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Comment Re: I don't want to hear your call (Score 3, Interesting) 164

I've always wondered if Americans shout a lot when they're at home, because they certainly tend to talk very loudly overseas. I was walking down a busy street in Kabul, Afghanistan, ten years ago with an American friend. She was talking at the usual American overseas, ear-splitting volume, which made me feel a bit self-conscious. When i suggested she might like to speak a little less loudly, she was surprised - she had no idea she was shouting. Security in Kabul wasn't too bad in those days, but foreigners did get kidnapped now and then, and it seemed smart not to draw too much attention to ourselves - particularly with an American accent.

Comment Re:Wow - who likes it that hot? (Score 1) 388

If 24C is a suitable medium and the men would prefer 21C, doesn't that imply that the women would prefer 27C - that's sounds pretty hot.

I'm a man and i'd prefer 30C.

I often have to go outside and stand in the sun to thaw out - luckily i work in Darwin (in the Australian tropics) and it mostly is about 30C outside.

Comment Re:"in a western factory" (Score 1) 342

"Western" is reserved for North and South America since it is "west" of the Atlantic. Eastern would be China, Japan, India, etc.

"Western" is a euphemism for ethnically European.

It is quite distinct from the "western hemisphere", which is a euphemism for the Americas. Technically speaking, parts of Europe and Africa are in the western hemisphere, as well as part of Russia and some Pacific islands, but when people say "the western hemisphere", that's not what they mean.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score -1, Troll) 668

I went to the chemist a while back to buy some ibprofen, the chemist suggested a homeopathic, insisting it was just as good. If I hadn't been educated about homeopathy, I would have probably bought the homeopathic crap.

Recent research has shown that most over the counter painkillers are ineffective - i.e., no more use than homeopathics, exhibiting only a placebo effect. However there's nothing in homeopathic "medicine" that's likely to make you sick, but the same isn't true of analgesics. Homeopathics may not do anything, but they may do less harm than other "medicines", which also don't do anything.

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