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Comment Re:Nerdcoin Apologists (Score 1) 132

Keep in mind that as a zombie computer becomes more "obvious"- computer is slower, fan runs at 100% all the time, etc, the more likely that the malware will be noticed and removed.

I was mining Litecoins this morning and even though my computer was relatively quiet (mining with GPU) compared to fans at 100%, etc, it was still painfully slow. When I hovered over a link it would take a second to change colors. Literally a second. The user would probably notice that too. Though it wasn't laggy when I was mining Bitcoins so...who knows.

Comment Re:That's only... (Score 1) 126

My point of posting that was to show how much bitcoins are worth. Of course the "important aspect" is how much value they retain, how do you think I came up with 266 BTC?! And of course BTC value is on the rise, with bitcoins being harder to mine everyday, with that 21,000,000 bitcoins upward limit. If it were " 26.6 trillion deca-nano" bitcoins stolen, I'd say that right?! But no, I said 266 with the presumed decimal point after the second "6", that everyone else seemed to understand. I also said "approximately" because the value is not exact, and this number changes every second of every hour of every day, etc, etc. Your post was absolutely pointless and you shouldn't have even bothered posting it, you typing it and me replying to it is just a waste of time for the both of us, no offense...

Comment Re:Fixed (Score 1) 1106

So most of the people working at Walmart aren't supporting a family and are getting economic aid from their parents? Or McDonalds? Bullshit. When a company doesn't pay its workers enough they can't even afford to buy products at their own workplace, it damages local economy as well as on the big scale. Think about it. Economic growth is when people are spending money. That's what the 1920's were like. When there is a recession not many people are spending money and most are just sitting on it, waiting for something to happen. People spending makes businesses want and need to expand to make more products, thus economic growth. Not to mention the people at the top are walking away with billions when their workers can't even afford to feed their own family.

Comment Re:I hate them all. (Score 2) 316

Yeah, but to get an equivalent field of view at an equivalent speed, you're stuck with a wide angle design for a normal lens, and an ultrawide for wide angle. This introduces size and expense and has tradeoffs in quality and speed.

Yeah I know. I have an XS (yes, I know it's a cheap body, I want to upgrade to the 60D) and with the kit lens the 18mm "wide" angle becomes ~28mm because of the 1.6x crop factor.

Thing start to work in favor of the smaller sensor once we start talking telephotos, tho...

I'm pretty sure they made the 7D just for this, because it shoots 8 FPS but has a crop sensor so it would be ideal for sports, wildlife, etc. Like I said above I have the XS but my 200mm becomes 320mm with the crop factor. :)

Comment Re:I hate them all. (Score 2) 316

- All the glass worth owning is designed for full-frame - smaller DSLR formats get slow and/or soft zooms and a smattering of primes in useful focal lengths at useful.

Canon's EF lenses are designed for full frames but can also be mounted on APS-C crop sensor bodies. EF-S is meant for crop sensor bodies, therefore cannot be mounted on FF's.

Comment Re:Digital SLR in 35mm format (Score 1) 316

The resolution part depends on the film, obviously. I know Kodak Tmax has smaller grains than "regular film" so it has higher effective resolution. "Standard" film will get you to about 24 MP if I've done my research correctly. At this point I think it boils down to the scanner if you plan to scan prints or negatives. ;)

Comment Re:Unbelievable... (Score 1) 1388

A Car is not built so it can kill people. Firearms are. But ok, you want to compare guns to cars? Fine. Let's treat all guns just as we do cars: mandatory test before being allowed to use one, yearly registration (including fees), you'll have to get your gunner's license renewed every few years, and if you're carrying and acting in any way suspicious, a cop may give you a gun-side sobriety test. Also, you must have your gun registration and insurance (that's right, you'll need liability insurance) with you at all times.

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