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Submission + - Occupy Wall Street: Calling all Linux gurus (

WhiteHorse-The Origi writes: "Linux gurus come on down to your local Occupy movement and help the 99% break free from the 1% operating systems. On Jan. 15 2012 we are trying to get as many people to switch over their computers to FOSS and any and all volunteers would be of great benefit. Look, we even have a facebook event :)
It's called "Move your computer day""

Comment Perfect for Schools! (Score 1) 473

Oh man this is PERFECT for my school! Now we can pretend we're obeying the status quo while eliminating 90% of our problems with malware, viruses, security vulnerabilities and maintenance. Now we can continue to get another 5 years of productive use out of our machines without having to buy all new machines and waste money on windows licenses and upgrading all the software. Yay! We can finally use our machines for education instead of force-feeding the status quo on a whole generation.

Submission + - Can you help me criticize Windows 7? ( 1

WhiteHorse-The Origi writes: I've been trying to add a criticism section to the Windows 7 article on Wikipedia but have come up against 2 editors who constantly undo my changes despite having dozens of references and several other editors who agree that the article is non-neutral and needs a criticism section. I honestly believe their motives are to keep the article biased to sway readers. Can the Slashdot community come to the rescue and contribute to the article?

Comment Why PHP? (Score 1) 134

Why use PHP? I would think Python would be better because you can cross-compile the code to run on any machine using Jython(in case they stop hosting for you). Personally, I would do a full scrape of the data and put it in BibTex .bib files or xml and then make your search page pass parameters to the python program. That's what NASA and Google Scholar use(they may use Perl instead). I'm not sure about the database...

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