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Submission + - Occupy Wall Street: Calling all Linux gurus (facebook.com)

WhiteHorse-The Origi writes: "Linux gurus come on down to your local Occupy movement and help the 99% break free from the 1% operating systems. On Jan. 15 2012 we are trying to get as many people to switch over their computers to FOSS and any and all volunteers would be of great benefit. Look, we even have a facebook event :) https://www.facebook.com/events/301766416523038/
It's called "Move your computer day""

Submission + - Can you help me criticize Windows 7? (wikipedia.org) 1

WhiteHorse-The Origi writes: I've been trying to add a criticism section to the Windows 7 article on Wikipedia but have come up against 2 editors who constantly undo my changes despite having dozens of references and several other editors who agree that the article is non-neutral and needs a criticism section. I honestly believe their motives are to keep the article biased to sway readers. Can the Slashdot community come to the rescue and contribute to the article?

Submission + - How to disable mobile phone spy-ware?

WhiteHorse-The Origi writes: I've been searching the www and can't find an answer to this. How does one disable the ability of phone providers to remotely activate your microphone and effectively spy on you?

I presume it is a software/OS thing and by getting an open system like Android, one could theoretically disable this feature in the source code.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Ten Myths About Outsourcing and Offshoring (digitalnetworking.biz)

WhiteHorse-The Origi writes: "This article describes the ten myths of outsourcing and off-shoring for people new to the practice and explains why they are myths. It describes the unethical exploitation of weak labor and environmental laws by corporations and how they contribute to dictators, aristocracies, and generally evil people through this practice."

Submission + - US Patent office glitch Fart=Part (digitalnetworking.biz)

WhiteHorse-The Origi writes: "The US Patent and Trademark Office has a glitch in their Optical Character Recognition(OCR) software which confuses "P" with "F". Consequently, all patents which contain the word "Part" can be found by searching for the word "Fart". By submission of this article, the author in no way admits searching the patent office for the word Fart."

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