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Comment I don't think so... (Score 1) 164

Sure, I'll be glad to upload my entire video collection of 20TB's which will take approximately 180 days of continuous uploading to Amazon's cloud drive (take longer with data caps because I'll have to restart it each month until it actually completes the 20TB uploads) where it is not encrypted nor well protected and whose contents will be completely indistinguishable from pirated content versus a ripped personal use copy. I am sure the MPAA would love to go after this data. I will gladly give over my hard earned money to Amazon to pay for this privilege. I'll give up my private server which I carefully created to consume less than 40 watts (currently running a 20W Atom 8 Core processor with 8 4TB drives in a ZFS array), offset with my use of many solar panels, to shift to a cloud data center consuming considerably more than 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. https://youtu.be/I5cYgRnfFDA

Yeah that's about as smart as buying a Tesla and thinking I am saving the environment by driving around with highly toxic batteries all getting their power from the grid, disregarding the fact that the grid is completely powered by burning coal, oil, and natural gas! Hey, maybe I can put the Tesla in Autodrive and watch my Plex cloud videos on the Tesla display panel using a cellular data plan and decapitate myself at 60Mph when a tractor trailer makes a u-turn in front of my Tesla.

Yeah, 20TB's is no joke. I go through the data now and then and transcode the video to more efficient smaller files to save space and prune data I really don't need to keep long term. But the Internet is my DVR and it's fully automated. Plex helped me realize the joys of cord cutting. I ripped a considerable library of content and yeah some of that content is downloaded and consumed and typically discarded. Love me some Plex.

I think I'll just stick to my personal server and sync connect to the iPad for offline viewing on the planes and trains as I have been doing. It makes zero sense for me to download content re-upload that content to a Plex server in the cloud unless I want to more easily share that content with friends which I am already doing with little trouble as its easy with a standalone server in my home. I do not trust cloud providers with my data and you shouldn't either.


Comment Quite a Dilemma... (Score 1) 343

Snowden alerted the world to unprecedented civilian surveillance by not only the NSA but also American allies surveillance This Orwellian surveillance of Americans is supposed to be illegal. Smartphones and social media are a god send to intelligence operators. They had full reign of every single smartphone on the planet. Every human carried a microphone, GPS, and camera and everything they sent or received could be intercepted. Talk about the holy grail of intelligence gathering! The insight revealed in the WikiLeaks published by Snowden have led to new security and encryption to be implemented everywhere. On the one hand I don't like the government spying on civilians so I like the idea that tech companies up their game as a result.

At the same time, he revealed this secret surveillance, methods, and abilities to our enemies who are now able to adapt and avoid detection and surveillance. That is a clear example of aiding the enemy and is downright treasonous. I would much prefer not to be under surveillance but the enemy is literally among us within the civilian population and that has not changed, in fact it's greatly increased in the last eight years.

So what to do about Snowden... Well I do not agree he should be pardoned, quite the opposite. He has blown wide open the biggest of classified top secret intelligence documenting just about all of the intelligence communities abilities and methods. It is the biggest leak in history. The damage done is enormous to the safety and security of the US and our allies to defend against enemies foreign and domestic. Even today he is being allowed to video conference and be paid for speaking to various groups as a privacy advocate. The man should be assassinated even in Russia. If he is ever captured he should be just made to disappear. Yes, I mean shoot him in the head and dump him in the sea like Osama Bin Laden. He is a treasonous bastard of epic proportions. He has betrayed everyone with a security clearance. He has betrayed his country. He has put many lives at risk and he has destroyed valuable methods of intelligence by revealing their existence. The damage done is absolutely enormous. If anyone deserves to die for treason it is Snowden.

FYI, I also agree that Hillary Clinton should be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors and imprisoned for no less than 15 years. She should have her security clearance revoked immediately and she should be ineligible to run for the presidency. I also know that Obama's birth certificate is fake, it was released in PDF format and was clearly doctored. I don't believe Hawaii even has a real microfiche copy of his birth certificate on file, I believe they took another one and doctored it and released the PDF but they were stupid enough to not merge the layers first. I believe that Obama was not born in the US but overseas. I believe that he is a Marxist and he has done more damage to the USA than even Snowden's treason. He has cut the military dramatically, reduced our nuclear weapons, alienated our allies, embraced and emboldened our enemies, caused the Arab Spring which has destabilized the entire middle east, pulled troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan which has allowed ISIS to grow, released Guantanamo Bay terrorists who re-took the battlefield, kept the US economy strangled to prevent recovery, enabled riots in the streets and increased racism and hate groups such as the New Black Panthers and BLK, etc. I do not believe he is incompetent I believe this is all intentional. No president has ever done so much damage in history except for perhaps Nero of Rome.

God Help Us All... It's either build a bunker, stockpile weapons and food or ready onesself for the Rapture and Armageddon. We are so close to WWIII it is not funny. China and Russia have been ramping up their militaries at a very rapid pace while we downsize our own. Threats against the USA continue to mount.

Comment Economy (Score 1, Insightful) 459

Hey any of you millennials even alive during the 1970's and 1980's? Cause it's worse now than in the 1970's under Carter. Yet Regan and the GOP managed to turn around the economy in an enormous way. I mean things were really booming in the mid-late 80's. Then it tanked a bit during Clinton years. The housing bubble was the direct result of Democrats forcing Freddie May and Fannie Mac to give mortgages to people who could not afford them. Then all the other companies got greedy and did the same thing. If it were not for Obama's heavy tax and regulation government along with the failed ACA the economy would have rebounded by now. For 6 years companies have been afraid to spend cash because they didn't know what ACA and other regulations would mean for the future.

It works every time it's tried. Reducing regulation, reducing taxes on corporations and the rich produces jobs and boosts the economy. The rich have gotten richer even under Obama and more so because they can keep their money and invest it wisely. But the middle class and entrepreneurs are suffering greatly. 97 Million workers have literally given up on finding work. Government does not create jobs, but companies do. If you tax them too much they won't hire. If you make things seem risky due to regulation they won't take risks. Government is standing in the way of American business.

Comment Hillary on those dang emails... (Score 2) 459

Look most of us are in tech, heck all of us are in tech. We all know exactly what Hillary did and how it was done and incredibly screwed up things must have been for her to get away with it. I mean don't even get me started... She didn't want to carry two phones and she didn't want to use the States BlackBerry because she feared they would be able to track her personal email (if their BES even allowed personal email) and she feared FOIA Requests more than anything. It's like the IRS manager targeting Tea Party tax exempt status and using a phony alias email to avoid FOIA requests. People she worked with must have been emailing her @clintonemail address knowing full well that it was not a State Department email. She wasn't listed in the GAL directory. Her assistants clearly took top secret and classified emails from the secure systems and retyped them into an email to Hillary and removed the headers in the process. She emailed Blumenthal constantly because she simply couldn't make a decision without him. She actually tried to hire him but Obama was pissed at his tactics during the second term election. There is a clear evidence trail showing she knew exactly what she was doing but she refused to listen to anyone. She even hired that plead the 5th email engineer at the State Department and he was this outcast nomad that no one in IT knew what he was doing. He would be in IT meetings and such and everyone else was whose that guy? This is the guy who dropped much of the security on her private email server because it was causing emails to bounce and otherwise not be delivered.

It just really pisses me off. On this one topic alone she's done in my book. She should be in prison and she should lose her security clearance. All the pay for play money should be seized and her assets frozen. She deserves to be held accountable for her actions. Anyone else would be locked away by now, it's a damn disgrace.

Comment Brilliant foreign policy quote (Score 2) 459

"The Era of Hope and Change has been one prolonged act of suicide. If anyone had said that Obama would manage to alienate Israel and the Philippines, lose Turkey, pay Iran a hundred billion dollars, preside over the loss of a won war in Afghanistan, lose billions of dollars in military equipment to ISIS, watch a consulate burn, restart the Cold War with Russia, cause Japan to re-arm and go the knife's edge with China would you have believed it? If someone had told you in 2008 millions of refugees would be heading for Europe and that the UK would leave the EU after Obama went there to campaign for them to remain would you not have laughed?" --Richard Fernandez - Belmont Club - pjmedia-dot-com

Pretty much sums up the foreign policy failures of Obama and Hillary.

Comment Re:Laughable (Score 1) 76

Slack has been replacing IRC in many environments namely open source projects. It's easier to build a community without the wankers jumping in and being a royal PITA. IRC is great except for the rebel scum. Slack builds communities and it actually does offer IRC integration if IRC is your bag. Pretty sure Slack is mostly IRC under the hood.

Comment Fanboi Not Impressed -- AirPod's (Score 2) 551

For $169 using the exact same shape as the normal ear buds but now wireless with a recharging case, means you are going to lose an AirPod in record time. Those suckers fall out of my ears all the damn time to the point I replaced the ear buds with something much better. Not even working out, just walking around or just sitting still and they fall out.

I'd rather pay a bit more for German headphones than any Beats or Apple EarBud/AirPod... I don't get the popularity of Beats, they make you look like a friggin' moron. Early iPhone adopters were mugged due to the white headphones clearly indicating you had an iPhone...

Comment Argh... (Score 1) 534

Ok, so I get it, I really do. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc. all are funded by advertising that is how they make their money. It is their only business model. That being said, using mobile Facebook app I find a bunch of friends posting articles with the most horrific of advertising, the worst of the worst. The Facebook app browser doesn't let you block any of it. It's near impossible to even read the article with floating popups top and bottom banners and inline ads with buttons to fool you into click next in a slide show. Most of the articles are not even worth reading. But if I do want to read it, I can open with Safari and then my adblocker engages and suddenly the article is readable! The advertising is messing with the user experience in terrible ways. Especially on mobile as the screens are small.

It's these annoying ads on mobile that are horrific. Now FB is inserting suggested content into the news feed. They are also filtering the newsfeed and messing with the order of my friends posts. I rarely use FB on a desktop browser but when I do I definitely use an adblocker.

About the only way I can see if they are going to be aggressive about this is if they start using JavaScript extensively to make it darn near impossible to decipher. They load JavaScript into the browser then feed an encrypted stream to the browser and use the script already running in the browser to decode and render the page. Add many levels of abstraction and strip all the whitespace and it will make it difficult though not entirely impossible for the adblockers to decipher. They could scramble URLs, hostnames, etc.

I think they will shoot themselves in the foot over this... It would be a nail in their coffin and they would be headed the way of MySpace in no time flat. The new generation doesn't even use FB cause it's mostly old farts on FB now and their parents.

I like keeping in touch with family and friends on FB. I keep my friends at a small tight list. But I would drop it in a heartbeat if they pull any shenanigans.

Comment Pineapple (Score 2) 109

A Pineapple is a home made device using a small router connected to a cellular hotspot. Every computer actually broadcasts the networks it has saved in order to locate one of the networks. The Pineapple sees these probes and instantly becomes that wifi network allowing them to connect without a password. Then all traffic is passed onto the hotspot but at this point the attacker is a man in the middle and can intercept all traffic. Unless the user is using encryption such as SSL, VPN, there is quick a bit of information that can be obtained. Also any zero days could be attempted to hack their device.

Walk through any airport with a Pineapple and you will hit 1,200 people easily. The Pineapple is cooler than setting up multiple phony hotspots because it can fit in your pocket or laptop bag and you can just walk around scooping up connections to investigate.

Comment Da Is Good Comrade! (Score 1) 519

Da is good plan dear comrade. Every one buy in on such good plan. We take from the rich and spread the wealth. Next we supplant the rich with ourselves, send anyone in our way to the gulag or exile to Siberia and disappear the rest. Workers of the World Unite! Be sure to indoctrinate those youth to be good party proletariat fodder. The useful idiots are so very helpful, waging revolutions and not thinking due to the marijuana. They will soon stand in line for toilet paper like the rest of us good comrades.

Is big shame our economy couldn't keep up with the Americans, no matter how our people starved, how much we stole from Ukraine and how many fake military bases we built to fool their satellites. It make no difference those pesky Americans simply outspent us every time. Comrade Putin he is rebuilding Mother Russia and threatening those dirty Yanks with Nato fly-by's and near misses at sea. But again, those filthy Americans got those ungrateful Saudi's to over produce oil and that American ingenuity at fracking oil from shale caused the price to drop so far that we may actually run out of money! Our comrades in Venezuela are starving and it's starting to hurt the Chinese, wish we could play the Yen games with our Ruples...

Our last hope is Hillary, but it's going to cost us plenty. That bitch won't do for the party alone, we must pay to play I am afraid. Come ve drink vodka with Bernie tonight and tomorrow we bury him.


Comment Experience with Government & Police Computers (Score 1) 393

I don't know enough about this particular event to have a full opinion, the initial video did not show the whole story, the second video doesn't tell the whole story. Apparently, Alton flashed a gun and threatened a homeless man, police were called and Alton was armed. Alton resisted arrest and while wrestling with him still resisting, Alton reached for the concealed firearm and was subsequently shot dead. I watched both videos, Alton was clearly not cooperating and although he was on his back both officers (not small men by any standard) were struggling to get him rolled over and cuffed and Alton was not having any part of it. Now perhaps the officers were far to aggressive at first but the call they had was a man with a gun who had threatened someone else already. They were on high alert, they don't know Alton all they know there is this armed guy that is a threat. Not to mention that Alton was a very large guy. Was it murder? No it's not like they walked up to him pulled a gun and shot him in the head. That's murder. They tried to make an arrest and the suspect got violent and resisted.

All Alton had to do was kneel and put his hands on his head and keep his mouth shut. Tell the officers he is indeed armed and where the firearm is located. Allow the officers to cuff him and remove the firearm for the officers own safety. If Alton is a legal concealed carry permit holder he would know these things. Now, brandishing a firearm in public is indeed illegal just about everywhere it is a threat of deadly intent and he probably would have been arrested and jailed and he would likely have lost his firearm and his permit. If he was not a licensed gun permit holder he would have been jailed and charged with a much more serious crime. Root cause of Alton's death? Do not fight with the police, just don't do it. Especially when armed. This one sways in favor of the officers.

The other recent shooting in Minneapolis was due to a frightened officer who panic'd. That was a truly tragic event, it never should have happened. The car was pulled over for a broken tail light. The driver was asked to produce his license and registration which is standard procedure. He correctly informed the officer that he was a concealed carry permit holder and he was armed. At this point the officer drew his weapon, again, standard operating procedure. What happened next is the bad part. The victim was complying but there was some form of communication breakdown and he reached to get his wallet and the officer shot him four times. This all took place in mere seconds. You never ever take your hands off the steering wheel and do not make any sudden movements! Wait for instructions and move slowly when ordered to move. Do not move till ordered to move. Be calm and clear. In this situation a police officer will want to cuff you and search you and the officer will then be the one to remove your weapon from your person. You certainly do not want the officer thinking you are reaching for the gun, no not ever.

You can hear the officer swearing repeatedly after the shooting throughout the video, he didn't want to shoot the guy. The officer knows he screwed up. At the same time the victim did in fact reach for his wallet where the gun could have been holstered. Truly tragic. The poor girlfriend had to watch him in pain, bleed out and die. Horrific. She was right her boyfriend didn't need to be shot dead.

The officer failed to properly manage the situation. As soon as he was told the driver was armed he went into an instant frightened mental state. He's likely never had to draw his weapon before let alone shoot someone. First words out of his mouth should have been, place your hands on the steering wheel and do not move. Freeze. Next words would be calmly explaining what happens next. "Sir, I want you to remain perfectly still. I need to secure your firearm and we are going to do this nice and slow. Do not move till I tell you to move. I will be cuffing you for both our protection and removing your firearm you are not under arrest. Do you understand? Please place your right hand outside the drivers window (attach first cuff), give me your left hand. Officer opens door with suspects hands engaged and has him step out slowly. Next step is to cuff both hands behind his back and lay down face first on the ground. Then he can ask where the firearm is located or just pat him down and remove it. Then unload it ensuring the chamber is clear. Help the suspect upright and seat him on the car bumper. Collect the ID/registration/gun permit and take the firearm back to the police car to check everything out. If everything was in good order, he can have a talk with the driver and just for a broken tail light give him a verbal or written warning. Now the passenger and child were in the car, he could have called for backup to assist in securing everyone carefully. There was absolutely no reason for this to have gone the way it did. It was a tragic accident and that officer is in pretty big trouble. If the driver really did reach for his waistband then the driver made a serious error. At the same time he's a civilian he's clueless about the police training. He was polite and cooperative but that one little movement and a frightened cop resulted in his death. Is it murder? No but it's absolutely terrible.

Police need better training that is for sure. They need to learn how to diffuse a situation and not escalate it. They need to know that black men are rightly angry and they need to find some way to calm things down. You don't rush in and abuse your authority right off the bat. You approach slowly and talk calmly. You tell them what you are doing and why. Howdy, seems we had a call in the area about a man with a gun. My partner over there is going to draw his weapon but that's just a precaution. Are you armed sir? You are not under arrest, I just need to secure the weapon and then we can talk about what happened. Please do not resist, stay calm. I do need to cuff you as a precaution, again you are not under arrest. Kneel down on the ground and put your hands on your head. Cuff him and that's it. Now if the guy suddenly gets agitated and mouthing off and waving his hands that's a very big problem. It's about respect not about an officers authority.

Comment Trump is a moron? (Score 0) 751

Who cares what a wanker from the EU who no doubt is a brilliant physicist thinks about American politics? Can't really call it the UK if they answer to the EU? This is like caring what Kanye West thinks about Trump... Hawking is entertaining on Big Bang Theory but that's about it. Movie stars seem to believe their politics are elite, I beg to differ. It is still Power to the People in this country, we select our own president thank you very much for your unrequested input we will be sure to comment on your next choice in prime minister.

Trump is a whole lot smarter than many give him credit for. For example, he has the whole media wrapped around his little finger. The man has spent chump change so far on the campaign while his opponents burned through over a 100 million dollars combined. The congress approval rating is at an all time low and the GOP leadership greatly despised for being elected in two landslides since Obama was elected but actually going against their election promises and doing nothing. The people are absolutely angry beyond the establishments ability to comprehend. So long as Trump stands against them and fights he will continue to sway the public. The man can do no wrong, the people are that angry. The Democrats have managed to piss off the worker unions and many of their members are voting for Trump instead of for Hillary, regardless of the union's leadership position. Trump is drawing in many infrequent voters and many Democrats who have awoken to the fact that their party as it currently stands is no longer their party. It has moved so far left it is unrecognizable. They may have been asleep for the last ten years but they are fully awake now. Trump is accomplishing massive feats of political prowess with what looks like very little effort.

The media keep putting Trump on air and hosting debates because their viewership ratings are through the roof and they cannot abide letting a competitor gain advantage of all that advertising money. Whenever the media cycle of hype slows all Trump need do is make an outrageous statement that supports the general feelings of the people but clearly crosses boundaries and the cycle spins back up to full speed. No publicity is bad publicity. It keeps people talking about him and provides him free access to the media.

Meanwhile his enemies, those in the GOP establishment (the career politicians who care not for the people nor this country but seek only to be re-elected and to increase their wealth and power) attack him relentlessly only to be soundly defeated every time. The number of primary votes made in favor of Trump greatly exceed all known records. Trump is making speeches (of which there is little being said) and he's drawing enormous crowds, filling stadiums and arena's to capacity with thousands left outside! The protestors only number in the 100's some of these events drew more than 20,000 people.

His most brilliant move so far was to offer to debate Bernie Sanders after Hillary Clinton refused to debate him prior the California Primary. So Trump stepped up and offered to debate him so long as they can collectively raise 15-20 million for women charities. Now this is smart in several ways. First, it makes Hillary look irrelevant. But the real reason is Bernie is an unabashed Communist who doesn't care if anyone knows it. Bernie thinks he can win a debate with Trump but he's in for a surprise if he underestimates the man. A debate in the public arena of ideas showing what the Democrats truly believe would be disastrous for not just Bernie but the entire party. They would lose even more congressional seats. Bernie would put Obamacare away in favor of nationalized healthcare putting all the insurance companies out of business and he's in favor of free government colleges. Both of which cannot be paid for, there isn't enough money. In order to pay for it he would raise taxes not on just the 1% but on the middle class. Even with all those taxes it would still not be enough money. It would bankrupt the country and we are already teetering on thin ice... Socialism/Communism worked so well for the old Soviet Union, Vietnam, Venezuela, Brazil, etc. It sounds wonderful but it is not realistic and when the money runs out it collapses. It is financially unsustainable.

Comment And This is Surprising Because??? (Score 1) 532

1. Many years ago, the number of Macs at USENIX Conference outnumbered Linux/Unix on laptops
2. Linux doesn't run on laptops very well at all, issues with drivers. (yes some hardware works but not much choice)
3. OS X is BSD Unix under the hood and almost all Linux software runs on it
4. You can run Adobe & Microsoft apps on Mac as well as all the Open Source Linux/BSD/Unix stuff
5. Parallels & VMware Fusion work very well on Mac, you can connect to vSphere as well
6. Macs can be automated using all those open source tools (yes PowerShell is cool but it's not *NIX)
7. Managing Macs in the IT Enterprise space is surprisingly easy and can save IT a lot of money, Google & IBM are doing it now https://youtu.be/BK9VokNpgzY
8. Most development is web / cloud based and runs on Linux with some Unix
9. Most mobile development is on iOS & Android and a Mac can do both (yes there's Xamarin but that's just evil weird)
10. Windows drives Unix/Linux developers out of their ever loving minds with frustration

It is little wonder why Mac is a developers dream machine. They are no longer a threat at the server level, Linux has won that war. They interact with Microsoft rather well but they really shine in *NIX environments. Since the cloud is running Unix/Linux and Docker is making great strides using Container technology. Running Windows Servers delivering C# Client/Server, Middleware, makes little sense. The whole world is moving to tiny optimized cloud based virtual machines running virtual networking, etc. Linux lets you strip out all the extraneous junk to build a very optimized machine for a single purpose such as a database, email, etc. The savings on wasted RAM/Storage/CPU, etc. is huge. The cloud platforms can burst CPU dynamically, etc.

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