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Comment Re:Another bad investment (Score 1) 63

Even Sprint can't be that stupid ... or can they?

If they're trusting Tidal's subscriber numbers without even looking at their own traffic patterns to get a picture how much Tidal data (and that other streaming services) is moving across their networks, then I wouldn't put any amount of stupidity beyond them.

Comment Yep (Score 2) 213

Two of my three Android devices have custom ROM's, and the third probably will once the LineageOS folks start pushing out reasonably stable builds.

The only reason the third doesn't currently have a custom ROM is that Motorola didn't go batshit with the bloatware, so waiting for the warranty period to up wasn't a pain.

Comment Re:The death spiral is continuing. (Score 5, Interesting) 168

But back to MS: they absolutely are critical and relevant, because everyone's PC runs on their software.

Their problem, though, is that everyone's PC runs on their old software just as well (if not better) than their new software.

What the Windows 10 debacle has shown is that the old stuff is good enough that the only way they can push the new stuff to a reasonable fraction of their users is to essentially force it on them, for free.

At the same time, efforts to diversify into other areas have not been, to put it charitably, as successful as they would have liked.

I'll agree that they're still critical and relevant, but at the same time, they're the least critical and most irrelevant than any other time in the history of the PC.

Comment Re:News at 11 (Score 1) 32

If you keep making a story for every "A company lied" instance, the front page will be non-stop company lying spam and there will be no news for nerds. Or things that matter.

Yeah, but this is really more of one of those extremely rare "music company screws someone over" stories, which...

Oh. Right. Pardon me. Carry on.

Comment So? (Score 2) 110

If Russia has any clue, the LinkedIn domains are already blacklisted. Removing the apps shouldn't be much more than adding insult to injury.

And since Android users could sideload it, it's practically ineffective unless Apple owns a much larger chunk of the Russian market than they did last time I looked.

Comment Re:ftdi? sigh ;( (Score 1) 83

You've got a microcontroller that is ostensibly open-source hardware, but it's using a component from a company that most definitely swings hard in the other direction.

Microcontroller != development board.

The chip itself is (I assume) open source. The implementation of this specific development board was created using proprietary software and includes a proprietary component, but that's about it.

If the MCU is of any interest to people, there will be other more or less open dev boards created. Most obviously would be things like the STM32 ARM boards that are all over the place now having just the minimum voltage regulation, resistors, capacitors, pin headers, crystals and jumpers to be usable with an external USB-to-TTL conversion module.

Comment Re:FBI has an image problem (Score 2) 161

That people believe such "warnings" in large enough numbers to make it worthwhile for the crooks to make them, is a sign, that FBI has an image problem.

Ironically, the same people that fall for these scams usually think nothing of ignoring the FBI warnings that play at the beginning of movies...

Comment Re:Creative solution to patent trolls (Score 1) 455

It seems to me that if more people sued when patents were not implemented, we might have less patents out there making every developers life worse. Patent trolls might think twice before setting up shop.

That's one theory.

Or maybe patent trolls will just include the threat of legal action for not including the technology from their new "safety patent" as leverage when they go after companies making real products which have a potential to hurt people.

"That's a real nice widget you got there... Be a real shame if someone lost an eye and some ambulance chasers somehow discovered you refused to license our patented anti-eye-gouging technology..."

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