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Journal robi2106's Journal: It is lonely being a Libertarian. But Dave Barry is! 8

I guess you could say that I recently came out of the closet. I had been a party line Republican because the alternative, killing babies and taking all my money, is not attractive. But Republicans and still taking all my money and then wasting it still so over the past 3-5 years, I have trended more towards independence from the two party system.

I slowly turned Libertarian. Was I born a Libertarian and just now realized it? Hard to say. I've always been a bit rebellious and annoying, like many hard core libertarians. But I questioned my orientation when I realized that the public school system is doomed to failure because parents and trying to use it to raise their kids instead of doing the job them self. That opened my eyes to a whole new world. Not everything is D or R but there is a L. Libertarian.

So I have been reading articles by the Cato Institute, and the L.V. Mises Institute. Classical Libertarian, market driven, hands off type of thinking.

And I'm not alone. There are lots of people just like me. That share my frustration with the nosy Democrats trying to legislate everything to death or the useless Republicans wasting money while pretending to be against waste. At least the Democrats tell you they are going to waste your money on more programs and crap. You know what you get with the Clintons and Kennedys of the world.

So I found another good article from someone I did not expect to be a Libertarian. Dave Barry. Not only can he voice opinions with class, or at least a kind of class, but he also is funny, which makes reading that article very easy. Go ahead. Don't be ashamed. I promise you won't feel dirty afterwords.


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It is lonely being a Libertarian. But Dave Barry is!

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  • small p to go with the small l. :-)

    I just may have to change my sig yet again:
    Was I born a Libertarian and just now realized it? Hard to say. I've always been a bit rebellious and annoying, like many hard core libertarians.

    Interesting thing reading that was his reference to the show COPS (or one just like it, I guess). That is probably what, more than anything, started to move me from the Law & Order social conservative camp to the MYOFB camp.

    • I'm proud to say that I actually re-wrote that line a few times to get the right punch to the end.... it isn't so humble to say it, but I love that "annoying like many hard core libertarians" bit.... hehehe I still chuckle at it. :-)

      • Unfortunately that bit is too long for a sig, but below is short enough.

        Was I born Libertarian, just now realized it? I've always been rebellious/annoying like many libertarians.

  • We'll get manage to toss the bums out of office eventually. They got it coming, that's for sure. Just a few million more converts and we're there ;-)
  • I've been a card carrying, capital "L" Libertarian for almost twenty years now. I used to actually be an activist to a certain degree; making calls, attending strategy meetings, manning the polls, that kind of thing.

    Nowadays, I am not so active in the party and the cause.

    But when the time is right, I have and will be there.

    Liberty is actually a new thing, when you look at it in proper perspective. Was not so long ago, people were all serfs and slaves, except for an elite few who ruled over their subjects
  • Especially the Dave Barry interview. I've always liked the Cato Institute web site. I used to get a daily update from them through my Palm Pilot. Pretty good stuff for making me think.


  • Gilette. And many others.

"If you can, help others. If you can't, at least don't hurt others." -- the Dalai Lama