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Comment Re:Does it actually make standard SVGs yet? (Score 1) 225

Perhaps the poster was extreme in the use of "most", or perhaps not. But I think the Microsoft Word parallel is perfect here. Some people use Inkscape to create Vector graphics that they or others may want to open in vector form, which may be anywhere from few to most of the userbase, I don't really know (and I'm sure everybody posting here is assuming most people are using the software the same way they are using it). But there are plenty of other people, including myself, that use Inkscape to use the flexibility and power of vector graphics to create a final result that is not a vector, but is a piece of graphics or art that can be put to good use as a bitmap or pdf. Inkscape is indispensable for many people.
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Submission + - Fedora 12 released ( 1

AdamWill writes: The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the release of Fedora 12 today. With all the latest open source software and major improvements to graphics support, networking, virtualization and more, Fedora 12 is one of the most exciting releases so far. You can download it here. There's a one-page guide to the new release for those in a hurry. The full release announcement has details on the major features, and the release notes contain comprehensive information on changes in this new release. Known issues are documented on the common bugs page.

Comment Re:Simplicity is Complex (Score 1) 128

There are Eclipse plugins. You never have to touch the command line or use a (basic) "text editor" for the Pre either. As for interface, yeah, you don't get the graphical editor, but HTML/CSS are pretty straightforward, especially if you don't have to worry about IE testing.

Comment Re:CS (Score 1) 588

I did a report on the very subject last semester. Yeah, the math gap is closing way up, but the CS gap is really depressing. In fact, the CS gap was very small nearer the beginning of its conception, but at least as far as 2007 it's only been growing. We need a serious societal reconsideration of what being a programmer means in order to get that gap down. No more [CS = at computer labs 24/7 hacking, drinking mountain dew, and playing Quake].

Comment Re:so what would be condescending towards men? (Score 1) 669

All the items you mentioned that would attract men are primarily for the fun and enjoyment of men. Make-up tips and fashion are primarily for presentation, something that women have historically had to do to be taken seriously by men (not saying that's the only purpose). You also failed to mention the other attraction, cooking, which is "traditionally" aimed at women so that they can cook for their husbands. The point isn't that they are making associations between women and certain things. It's that they are associating women with a role that is culturally viewed as inferior to men. There is hardly anything that would be condescending towards men because our society is still patriarchal.

Comment Re:Does ANYONE Know What Women Want? (Score 1) 669

Since I was born I've learned only three things about humans: - No two are alike - No two want the same thing - What a person wants changes from moment to moment

There, fixed that for you. Sorry, I'm not actually trying to mock your post, and I agree with you, but I figured I'd point out that your insights apply to all human beings.

Comment Re:If it sells laptops... (Score 1) 669

I agree with you partly. I don't think the fact that the laptop exists is a problem. As you said, plenty of women fit the mold, and who are any of us to say there's anything wrong with people who would be the market for this laptop. I think the fact that it is Dell's "laptop for women" is kind of annoying. It's a sort of way of saying that women should play with this thing while men can use real computers. The laptop isn't the problem so much as the marketing direction. But as others have said, it's the marketing direction that will make them more money.

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