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Comment Two things... (Score 1) 427

The first is if it becomes a TRUE replacement for the things that I put into my pockets... ALL of them: loyalty cards, credit cards, keys, etc.
The second is if it replaces about, oh, 80% of what I use my cellphone for: scanning the titles of emails (and quick deletes thereof), texts, GPS/locationing, and, oh, telling the time. =)

Give me those two things with a decent interface, and I'm in.

Comment Re:Fox News? (Score 1) 682

And the other SIX hard drives that mysteriously failed when their contents were subpoenaed? The IRS destroying backups when congressional committees were specifically asking for those emails? A congressman asked IN 2011 for that information and then, whoops!, let's throw away the backups RATHER THAN RESTORE THOSE EMAILS? What do you think backups are FOR?!

No, anyone who even remotely believes this crap is delusional. And if you don't believe it and are still shoveling, that makes you liar. It's obvious there is a concerted effort to keep emails from being made public from at LEAST seven different people in the IRS. Now, how many people does it take to make a conspiracy?

Comment Re:Just imagine "if" (Score 1) 347

Ummm, what's slimy about actually putting the screws to the wrongdoers. The chances are incalculably small that "by bad luck" the only data lost was the emails that showed their guilt. And the chances are exactly zero that they didn't know to preserve the backup tapes. The IRS did in fact admit to targeting groups they didn't like: conservative groups. The bad actors we know of go all the way up to the director. Now at this point you have to decide whether she -- out of the blackness of her own heart -- decided to screw with the rights of Americans to help Obama or whether someone from the White House hinted that it would be helpful in a tough re-election year to help out the D-team.

Either way, everyone involved with this needs LONG jail sentences unless they give up some bigger fish. I truly believe public office and those who work in government have a sacred trust to be of BETTER than average honesty... and suffer much harsher punishments if they prove otherwise.

Comment Re:Not really needed anymore. (Score 4, Insightful) 410

Exactly! What the blurb fails to mention is that in states that have enacted 'colorblind' policies the GRADUATION rate for minorities has gone up. Yes, you see fewer freshman minority students at the Ivy League colleges but you see more minorities with diplomas... and isn't that the goal?

Comment Re:And so this is Costco's fault? (Score 1) 440

I don't agree. If the people who get the peanut butter weren't going to buy through Costco anyway (either the institutional or charity organizations), it'd have little to do impact their bottom line so you undercut your own argument in your last sentence. In fact, I'd rather think that the prison system, for one, would consider strongly their next food purchase contract if they had good feelings toward Costco.

No, it all comes down to lawyers, greed and money. It's been a tragedy for the past 40+ years that businesses would rather throw away rather than give away because of lawsuits. That's why the bulldozers are out there, so no one can pick it out of the garbage and start a class-action lawsuit.

Comment Re:Similar to most studies (Score 1) 427

The biggest difference in male/female pay is that women, as a group, value things like family life and health more than money. I think that's a perfectly rational choice and it's really demeaning to women when people are spouting claims that they are being paid so much less. Women know their worth as much as men and they get it! But what they are getting is a healthier, happier lifestyle. =)

Comment Re:Features != UX (Score 1) 129

This isn't exactly 'spec stuffing' when all of these things can be found in your typical cellphone (other than temperature) and even that it can be argued is a USEFUL feature. For anything worn against the temple, I'd also like it to measure heartrate would be a nice addition as well. Sensors are cheap, why not load up on them?

Comment We eat our own dog food... (Score 1) 715

My wife teaches at a charter school but has also taught at both good and bad non-charter schools. Our kids go to the same charter school and we wouldn't have it any other way. The truth is that the teachers unions (and non-unions such as the NCAE) are political entities. Period. They don't care about students and they barely care about teachers, frankly. Here's another hard truth for charter school haters: Charter schools ARE public schools in that they take public funds. But they are universally CHEAPER per student and outperform non-charters on average.

Comment This is why monkeys can do it better... (Score 1) 165

As others have pointed out, this ain't rocket science. I was a tester (and programmer) for years and the number of programmers I encountered that a) refused to do range checking properly or b) failed to use well-tested libraries were legion. I really thought that hooking electrical 'reminders' to them every time they did something like this would have improved their code dramatically.

Comment Wow, I mean wow... (Score 2, Interesting) 602

I'm glad y'all weren't advising President Kennedy when he planned to put a man on the moon. Unlike the pie-in-the 'investments' of the current administration (that were payoffs for campaign kickbacks), the space program has a proven record of spinoffs that have been good for the country and of all humanity. The computers you are reading this on, the satellites that move countless terabytes of information, even the fuel cells that might power the next generation of MacBooks all had their genesis from NASA research.

Not to mention that the BEST place to get experience with a serious Mars trip is our own moon... at least convenient to Earth. If you want it to pay for itself, read The Man Who Sold the Moon. How many of those dreaded 1% would shell out big bucks for a piece of the ACTUAL FRIGGIN MOON. Plus, you could probably pay for it with the rounding error from the pork barrel programs we should cut anyway, heh.

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