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Comment Re:Self-inflicted (Score 2) 61

Yes, and those idiot's votes count the same as yours and mind. It is amazing how many people "me too" jump on some bullshit I've already proven to be false a few times before. Hoax is the poisoning of the mind for people too stupid to do their own thinking and prefer their news in a 600x600 image square. Whoever controls these drones, controls the vote, because they are half the population.

Or to paraphrase George Carlin, think about how stupid the average person is, then remember that half the population is dumber than they are.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 344

I actually worked doing government auditing in a department I shall decline to name. And as much as I railed and wrote STERN LETTERS and what not, nothing would shake the bureacrats love of their bloody spreadsheets.

The fact that the *only* asset list in the whole damn department of 10K+ employees around the country was kept on a single excel file that was collated from other excel files by a vbscript written by a secretary was not seen as a problem by anyone except me and the IT dept (who where also systematically ignored) meant that pretty much all my recomendations where systematically ignored. And now I work in the private sector again....

Comment Re:Rape sympathizers (Score 2, Insightful) 228

I know people will disagree with me on here, but that's because they're neckbeard rape sympathizers. Go fuck yourselves.

I wouldn't put it quite that way, but I cant help but note the usual crowd banging on about "cucks" and "SJWs" or whatever the meaningless /pol/ slur of the week is yet again complaining about sexual assault being investigated.

Thankfully these people are in a minority, but good god do they like to make a noise.

Comment Re: Was this before or after adjustments? (Score 1) 270

Excuse me, but REAL science is based on Skepticism

Yes but this isn't skepticism, no more than being "skeptical" of evolution or being "skeptical" of gravity is actually skepticism. The correct term is denialism, refusing to believe an overwhelming preponderance of evidence because it doesnt fit in with ones ideological views.

Comment Re: Was this before or after adjustments? (Score 1) 270

Most scientific skeptics don't disagree that the energy is being absorbed by CO2, they more generally think that it's overstated or not a problem. There are three main 'unorthodox' groups on AGW:

The problem is we've got a pretty damn good idea how much CO2 is in the air, and the mathematics behind calculating the thermal capture of that CO2 has been well understood since the 1800s, when scientists first started warning about the greenhouse effect.

These hetrodox "Its over stated" people never seem to be ble to explain where that energy goes. Its either being used as heat (warming), or its being converted
into kinetic energy (Tornadoes, floods and the like), or some combination of both.

The energy has to go *somewhere*

Some AGW predictions get wild, such as that the oceans will boil and it will be the end of civilization.

And no reputable client scientist makes that claim.

Comment Re:What DDOS? (Score 4, Insightful) 92

Arguably if the census servers where nullrouting traffic from uoff-site, that might well explain why nothing showed up on those maps.

Regardless, a DDOS seemed like it was innevitable. The stupid and anti privacy decision to store identifying info (Names, etc) with this census despite widespread condemnation from academics, activists and security researchers (at least 9 senators from across the political spectrum are refusing to fill it in citing the leaked papers from the bureau stating they want names and addresses to create "saleable products", ie selling peoples personal info.

Of course Anonymous or someone of their ilk was going to take umbrage and attempt to sabotage the whole thing.

Comment Re:A very "someone" (Score 1) 618

The trick is to find the ~5% who are doing something different, so they'll get different results, and help them.

Or in this case, we're talking about the people who will continue doing OK like previously because they were doing find until some kind of accident happened. But even otherwise if you could know (which I know isn't easy) that giving someone $1000 every year would prevent that person from being homeless, it's still a worthwhile investment even if you don't care about people's well-being.

Comment Re:Oh no (Score 1) 637

How exactly is hounding someone with messages telling them they are "fat" or making fun of their race and appearance "having an honest conversation"?

Or for that matter photoshopping fake tweets from her (Which he fucked up) "having an honest conversation"?

Did you actually read what he was saying to her, or are you just gonna keep yelping out meaningless slurs like "SJW" hoping someone doesnt notice?

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