes perfect sense for Amazon to consider eliminating the middle man and seek to deliver packages directly to their customers. The REAL question is: can they actually do it? Lots and lots and lots of logistics, planning, new systems, new solutions... plenty of opportunity to screw it up. But, IF they can manage it, then it can be a serious game-changer in Amazon's favor.

Comment Re:Goal-focused CEO (Score 1) 124

While I can respect your points, I *have* to disagree with you.
What she did was not putting the company's interest first. What she did ensured that there would be a security *and* PR nightmare. Things like this never stay buried, they always come out eventually. That she denied a PWD reset because of being afraid people would leave is inexcusable.

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