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Comment Re:Gut flora and artificial sweeteners (Score 1) 5

This is probably the most recent, well-cited article on the topic. The authors looked at the effects of saccharin in mice, and were able to determine that there was a significant elevation in blood-glucose level for the mice that were fed saccharin instead of actual glucose over the course of nine weeks. This suggests a mechanism for previous findings that suggest artificial sweeteners cause insulin insensitivity, weight gain, type II diabetes, et cetera. The difference between the two diets went away when both groups were raised with antibiotics, strongly suggesting the underlying cause was gut microbiota. They also found evidence that the saccharin diet led to changes in gut microbiome composition:

In agreement with the experiments with antibiotics, next generation sequencing of the microbiome indicated that mice drinking saccharin had distinct compositions from controls. This distinct microbiome was characterized by enrichment of taxa belonging to the Bacteroides genus or the Clostridiales order, with under-representation of Lactobacilli and other members of the Clostridiales. Several of the bacterial taxa that changed following saccharin consumption were previously associated with type 2 diabetes in humans.

Keep in mind that everyone has different gut flora, so in general these impacts will vary from person to person, which is why the effect is inconsistent, as with obesity and type II diabetes in general. I can't say for certain that these results would directly transfer into humans, but since the bacteria are the same, it's unreasonable to assume they wouldn't. Less clear is whether this effect transfers to other sweeteners; the paper includes a table showing a number of studies pertaining to a diversity of chemicals, some of which found an effect, and some of which didn't.

Non-professionally, my advice would be to avoid artificial sweeteners, and ideally all liquid candy. Some people find that drinking normal, sugary soda produces a state of lethargy, and I'm pretty sure this is a result of the long-term exposure to sucralose. It's sort of a trap!

Comment Re:No it doesn't (Score 1) 35

There's a lot of finger pointing at the worst cases like those. Pretending it's only a few rotten apples allows investors and the industry to pretend it's not a vast sea of shit. Shkreli and Retrophin from the pharmaceutical industry for example, they were only the worst of the worst. Every damn pharma company out there is charging absurd amounts for old drugs and not spending any of it developing new ones. (The oft-cited 2.6 billion for each new drug is utter bullshit.)

Theranos was bad, but there are hundreds of "digital health" startups with way too much VC money for what amounts to either "lets put medical records on an ipad" or "it's like a fitbit but not called fitbit."

How the fuck is instagram or snapchat "innovative"?

"Innovation" means "creatively acting like the same old shit is new." So I guess yeah, money does follow innovation.

Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 2) 253

The event was already being criticized for "politicizing" science. "You're risking turning it from a non-partisan thing into a liberal vs conservative thing!" they say. "Conservatives will decide science is evil!"

While I think that's naive and stupid, thinking about how the message will be heard IS worthwhile.

"Science says you're having too many babies and that's contributing to climate change so stop!" Yeah, good fucking luck with that one. While you're at it, maybe sell republicans on the fact that taxes are necessary and can't always just be cut. Or Americans at large that Islamic terrorism is coming from our pointless defense of Israel and fighting wars on terrorism?

On top of that, it's a stupid fucking argument to be making. Carbon emissions are not evenly distributed. A handful of the worlds rich assholes (read: us) are doing the vast majority of the climate change (See figure 1). The fundamental problem is that you can get rich shitting in the water everyone is drinking, and there are also some shared benefits. All the birth control isn't going to do anything if people like those who run our government can still make a ton of money digging up carbon and the rest of us enjoy relatively cheap energy that everyone for generations to come is going to mostly pay for.

AND we can actually do something about that without doing anything unethical like forced sterilization. Carbon taxes. Nuclear or other clean energy. Those things you mentioned. Or burning fossil fuel industry people at the stake until no one is willing to do it anymore. All of those things make more sense, are more directly effective, and are less evil than prattling on about overpopulation.

Comment Re: No, the real crime here is... (Score 1) 367

No, I do care that WikiLeaks broke the law and released the DNC emails. I also care about the laws of fairness in the primary, which is why I'm glad Hillary won it after many more people voted for her. Finally, I think the leaking questions should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, I'm assuming a thousand dollar fine.

Comment Re:No, the real crime here is... (Score 3, Insightful) 367


Well fuck me running, I bet none of the millions of people who voted for Hillary over Sanders would have voted for her had she given an unprepared response on the death penalty! She probably would have screamed some racist remarks and literally vomited had she not been given the heads up on that...

Our standards for what counts as shocking corruption have been raised by Trump's hourly conduct, but even without that, this is not a big deal.

Comment Re: Serving his friends against his constituents (Score 1) 256

And you live where?

The word "this" indicates the one I am in right now, the united states.

And you blame the guy in office 4 months for all history?

No. I don't know where you're going with this but the answer to that question is no.

You seem to be a primary dummy in 'this dumb fucking country'.

I didn't vote for him, so no.

Comment Re:Serving his friends against his constituents (Score 1) 256

At least it will be a little entertaining to see how Trumpers justify more expensive, slower internet in a few years. Will they insist it's the greatest internet service ever?Will they say it's good because people should be getting their news from radio and cable news instead? Will they say nothing because there's only a glowing ash pile where this dumb fucking country used to be?

Comment Re:No, the real crime here is... (Score 5, Insightful) 367

The worst they showed is that Hillary was paid by banks to speak. We knew that already. We also know that corruption did not win HRC the nomination.

The big news organizations didn't publish on it? Yeah, I forgot only the little guys like Time or CNN ran with stories from it.

(/sarcasm) The big news organizations if anything failed to report clearly enough on the DNC e-mails. Too many bernie-bros who were convinced it proved the Clintons used their Benghazi military to crush Sanders, rather than "There was nothing much interesting in them."

As for not publishing the e-mails themselves, that's kind of the SOP. Wikileaks publishes everything down to social security numbers and GPS coordinates of informants in war zones, responsible news organizations attempt to hide private details like phone numbers. No shit they didn't publish the leaks directly, that would have been irresponsible.

Comment Re:Which type of graft is best? (Score 1) 5

That's fairly straightforward; as this summary article explains, a synthetic allograph (or xenograph; the terms overlap) that maintains bone mineral density is ideal, as it means no harvesting from elsewhere on your body (eek), no risk of rejection, and good bone density. I'd say start a conversation with your dentist about hydrogel-hydroxyapatite composites and mention you're concerned about sustaining bone density long-term.

Comment Re:apple needs to take a stand and say we will do (Score 1) 31

You're trolling, but many idiots who elect bigger idiots would buy this sentiment. "We might not be able to nuke and pave china into democracy, but I'm pretty sure our corporations can. Diplomacy or letting them run their own government how they see fit? That's fucking unamerican!"

They have a point on that last bit, but not in a good way.

Anyway, no, free trade might be able to open china up. Military threats and protectionist policies are only going to backfire. Hoping corporations, the god of christianity, or the god of capitalism will "rescue" china are all equally idiotic. Trump threw a bunch of babies out with the TPP. China is going to run the show now, we should be more concerned about loss of American freedom than rooting for Apple to "stand up" to China.

Comment Re:Pew Researchers.. no shit sherlock (Score 1) 214

For a clear picture of the economy, it's important to have better data and quantify shit. "Common sense tells me that some millenials don't job hop!" is insufficient. You don't want legislators making retirement policy on an assumption that millenials all do or do not job hop. But at the same time you don't want them making retirement policy saying "Well, every snowflake millenial is different, so we don't really know." You want legislators having hard numbers showing that gen xers and millenials are statistically not different in terms of job duration. And then they'll continue to screw us younger generations over in favor of the greedy boomers, but that's because we don't vote, not because they lack data.

Yes, I'm aware of the hypocrisy of that last part. Point is, this is not a "Researchers say water is wet" finding, this is necessary quantification. You aren't shocked by the finding? Who cares. We still need to do the damn tests. They're not being done to validate or disprove dumb popular opinions, they're important data for knowing what the fuck is going on with the population.

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