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Comment Re:Science is still vague and unsettled (Score 1) 609

>The regulatory burden on pharmaceuticals is necessary because of the risks.

You get some type I errors, but what you don't see is the type II errors. All those people who might have been saved had a pharmaceutical option been available earlier, or had experimental compound been more widely available. Right now from that data I've seen current regulation vs 1963, creates moderately less type 1 errors, but vastly more type 2 errors.

Comment Re:Science is still vague and unsettled (Score 1) 609

Even if the diagnosis was flawless, the prescription was a steaming pile of excrement.

Pharmaceuticals are a particularly bad example to use to claim market failures. The regulatory burden on the industry is uniquely burdensome with huge barriers to entry for any particular product. Even then there are companies that seek out and test interesting orphan drugs.

As for planned obsolescence, cars now last upwards of 200,000 miles, double what happened 40 years ago. Checkers were pretty much indestructible (500,000 miles were possible 300,000 was the minimum unless you bent the frame) on most of them and model years had interchangeable body parts, , but were so heavy the only got 7-8 miles per gallon. Smart phones are kind of crap, and would last a lot longer if the software were fully open source, however it's not what people care about. They want "cool" and "carrier subsidized" which means short model lifespans and barely two years of support.

If you don't begrudge Jane and John "SUV" Doe their choice you can't say it's inefficient, Maybe a 2nd, 3rd and fourth kid are were in the plan at one time. Maybe they have a boat or RV they like to haul around every weekend in the summer, or maybe "duude!! 4-wheel drive,!" Unless you wasn't to substitute your criteria for what the consumer was actually using, how can you say it's inefficient? Even though you may be more intelligent the Jane and Johns of the world when it comes to many decisions, you still aren't intelligent enough or moral enough to run their lives for them.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 2) 609

Even though IQ is not perfectly heritable, for every 10 points from the mean for your parents, the bell curve of your expected IQ moves 5-6 points. And there is certainly at least some epigenetic effects thrown in for good measure.

And even though some groups in society out breed others, but a eugenics program just with monogamous couples would take forever. And the consequences of breaking monogamy would be devastating to western culture.

Random mating selection will give you the greatest diversity, but doesn't move the average genetic expression of a population, a provably non-optimal strategy if you are looking to increase the expression of a few particular traits you have to select for it

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