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Comment Re: Amazing (Score 4, Insightful) 368

I've had insurance since I was born, I'm in my 50s, and my cost of insurance jumped 4 times since obamacare. My employer dropped it because insurance rates soared, so I no longer had matching, plus the regular rate better than doubled. And that is for insurance that covers almost nothing until I spend 28,000 because there are virtually NO doctors in the network. And NC has NO options, only Blue Cross. We used to have over half a dozen. My cost of insurance and overall healthcare went from being 5-10% of my income to over 1/3. So fuck your socialized healthcare that says responsible people have to pay insurance for irresponsible people that don't like to work. I'm fine helping those that can't help themselves, but this current bullshit is killing the middle class. You know, the people making 50k a year and pay the highest percentage of their income as tax because they don't make enough to shelter it. But then, that was the original plan, wasn't it? Make a system so god damn bad people would beg for a single payer. Guess what? You got Trump instead, so suck it up Dr. Buttercup. You have no fucking clue the pain this system has caused to hard working, middle American, blue collar people.

Comment Re: You do know (Score 1) 139

Its not just bad science, its bad theology, because its essentially accusing god of being a liar.

Like, why would god plant fake evidence everywhere. Why is he lying. It doesnt say in the bible that gods a liar, and if he is, why assume the evidence is a lie when he could have just made some nonsense up in the bible.

Creationists are a discredit to their own faith.

Comment Pushing up daisies (Score 0) 285

We don't just want you dead, we want you pushing up daisies. Literally.

Totally stupid. Like someone else said, the role of the military is to kill people and break stuff. Nothing else. Not nation building, not inventing environmentally friendly ways to kill. The goal should be to use the military sparingly, then when you do, use the most effective tools to do the ugly but necessary job.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 4, Insightful) 95

Instagram claims it has right to sell your informations if you agree to use their services, thus granting them permission to do so.

This is of course assuming a child is competent to enter into a contract, which is not considered a valid assumption in most countries. (I have no idea about the US, but here, judges somewhat frown upon the idea that a child can forfeit rights because of an agreement as they are not considered competent to understand the implications.)

Comment Re:Best Linux Distro (Score 5, Informative) 224

Best Linux Distro for people who just want to get stuff done: Linux Mint

Yeah I'm pretty much of the same mind. Debian for my servers and Mint for my desktop. I do prefer debians more stripped back but-with-options server chops, its familiar and I like it. But mint is a desktop setup that just works and doesnt have ubuntus baffling UI.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 219

Oh. SFTU and spare me. Where is the "This isn't news!!!!ZOMG!!!" brigade when legit, nerd-worthy material is posted? I'll tell you where: NOWHERE to be found!
Its people whoring for upvotes. Nothing more nothing less, simple attention seeking. Its also white noise posting that screws up the comment sections, and it demonstrates that the person commenting hasn't been around long enough to realise that slashdot has *always* had a diverse selection of stories.

Comment Re:Take the bus (Score 0) 75

I did throw a shitfit and told her that if she wanted to take another Greyhound bus trip, it would be as a single parent. She is quite headstrong, but if that was all the respect I'd get after having to worry about what I knew was going to happen, fuck it .

Way to be a complete dick to your wife after what sounds like a traumatic ride.

Maybe she'd be better off without you.

Oh and there is no such thing as "alpha" and "beta" people. Theres absolutely nothing in sociology or psychology that supports the idea, its just nonsense that the pick-up-artist scene invented. Hell even dogs dont have "alpha" males and females.

Comment Re:Internet of shit strikes again! (Score 2) 74

The internet is really trashing its own reputation with this guff. I'm pretty interested in an internet camera system for my house (Live inner city, it gets pretty crazy in my hood) BUT If its just going to make me a sitting duck for s'kiddies building ddos nets, well no, I think i'll hold off.

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