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Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

What kind of project are you compiling that would take a week or even a few days?
Most project compiles would not take long at all on even my old beater iMac from 3 years ago.

I don't even remember fresh compiles of Gentoo OS from source taking close to a week long.
You must be working on some serious projects.
What are you programming that might take such long compiles?
Do you have a project up on Github or anything?

I was not a programmer but I did a lot of compiling of software from source for my systems.
That is why when I was busy messing with machines I always had a few computers to work from.
They all were pretty fast systems that I custom built.
So it is nice to have a fast system when your primary work/entertainment is computing.
Kind of like having the best and a wide array of tools for carpentry makes it quicker and easier to build things depending on the carpenter.

But I don't do that sort of thing any longer and I don't have the time to site for days playing games either so I don't really need a screaming system custom like you do.
Not many people do, but lots of people on slashdot are computer geeks and do need such systems.

Comment Re:'Murican values (Score 2) 26

Yep. You are right on.
My nephew's team competed and got into the finals where their team's alliance was crushed by a superior alliance.

But they spent the year helping lots of other teams with building and programming their bots.
They were always busy helping others.

And they always made the point of bringing on a much lesser team as a point of principle even when that ended up disqualifying them from their last competition.
Still they had a great run and a great year all the while helping as many as they could along the way.
Memories to last a lifetime!!!!

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

Not really, but I suppose when someone is already underwater in De Nile that makes sense. hahahaha

Sorry I missed our continuing conversation.
I was away and traveling for the weekend.

Anyhow... you never answered my questions about what exactly you do.
You mentioned needing a speedy system, but what ... other than for gaming is the water cooling for?

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

And you couldn't understand it.
I can't really account for how other people wrongly skim what I say.

You keep saying a bunch of stuff about what I said and what I meant which has nothing to do with what my actual words said. Then you tell me how I should have phrased it better.

Perhaps I could have phrased it better, but in the end if other people put meaning into it that isn't there, then that is on them.

Yes... I made the statement.
Yes iMacs work for me.
Yes People choose the machines which suit their needs.

Those are just the facts and those are what the words in the phrase you quoted mean. Sorry you feel I am the nitwit.
But then again you seem to have a penchant for not understanding things and then accusing others or saying what they didn't actually say.
Perhaps a simple mistake, but you don't simply admit you made a mistake either because you have gone too far down the rabbit hole or because you truly don't understand.

Either way.... not my problem.

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

Oh btw... my reference to the Ben Franklin was not about holding myself up as a genius. I was talking about you.
But since you seem to have difficulty with understanding things Bionic Lemming I will try and guide you once more.

By putting that rather apt quote in there, I was trying to point out the fact that you are too hurried and need more patience so that you can comprehend things before you jump on what people say without solid understanding of what you read.
Your genius will be allowed to flourish if you have more patience and don't act in such haste my friend.

If not, you will continue to bury yourself in repeated cycles of misunderstanding.

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

[But yeah, I'll call you a genius. Here's a statement I made to a former co-worker with a love for Apple.

"I found out that mac repair techs are called geniuses. and I agree with that. In my experience, a mac user that can use a screwdriver qualifies as one when measured against all Apple users."]

Kind of a general statement that lacks in fundamental logic.
I bet you thought you were being cute to make such a boorish statement.
You are proud enough of it to repeat it here for S's & G's.

Aren't you the wit!!! I had no idea I was dealing with someone of profoundly ignorant eloquence!!!
Good thing your co-worker moved on... I bet they couldn't get anything done around you and your rapier wit.
Must have been on the floor laughing the entire time while not getting real work done.

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

Ok word police, so you can't comprehend correctly what I said and now you are trying to tell me how I should have said things.... figures.

Anyhow I am not a genius, but it doesn't take one to comprehend english.
It seems you struggle in this particular area.
Not my problem though. But if you feel like hashing over your rushed response further, by all means continue. It won't change the fact that you didn't initially read what I said correctly or that you continue to want to pursue conversation trying to make your initial error somehow less.

I am game. Please continue.

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

Plainer English for those who can't understand things.....

First concept:
"They do what I need them to do"
(My iMacs) will do what I need them to do.

Second concept:
"...do what I need them to do which is all anyone buys a machine for."
All people buy machines to do what they need them to do.

There are 2 fundamental concepts that are wedded together in the statement which is perhaps why you are confused.

It acknowledges that iMacs do the job for me. (True)
It also plainly suggests that everyone buys the machine that suits them for their needs. (True)

What you are implying I said but didn't actually say:
I did not state that iMacs do everything that anyone would need. (False)

The statement you quote doesn't remotely indicate that I am a role model for anything.
Perhaps you need to learn a bit more about the meanings of posts people make before blathering on. Either that or you might wish to acknowledge when you are skimming and didn't quite understand what you were reading rather than continuing to try make rocks swim when they can't. Perhaps be lest hasty, skim less and you might absorb more.

[Genius is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience - BENJAMIN FRANKLIN]

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

Hope you have your raid array backed up in a couple of ways.
It is nice to have a powerful machine for messing with HD video, but I don't need a screamer for that. My mac makes pretty easy work of putting together our HD content and making some nice edited video montages that make all of the kids very happy. The only thing that takes time is exporting the video into its container once I am done with edits but that doesn't take very long and I can work on other stuff while it is churning away or go get a beer from the fridge.
I am not doing production video of any sort. If you are, you might need a lot more horsepower of course.

So are yo a programmer, DB manager, video editor?

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

"I mentioned this because you indicated that you were the role model for all people who use a computer - which is why I selected and replied to your quote."

No I didn't. I never indicated I was a role model for all people.
I don't think of myself as a role model for anyone and don't think I indicated anything close to thinking I am the role model for others.
Neither do I generally talk in terms of what I think.... as applying to "all people" who use a computer.
I use my machine far more than 99.5% of the population, but I would not either imply or state that I and my computer usage applies to most anybody.

below are things I said... none of which would indicate anything close to considering myself a role model for anything.

["Key to remember is that not every machine is for everyone, but for most people I know, an iMac or Mac laptop of some sort is a lot less of a headache than a windows or linux box."

"Most people just don't need a big expandable Mac anymore and Big expandable PC's of any sort are not much in need given the commoditization of the computing world. "]

I believe this to be true for most people. I didn't say everyone doesn't need a big expandable computer. There are always those like yourself currently or me in the past who wish to dabble in lots of things and would like to have more robust boxes to tinker with. Such a level of user is not very close to the majority of users. More like a tiny fraction.

"Many people need nothing more than a tabled or net book. Sounds like you're one of them."

The first part I would agree is true for many people, but what about what I have said would indicate I am one of those who would prefer a crippled netbook or content devouring tablet?
I do production work with photography, I do CAD design. And then there is my past and current state with building linux systems out of mostly legacy hardware I get at this point. Do you read what people say before you post?

"But other people out there (like myself) get frustrated by hardware and software limitations imposed on us by various manufacturers that try to save money instead of building quality."

I spent years building the ultimate systems and gaming every waking hour. That was a great phase, but ultimately I had other priorities in life and I have moved on to needing a robust machine that will get the work I want done. That machine for me happens to be my iMac. At the time I bought it the graphics card was the 5th fastest graphics card on the market and I got it with a nice quick i-7 processor. It could play the new game Witcher 2 at the time with everything turned on so I was told, but I didn't need it for gaming since I am no longer a gamer, but it indicates the general power of the machine at the time.

So despite it being a mac, I had a fairly robust system. This is now 3 years on and my iMac is still very robust for my needs. These days I need a solid machine that will do the work I need it to and that is what I have. Now you mention poor quality.... Well most windows machines I have used generally last 3-5 years before a new machine really should be purchased. Even the machines that I built at the cutting edge I would replace fairly frequently. But with the iMacs I am finding that I can stretch them out to 6-8 years and have only had one problem with one of them. With all of the Macs I get to help people with, most of them last 6-8 years with low to no maintenance required. I would say that they have a pretty decent quality of build overall. Aesthetically they don't hog up most of my tiny work area so I appreciate that as well.

Now you say you don't like hardware limitations... but you will always have hardware limitations. Foremost limitation is the pocketbook limitation. We all hope to build a rack mount computer array that we can do great things with, but that isn't a reality for most of us.

Then there is the fact that once you buy your hardware it is getting older and getting old fast. New stuff 6 months on will blow your systems doors off.... so you upgrade the motherboard, the graphics card, the ram... you upgrade the CPU... overclock it.... water cool it etc... and on and on. You are essentially in an endless cycle of purchasing the latest hardware if you can afford it over and over again to stay on that bleeding edge. All of that is good, but there goes your cost advantage which is following your voracious appetite to have the latest and fastest.

Endless Box building is fine when you are single and you can spend all of your money on yourself. It is also fine if you are wealthy for some reason. But even so you will always be falling behind the technology and spending your time chasing it. Life bandwidth if you will.

Generally from what I know of all the years I spent doing this is that you are likely a single person or have an entirely "very understanding" significant other who will let you spend countless hours with your machines and your gaming. Such people are saints for letting you blow thousands of dollars a year on upgrading your hardware endlessly. They are saints for letting you spend most of your time compiling and recompiling from source code to customize the ultimate machine instead of spending time with them. Awesome for you if you find your ideal tech fetish mate.

As far as software... I am not really sure what you are talking about.
The only limitations on your software are the ones imposed by the reality of how the software is written, who the software is written by, and their upgrade cycle. That simply will not change.... That is, unless you code your own software much of the time. Software limitation will always be there unless you yourself do something about it and even then it will still always be there.

Or.... Are you talking OS's maybe? My machine runs Win10 and OS X currently. I had Ubuntu but ditched it since I wasn't using it currently. I also had Mint on it for a time. Android OS to play with, BeOS for giggles. Pretty much anything that will run on a VM is yours to play with and use at your whim. Or you can Dual or Triple boot if you prefer. Then there are the billion emulators to tinker with.... or WINE to get that perfect piece of windows legacy software up and going on the Linux desktop.

With todays machines you can run whatever you want to, so I am not sure why you are complaining about software. Software imposition in gaming and indeed in other areas is largely there if you want to run your software on Linux is all. For everything else run it on the OS it is meant for and you should have zero problems. Linux only is problematic because the latest drivers are often not available or have issues. This is nothing new. Same problem back in the 1990's with Linux and it is a challenge to get them to work, but that is a choice each of us makes. Software is a choice.

You should have seen what a challenge it was to install Slackware 2 on my dual pentium pro back in the day. 4 solid days of work. And once it was there, there was endless tinkering and compiling, re-writing scripts to customize everything, get the sound card to work, the graphics drivers to work., the USB mouse to work .... everything had to be done bit by bit.

"So no, not everyone is like you ."
Thank goodness.... even you are not like me and you should be happy about it.
I am the only me there is.

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

Like I said. I do what they need them to do. Takes care of my business and photo editing.

Not a hard core gamer.
I would build my own machine for that if I needed that.

Not a programmer.
Not a video editor.
Not a music studio although I am fairly certain I don't need 64 gigs, Raid 10 or water cooling on a video card for music editing.

Sounds like you have a nice setup.

I used to do that sort of thing back in the day when I had oodles of disposable time to spend on building systems to the ultimate overclocked spec.
But sadly... even the fastest system was always living on borrowed time. It wouldn't be more than a year before a basic system someone else built was much faster and had better tech. So I would build another and another. Always chasing the ultimate. All of the systems I ever built looks about as arcane as an Atari 800 now. That is just how it goes.

Anyhow... my iMac takes care of what I need for now and does so very well.
My machine wouldn't take care of your needs, nor would any Apple product.
For you, you will need to build custom machines and that is fine.
You are part of an elite group of people who care about such things and have the wherewithal to chase technology to its limits depending on your budget.

"My guess is no. You're probably one of the south park "smug' set. At least that's how you portray yourself."
Not sure what "the smug set" is really. I work as a construction worker and do a side business as a photographer.
Not sure how you got any portrayal of myself by me saying my machine does what I need it to do.
Anyhow, my life is rather mundane rather than "Trip and Hendy"

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

I can expand my RAM on my iMac.
Don't need more internal drives. I have a 3 TB internal.

Eventually I might need a better machine, so I will buy one.

Kind of like I used to do when wanted a faster better Linux box. I'd build one.

I love my apple keyboard, my typing speed is 10-15wpm faster now.
Recently I got to use my favorite old klackety klack Mac Keyboard when I was rebuilding another scrap linux box.
Just not as nice anymore. I will always keep it around because I use it to fix up old boxes and donate them, but as the years wear on, it has lost more of its lustre.

I suppose All in One Macs aren't your bag, but they are nice for me currently. They do what I need them to do which is all anyone buys a machine for.
And I expect my current machine will last at least another 6-8 years. In a couple years I can upgrade my ram and my iMac will feel like a snappy machine again. Maybe in about 4-5 years I get another iMac or whatever and pass my current one down to my wife.

Key to remember is that not every machine is for everyone, but for most people I know, an iMac or Mac laptop of some sort is a lot less of a headache than a windows or linux box.
Most people just don't need a big expandable Mac anymore and Big expandable PC's of any sort are not much in need given the commoditization of the computing world. Multiple grandma's, grandpa's, aunts, uncles and cousins have all switched to iMacs and Mac laptops in the last several years and my maintenance time has dropped by 90+%. So my life has gotten a lot easier because of non-upgradeable Macs. They seem to last at least 6 years. Most of the PC's they had before really were long in the tooth at less than 6 years time.

Happy hunting on another 8 year old Mac. A tribute to their longevity really.

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