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Comment "Game" mechanics need work (Score 2) 23

While it's a neat puzzle game that magically transforms into science somehow, the timer mechanic is frustrating and off-putting. Why have an arbitrary time limit to solving these puzzles? Time limits are the laziest form of added difficulty and will drive away potential players once they see their progress disappear because they were too slow. I don't understand the motivation for having it there.

Comment Re:$10 per Barrel (Score 5, Funny) 315

My middle-class parents fought bravely in the Great Class War. They were on the front lines at the Battle of Yuppie Hill, charging forth with their cards and using their meager wages to fight against the upper class. Skilled for battle by community and state colleges, their assault landed them deep into enemy territory. Luckily, they managed to carve out refuge and propagate, bringing new soldiers into the onslaught. Alas, it was too late, as the Upper Class bought out the Lower Class and together they forced my family and friends into a life of video games, malls, nights at the pub, and an affordable sedan.

Life's harsh, but we manage to make it through the night.

Transforming Waste Plastic Into $10/Barrel Fuel 315

Mike writes "Today Washington DC-based company Envion opened a $5 million dollar facility that they claim will be able to efficiently transform plastic waste into a source of oil-like fuel. The technology uses infra-red energy to remove hydrocarbons from plastic without the use of a catalyst, transforming 82% of the original plastic material into fuel. According to Envion, the resulting fuel can then be blended with other components, providing a source for gasoline or diesel at as low as $10 per barrel."

AU Goverment To Break Up Telstra; Filtering News 144

benz001 writes "The Minister who has pushed the ridiculous broadband filter plan has at least won a few brownie points with yesterday's press conference, in which he promised to force Telstra to split its network and wholesale businesses. Australia's largest ISP, and the country's main infrastructure owner, will be given a chance to implement the structural separation voluntarily; if it does not, the Government will step in with legislation. Here is the Minister's official press release." And speaking of the filtering program, reader smash writes "After several years of debate and electioneering, some statistics on the Australian national web filtering effort have been disclosed. Apparently, the typical Aussie web surfer is 70 times more likely to win the national lotto than stumble across a blocked page. Additionally, despite the claim that the main aim of the filter is to block child pornography, only 313 of the 977 total sites blocked is on the basis of child porn. At $40M AU so far in taxpayers funds, the cost so far is around $40,900 per blocked URL. Government efficiency at work..."

Comment Too bad, so sad (Score 1, Troll) 207

This guy makes more than I do with his salary, sponsors and winnings than I do in a year, and I'm a video game developer. I never understood "Major League Gaming". I can understand local tournaments at arcades and pizza parlors, at least there you get outside and be sociable with the rest of the world and have an in-person experience. But watching a screen depicting someone else watching a screen? How much more recursive can we get? Professional Major League Gaming Watching? Physical contact sports I can understand. We're essentially watching athletes who hone their bodies engage in feats of physical endurance and skill, and we admire such classical expositions of strength. I can understand professional Chess tournaments to a lesser extent; great minds coming together to wage war on a physical board in a centuries-old game of intellect. But paying out six figure salaries to people who can click (or button-press) very fast in an order that is more efficient than his/her opponent? Major League Gaming truly is the product of fat and decadent times.

Reclaiming Oil Rigs As Oceanic Eco-Resorts 124

Mike writes "Here's an innovative reuse for those old abandoned oil rigs littering the ocean — convert them into eco resorts. Morris Architects' Oil Rig Platform Resort and Spa makes use of one of 4,000 oil rigs out in the Gulf of Mexico and transforms it into a beacon of sustainability, re-imagining an iconic source of dirty energy as an eco-haven that generates all of its power from renewable sources."

Restauranteurs Say Yelp Uses Extortion To Ply Ad Sales 202

Readers Mike Van Pelt and EricThegreen point out a story in the East Bay Express alleging that online restaurant review site Yelp is doing more than providing a nice interface for foodies to share their impressions of restaurants. Instead, says the article, representatives from the site have called restaurants in the Bay area to solicit advertising, but with an interesting twist: the ad sales reps let restaurant owners know that, if they buy advertising at around $300 a month, Yelp can "do something" about prominently displayed negative reviews of their restaurants. If the claims are true, it sure lowers my opinion of Yelp, which I'd thought of as one of the good guys (and a useful site). I wonder how many other online review sites might be doing something similar.

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