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Comment Re:some bodies age slowly, others quickly (Score 1) 371

Well, I would not go as far as to say oils are bad for you like that. He should have been more specific and said hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils are bad for you. I truly do believe they work. I doubted it but thought I would give it a go and lost weight, with no other change in fat or calorie consumption, exercise, sugar intake, or anything...

Submission + - Why the web mustn't become the new TV (

An anonymous reader writes: The author argues that Rupert Murdoch's bid to own complete control of BSkyB is only part of an ongoing process to make the internet a totally 'linear' experience. The increase in the use of paginated content and the proliferation of video over transcribed interviews are, the author argues, part of a tidal shift from a browsable to a linear internet experience that will move the user's experience of media from genuine choice to a series of locked-down 'information rides', in order to re-secure advertising exposure. The author also writes: "Current worries among publishing houses that magazines and newspapers will succumb to the digital written word on the internet are perhaps analogous to Victorian fears about mechanical horses taking over from real horses in the drawing of carriages. The point is being missed, the wrong fear being indulged."

Submission + - Ease of publishing an ebook (

ISoldat53 writes: This article describes how easy it is to publish an ebook. The author details the costs to the writer for a major publishing house to publish a book and the savings to the writer by self-publishing. He looks to make the same profit selling the book at $2.99 on as he does going though a publisher. The book is Kindle specific for now but the author describes how it can be purchased though and converted for other readers. No DRM.

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