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Submission + - Magnus Carlsen Defends World Chess Champ Title (worldchess.com)

Wargames writes: All tied up 6-6 after 12 rounds of normal games, GM Magnus Carlsen defeated challenger GM Sergey Karjakin in four rapid chess playoff rounds with a 3-1 score (9-7 overall) to defend his title as World Chess Champion. The final playoff game ended in a stunning queen sacrifice for a great birthday present since the playoff's were played on the champ's birthday.

Comment Re:There are two warnings in the app about this. (Score 2) 175

Why do you think that a passenger should not be allowed to play a game?

While the startup notifications are annoying and condescending, the alerts that popup when you are moving faster than say 15 mph (which is easy to achieve on a bycicle) are condescending, annoying, and require a response which is distracting. I think it would be horribly and terribly ironic if the idiot who was driving while playing was pressing the "i am a passenger" button at the time of impact.

Other apps, eg. Waze do this too. I think the app cannot make the judgement of whether it is safe for me to use. I do not think it should be a function of an application to keep you from doing stupid stuff, nor should the app go out of it's way to make you do stupid stuff (posit a malicious map or game app that purposely puts you in dangerous positions, eg, if pokeman put a Meow Two in the middle of a cloverleaf). An app should be neutral and the app should focus on providing entertainment or information, or whatever it is designed to do. For example, reading The Bible might be good for your soul but there doesn't need to be a disclaimer on the cover 'Please do not read books while operating a motor vehicle'. I think "thou shalt not kill" is universally applicable, perhaps just not taken to heart enough until sad events like this take place.

Comment The Demo is awesome. (Score 3, Interesting) 53

Awesome demo, when is it going to be released? These are some of the things I been expecting ever since they got decent VR. It's a wonder to me why Siri can't accomplish these things like they intentionally dumbed it down for the masses. There is no excuse why this can't run locally on the phone.

"Read me the front page of the New York Times."

"Read me the first chapter of Moby Dick"

"Tell me who just sent the last text message."...
"Read it to me."

"Every weekday morning at 6AM, Wake me up and Play me headline news from Agogo."

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