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Comment Re:Also, hustle? (Score 1) 294

Generally everyone should have a side job of some scope-- it is how you become a "1%er", but more importantly it is how you diversify mentally and financially.

I guess I am in that position. I will help my brother-in-law out with his business as apparently finding someone who can solider 2 pipes together and have them not leak who is also dependable is almost impossible. So once a month I work a weekend for him so he as the owner and only real worker (like I said I work for him 1 weekend a month) can have a weekend off. I'm on call 24x7 and he pays me $5 bucks and hour to have the phone on and then I get $30/hr min 1hr to go fix something.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 378

Really? In light of the server scandal, paid internet trolls, DNC emails showing the placement of various disinformation, and "it depends on what the meaning of is, is", reasoned and intelligent are not the first descriptives that come to my mind concerning the DNC at large.

Above written by someone who has just demonstrated that he is capable of absorbing and truthifying all the reporting that Fox News delivers.


Without Ailes, what is going to happen to all the people for whom Trump is their voice? Will they wither away? Will they be consigned to the state of permanent, terminal confusion?

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score 0) 153

I do not disagree with your general argument, but you are taking it too far.

DATA does not "say" dark matter exists. The indirect data we have suggests that as one possible explanation (and so far the only one that has survived critical analysis of numerous experiments).

But please look up the history of the theory of phlogiston. Data from numerous experiments and observations at the time suggested that it existed and went a long way toward describing its characteristics. But later experiments showed that there was no such fluid and that heat was an inherent characteristic of the atoms and molecules that were already somewhat understood.

The phenomena that led us to the ideas of dark matter and dark energy can also arise from a not-as-yet discovered self-organizing characteristic of the matter and energy we do know. While that would have a profound effect on our understanding of thermodynamics --reducing entropy to the same fictional status as centrifugal force-- it would also provide a far better basis for developing theories on how life and consciousness have evolved.

Comment Re:Great news everyone (Score 0) 153

A far simpler explanation is that the universe looks the way it does because we are in the light-distorting turbulent wake of somebody's FTL drive. So far as I know, no one has given much thought as to how to prove or disprove that. Perhaps we are too parochial in our thinking that there really could not be any other species so far advanced that our science might be affected by their unintended artifacts; that our science might be a cargo cult.

On the face of it, that approach seems as reasonable as positing dark matter and dark energy. And possibly it would be easier to frame falsifiable hypotheses with it.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 378

I think parent post is correct in saying that about half the Democrats are conservatives. However this statement is wrong:

The democrats run a much more deceptive game than the republicans do because they have to.

Change "deceptive" to "reasoned" or "intelligent" and I would agree with the statement. Most Democrats are more aware of the complexity of the issues than is true of the GOP base, which tends to vote by litmus tests.

I also disagree with the following:

And now it takes a man like Trump to push votes their way, because they put forth such weak, even false "opposition".

While Trump and the sixteen other GOP wannabees were in that dog fight with each other, the Democrats did the smart thing by letting them alone. It was not the case that the Dems "put forth such a weak opposition"; it was instead that the Dems held themselves back while the GOP tore itself to pieces.

The USA functions at its best when there are two healthy political parties. Unfortunately there has only been one healthy party for the last ten years or so. The GOP has been in failing health for longer than Obama has been in office, and the events of the last couple of years suggest that it is on its deathbed.

Comment Xtra code when there is no cost (Score 3, Insightful) 234

Caveat: I am retired. Programming was a major part of my career between 1995 and 2005 but I mostly do HTML/CSS these days, with only enough PHP to glue others' existing scripts together.

What I determined back in the day is that efficient coding is unnecessary for performance when the wetware BKAC would always be the primary limiter on speed. Since virtually all of my work was repurposing documents from old versions of Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Lotus1-2-3, and other outdated apps to newer standards (mostly early HTML), I did not have to worry about shaving off microseconds. The typing speed of the person selecting the raw data had more impact on performance than the programming. So I was much more concerned with whether I would be able to rewrite a handler for a Windows3.11 app to work on a Windows98 version, if that need arose.

So I worked mostly in Perl using the Tk graphic interface and Javascript front ends, which made rapid development and easy revisions to meet new criteria possible. I used explicit declarations, human-readable naming conventions, extra punctuation, and the long way around the barn whenever the shorter routes looked like they might cause head-scratching later on.

If I had been working in an environment where microseconds counted, I would have used a compiled language and a different approach.

My old-timer's advice to you young'uns: Look at the environment you are coding in and match your coding style to fit its shape. Eschew becoming the cleverest code monkey in the cube farm and focus instead on becoming wiser than all the others.

Comment Your choice is absurd (Score 1) 378

The libertarians are totally clueless on immigration. Even among Anglo-culture whites, their is limited enthusiasm for their ideas. Amongst non-Anglo non-whites there almost no support whatsoever.

The libertarians are apparently content to ensure they remain marginal by being all in favor of importing an endless stream of folks who don't agree with them on anything.

Wake up and smell the biodiversity! The evidence is right in front of you.

Comment Deliberately misleading (Score 4, Insightful) 411

You are comparing apples to oranges.

Population density of Denmark: 130 persons per sq km.
Population density of USA: 35 persons per sq km.

He said "Nordic Countries", not "Denmark". It's not hard to understand why you would conflate those terms when we look consider the other Nordic population density numbers.

Population density of Sweden: 21.5 persons per sq km
Population density of Norway: 15.5 persons per sq km

Feel free to explain again how Manhattan's population density in not high enough to secure the sort of internet access pricing that people in Finland enjoy.

Comment Re:ludicrously low (Score 1) 411

Weak. I have gone on some binges where I have pulled in over 100GB in a few hours, granted that was doing GIS with multiple large data sets some of which were high res aerial photos. Then there was 2 weeks ago when I wanted to play around with fire walling and securing various OSes so I downloaded a number of OS install ISOs in a few hours. Granted that was only like 10 different ones but it was still in the 10s of gigs and then there were the updates (VMs are fun).

Comment Re:Maybe make a better browser (Score 1) 374

What the hell is it doing making RPC calls or is that just because of how things in windows are bundled?

Yes that is a serious question as the only thing I still have the joy of dealing with that uses RPC is some boxes that still use NFS and those are ancient machines that I want to go set on fire out in the swamp behind my work.

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