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Comment A couple of thoughts (Score 1) 806

- Don't raze *too* much. Keep in mind the refugees from suburbia who will require housing when they stream back into the cities where the resources and commerce are.

- TFA states the razed areas will be "returned to nature". I hope that doesn't mean useless parks and ornamental landscaping. Community vegetable gardens would be much better.

- BE VIGILANT of the wealthy using this turmoil as a vehicle for amassing even more wealth in the form of land acquired at fire-sale prices, or through government seizures. High concentration of wealth BAD.

Comment Re:is this some sort of quote (Score 2, Insightful) 806

Your responses to the OP are truly bizarre and, frankly, creepy. How do you put a happy face on his analysis which, in my opinion, is largely correct? *Why* would you want to put a happy face on it?

In the corporate context, a "positive mental attitude" is a convenient tool of denial that keeps you engaged toward a goal regardless of your circumstances. This seems to be your mindset.

In the real world, sometimes you're better off recognizing an unpleasant reality for what it is. Tarting it up with feel-good slogans and rank falseness may make it more palatable to genteel sensibilities, but it's counterproductive and does nothing to prevent the same mistakes in the future.

Comment Re:Who's your daddy? (Score 1) 632

well, white sands looks like this:


hocking a lugie onto white sands would probably have a huge positive effect on the net amount of flora/fauna there.

and if you want to fertilize a large area, you could just fertilize it, instead of sucking out the lungs of every living creature near ground zero, and incinerating them along with everything else there.

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