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Comment Re: This works for me (Score 1) 410

The dumbing down of the snowflake, "lets protest everything" generation makes it easier for them to push that

Which generation is that? There are very few people protesting anything. The millennial generation I'm assuming you're talking about mainly protests with clicks on facebook. Gen-Xers seem generally too busy worrying about having massive debt to ever retire. Boomers conversely seem ready to riot if their taxes don't go down yearly AND if anyone does anything to reduce their government benefits, but I never see them actually take to the streets.

Seriously, who are you talking about? Black lives matter protests? Yeah, they're protesting being shot. That's hardly "protest everything."

Occupy whatever protests? That was, what, a few dozen people of the millennial and gen-x for a few weeks.

Dakota access pipeline? Again, small group protesting a very specific activity that would endanger the climate, hardly "everything."

You talk about sensationalist bullshit, but you seem to have swallowed some of it if you believe protests, rather than apathy, dominate any generation.

As far as "dumbing down" look up the flynn effect.

Comment Re:What about stop making stuff super thin? (Score 1) 283

I feel like the "tech mobile consumer electronics" industry as a whole is so far up each other's assholes they haven't bothered to ask normal people if they want phones that are thinner. Every time I search for an upcoming phone to see if I should buy it (about every 2 years) all I can find are articles written by people who sound like they masturbate using the newest version of the iphone while thinking about how many more pixels next month's iphone might have.

Asking anyone I know IRL what phone they have "Uh, I think an iphone? No wait, it's the other one."

Do they do focus groups for this shit? If so, is entirely composed of whatever type of human being is addicted to really minor improvements in phones?

Comment Re:Russians didn't cause Hillary! to lose (Score 1) 324

>Hillary! might have had a chance had if she weren't an unlikable corrupt harpy and if she had some accomplishment to her name other than marrying Bill. You're right. If she had accomplishments like, say graduating from Yale law school, spearheading the clinton health care reform effort, surviving 30 years of ruthless attacks by conservatives, being a senator, being secretary of state, running the Clinton foundation which helped to lower HIV treatment to affordable levels among whatever else it does, and winning the democratic primary by a large margin, she might have, I dunno, won millions of more votes in the presidential election!

/s Seriously? Lack of accomplishments when compared to Don Trump? +4 insightful? "Unlikeable harpy?"

I think it's wildly optimistic to suggest that Russian propaganda is driving this unfortunately. I would prefer to think there weren't people out there this badly deluded, but I can't, Americans really are so stupid they think the DNC rigged it against Sanders and the electoral college overturning the vote is totally 100% fair.

Comment Re:Yes, net neutrality is dead (Score 1) 191

I blame Hillary and the democrats. Hillary for being such a shitty candidate that she couldn't beat someone who may have been an even shittier candidate but it was close on the level of shit. I blame the democrats for selecting a shitty candidate. The fact that it was close in Minnesota and the state was one of the last to be called is a testament to how shitty she was given that MN hasn't gone for the republican since 1972.

The republicans made it very clear they were done with the usual cast of characters that sit on their hands and piss and moan about not being able to do anything and then from their voter's point of view cave. Granted there were better candidates for the republican nomination but the republican voters are likely getting exactly what they thought in this case. If you want to blame those who voted libertarian well that is just further proof of how shitty Hillary was because a party that typically takes votes from republicans caused her loss.

Comment Re:NO (Score 1) 153

If government wants the data, they must obtain a true warrant and I will decrypt it for them.

Even then it seems that you can tell them to go piss up a rope. They can confiscate the device/storage with the warrant but you don't have to give them the password. They then can try to crack it before the heat death of the universe.

Comment Re:Ban Encryption (Score 1) 153

On the other side of things I have been pretty critical of the government especially the various law enforcement and security agencies. If more people call them out as well as their elected representatives we might actually change things. It isn't like I have called my soon to be former congressman either mentally retarded or willfully ignorant when he call me to assure me that the USA FREEDOM act wouldn't do what the fucking law says it was going to do. I have long been a thorn in their side and as someone who likely does enjoy some "white privilege" being a white male with a clean background good education and good job I am willing to use that privilege to fight to keep rights for everyone.

Comment Re:It helps the economy too (Score 1) 351

There are very few 20+ year old vehicles on the road, and even then in 1996 E-10 was common and vehicles were designed to run on it. Going back further having driven a number of really crappy American vehicles from the 80s even those ran fine on E-10, the oldest of which were made in '85. So given that at this point those vehicles which when I had them ran just fine on E-10 would now be 31 years old it isn't an issue. The few vehicles I see from the mid 80s now tend to not be beaters but instead are collector vehicles and are well kept despite being poorly made ugly fucking boxes on tires. Going back farther to the 70s and earlier now you are clearly in the collector car realm. That said from time to time you do find a running older vehicle from the early 80s and 70s for cheap but they don't run well. Much like a buddy who bought a '67 rambler for $250 in like 02 or 03 that burned oil, had bad springs, and had a bad PCV system so moisture would build up in the crank case, lots of rust and dents, and the interior what pretty shot. It ran but not well. He drove it for 9 months regularly until the engine wore out so much it could barely move under its own power and even then he sold it for $500.

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