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Comment Re:This might be a Good Thing (Score 1) 382

Civil law does loosen the restrictions on ex post facto, but it doesn't eliminate it completely. If applied retroactively, this would clearly be a law aimed at punishing a specific individual who had no reasonable expectation at the time he got the patent that the law would be changed to invalidate it. Regardless of whether this is a legitimate patent (it's not 100% clear from the article that it isn't), the people who own the patent have clearly spent a lot of money getting and defending it. I don't think the courts would look fondly on Congress suddenly yanking it out from under them with no compensation (nor, frankly, should they).

Comment Re:Coda (Score 1) 305

Honestly, I'm not sure. I originally tried to set up the client, but I ran into some of the same problems that wildjim is having. Basically that I couldn't get enough space. My home directory is about 40GB, so I'd need to have atleast that much cached. It is just a guess that the solution would be putting a server on the laptop -- I'm not sure how'd it work out.


Submission + - GapMinder - software that will change the world!

blanchae writes: "BMW's TED (Technology Entertainment Design) center has a MUST VIEW feature video by Hans Rosling on the United Nation's wealth of data that has been collected since 1960. He shows how the new innovative software called GapMinder can utilize the data and create visual images that explain statistical data in ways not seen before. His example of the narrowing gap between the perceived poor 3rd world countries of the 60s and how far they've come is amazing. Google has a beta version of the GapMinder program that you can play with. I've proved that countries with more pollution have a lower infant mortality rate..."

Submission + - Discovery lands in Florida

duh P3rf3ss3r writes: As reported by the BBC, the space shuttle Discovery safely landed at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida at 2232 GMT. Discovery's 13 day mission is being called a success after astronauts undertook four space walks to install new wiring and to do battle with a recalcitrant solar panel. The next scheduled flight is the Atlantis shuttle in March.

A video chronicle of the mission, including the landing, is available at NASA's video gallery.

Journal Journal: Wikis Wikis Everywhere

Television show wikis are becoming a popular trend for shows that pack a lot of information. Star Trek, Lost...each have their own wikis full of information. NBC's new hit sci-fi drama Heroes is no exception. Heroes Wiki is a fan-based wiki for everything related Heroes. It's a great resource for fans of the show and includes a gallary of
United States

Journal Journal: Activists 1, Constitution 0 2

Yesterday the Washington State Supreme Court decided that King County critical areas ordinance was not subject to county referendum.

United States

Submission + - The 'Gates for President' story continues...

An anonymous reader writes: The 'Bill Gates for President'-hype has received quite the attention on Slashdot before (here and here). It seems like a lot of people are either very much for or very much against this tempting idea, originated either in the mind of Dilbert creator Scott Adams or Redmond Magazine editor in chief Doug Barney. The thing is, both of them supported the dedicated website set up to convince Bill to actually run for president, so let's point our attention in that direction...

After being Dilberted and Slashdotted (to the ground), and after receiving quite a lot of aye-rolling from Paul McNamara, it does seem the people behind aren't about to give up on their cause. They've launched an online petition earlier today in yet another attempt to persuade Mr. Gates. It's obviously flamebait, but interesting flamebait none the less... It's good to see these guys aren't being stopped by the side-effects of political debate.

I have serious doubts about whether or not all of this is even going to get Bill Gates to lift an eyebrow, but it sure is a remarkable effort. I'm tempted to sign the petition. Are you?
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Eli Lilly's Zyprexa Documents Leak to the Web

An anonymous reader writes: Eli Lilly's motion to suppress the evidence against Zyprexa has been denied by a metaphysical court of appeals. Justice will be served via HTTP.

As we speak, the dubious marketing schemes drawn up by the Smartest Guys in the Pharmaceutical Business are propagating throughout the Internet. Bittorrents have been internationally seeded; p2p networks like morpheus, kaaza, gnutella, and limewire are already trading vigorously; photos laced with the data have been posted to public photo sharing sites like flickr; movies containing slideshows are circulating on video sharing sites like YouTube; Usenet isn't obsolete yet, and yes, backups have been uploaded to freenet (, the virtual data haven;

Information wants to be free. Look for a file named ZyprexaKills, or any of its l33t variants.

For those without easy access to these services, find the documents at this convenient location: ar.gz.html

Please be cautious when obtaining these files! We The People are up against some of the most greedy and powerful elites in the world. You may want to consider using the tor program ( to preserve your anonymity. If its difficult for you to install this program, try, a web based surfing solution.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Still Considering the $1bn Presidential Price Tag?

Richard Buchanan writes: " ng-the-billion-presidential-price-tag/ $1 billion is the price tag for an effective presidential election campaign!? We should be outraged at the price of admission — not for the sake of price but because of the promises, obligations and crooked behind-closed-doors deals that must be made for a candidate to effectively raise such money! I'm feeling optimistic and I hope the candidates, the Presidential hopefuls, won't cave in to media pressure and quit the race for the sake of $1 billion. Here is my perspective! I'd love your comments."
User Journal

Journal Journal: It is lonely being a Libertarian. But Dave Barry is! 8

I guess you could say that I recently came out of the closet. I had been a party line Republican because the alternative, killing babies and taking all my money, is not attractive. But Republicans and still taking all my money and then wasting it still so over the past 3-5 years, I have trended more towards independence from the two party system.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Post on Myspace - get a brick through your window

xfletch writes: "Steve Beall moved to a new job as manager of a chocolate store in the picturesque northern english Industrial town of Barrow in Furness. After a miserable week he posts a comment to his Myspace Blog "Well then what else is there to say about Barrow-in-Furness apart from it's a s**t hole!!". The next thing he knows the local newpaper has picked up his comment and made it headline news, and his store gets smashed up by the locals. I have always said how much I liked Barrow-in-Furness. Really."

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