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Submission + - DSLR camera used to capture galaxy at 800MP (pcauthority.com.au)

An anonymous reader writes: Serge Brunier has used a DSLR camera to capture 1200 images to help create an 800 million pixel panorama of the Milky Way.The men used an ordinary Nikon D3 to achieve the incredible shots of the night sky, taken from 1200 different images of the Milky Way. The images were then sent to ESO — Europe's main astronomy research body based in the Southern Hemisphere, where astronomers went about the task of raw image processing to create a web friendly and zoomable, 360-degree sky panorama.

Submission + - Most detailed photos of an atom yet (insidescience.org) 1

BuzzSkyline writes: Ukrainian researchers have managed to take pictures of atoms that reveal structure of the electron clouds surrounding carbon nuclei in unprecedented detail. Although the images offer no surprises (they look much like the sketches of electron orbitals included in high school science texts), this is the first time that anyone has directly imaged atoms at this level, rather than inferring the structure of the orbitals from indirect measurements such as electron or x-ray interferometry.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Leopard Beats 7 On Price, Ship Date -- So What? (computerworld.com)

CWmike writes: "Apple executives took potshots at Microsoft's Windows 7 today as they trumpeted the September release of the company's own Snow Leopard operating system and its $29 upgrade price. Bertrand Serlet, Apple's head of software engineering, said during the keynote at WWDC), 'They're trying to get out of it with Windows 7 [but] it's the same old technology as Vista. Fundamentally, it's just another version of Vista.' But the more Serlet talked up Snow Leopard, the more he sounded like a Microsoft executive outlining Windows 7. Both companies have described their next OSes as less about new features and more about building on the foundation of their respective predecessors, with special emphasis on performance, stability and usability. Serlet made that crystal clear. 'We love Leopard, so we decided to build upon Leopard,' he said. 'We want to build a better Leopard.' And getting Snow Leopard out the door a little earlier is not a decider, says Michael Silver, an analyst at Gartner. '[Apple and Microsoft] will both miss back-to-school and one could say that this may even be more important for Apple and thus a bigger miss,' he said."

Submission + - Spam Drops 15% After Takedown, But No McColo (computerworld.com)

CWmike writes: "The U.S. Federal Trade Commission's recent takedown of an Internet service provider thought to be a safe haven for spammers has taken a bite out of spam volumes, but it was no McColo. E-mail security vendor Marshal8e6 says total spam volume dropped by about 15 percent last week, as the FTC got a court order to pull the plug on the notorious ISP Pricewert. 'We noticed quite a drop-off mid to late last week,' said Phil Hay, a threat analyst with Marshal8e6. 'Things got pretty quiet compared to what we'd been seeing.' But security experts say the drop-off in spam was not as big as with McColo, which reduced spam by about 30 percent, because spammers may have put better backup systems in place to maintain control of their botnets of hacked computers following that. 'Obviously, this was not a McColo. They were ready for the takedown,' said Richard Cox, chief information officer with Spamhaus. 'We've seen the backups pop up and have to get taken down and so on.'"

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