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Comment Re: Going to be dead on arrival (Score 1) 82

1. Planet destruction is hyperbole. There is literally nothing than man knows how to do than can destroy the planet. It will warm some, the amount is contested, but even granted that, there is every indication that the cost of mitigation and adaption are less than the cost of a move to non-nuclear renewable.
2. Right now the cheapest source of hydrogen is to strip it from natural gas. In practice it's still a fossil fuel.
3. Using the heat from high-temp nuclear would let you synthesis fuels with higher energy densities, that are much easier to transport and store, and can be run in conventional engines with little modification. Methanol, Dimethel ether, and ammonia are potential candidates. Heck the navy is even has some success with JP8.
4. Moving from fossil fuels to wind and solar is a step backwards. Nuclear is the way forward for reliable energy and property. If the U.S doesn't do it, India and China certainly will.

Comment Re:Religion: opiate of the masses. (Score 1) 225

And Socialism is the opiate of the intelligentsia. If Marxist, you can always say it's the fault of class structure, if cultural Marxist then blame racism. Either way you get to ignore the vast majority of philosophy, evolutionary ethics, game theory, economics, and history, and take pleasure in you're self-declared intellectual and moral superiority.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 555

Most people arrested for DUI are significantly over the limit. Signs of intoxication on the roadside is enough for an arrest while a blood test is run. And beside that there is no real magic number for THC. Secondly borderline cases for THC intoxication don't seem to be particularly dangerous, and it tends to induce behaviors that counteract the intoxication.

Comment Re:No Problem... (Score 1) 555

Actually, just the opposite, the study found nicotine increased the effect. " Individuals who use both marijuana and nicotine also have lower hippocampal volumes and lower immediate/delayed story recall compared to non-users [29]. Addition- ally, cannabis use is thought to interfere with memory formation by inhibiting long-term potentiation [30]."

It may be the smoke the blame rather than the cannabanoids. Also keep in mind the marijuana group had a psychiatric diagnosis of Cannabis use disorder, meaning most smoked a lot and regularly.

Comment Re:Not the only criticism (Score 1) 89

Underpaid by what standard. Are there a bunch of alternative jobs out there that the average teacher is qualified for that pay much better? And given that pay is not related to performance, by corollary there must be many dismal teachesr which are over-paid. And this is at the same time that administrative costs are soaring.

Comment Re:Define "Fully" automated (Score 1) 278

You are both wrong. The heights of apple trees are controlled largely by the root-stock they are grafted on. Commercial apples genetic potential is actually rather quite tall. It is not the result of intentional genetic manipulation, but intentional chimerazation. (making of a chimera), which is in some ways weirder and stranger. Aggressive pruning doesn't control height that well because trees, will respond through more vigorous vegetation growth the next year due to an deficit of auxins, especially tendiing to induce water sproutsin apple species, which weaken the structural integrity of the tree, and if not managed (management sometimes induces the same response all over again), then airflow in the canopy in inhibited and fungal pathogens become more of a problem.

Submission + - CEO of Reddit edits posts critical of him "claims it was a tough week"

Mashiki writes: The CEO of Reddit, has confessed that he edited posts claiming that it's been a tough week. Those posts? Well they said "Fuck /u/spez" This in itself now opens multiple legal and ethical problems for reddit, as not even subreddit moderators can edit posts, but administrators can without leaving any visible trail. As people have been prosecuted for reddit posts, such as this individual. Does that mean that the person prosecuted really did post it? Have they edited or modified any other posts positively or negatively to hide or promote something?

His response to it is here Backup link

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