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Comment Re: To reduce STEM wages (Score 2) 229

That's not true, I had two 1st grade math teachers. : I was doing multiplication problems and powers of 2 in with my first one (a continuation of stuff I learned from my father). Then my family moved. My second 1st grade math teacher docked me for writing fours with a triangular top (4) as opposed the accepted fours that look like an upside down 'h'. I was also docked for writing 9's that look like upside down 6's, instead of the accepted nines that look like mirrored P's. As punishment, I was required to fill up a notebook page of with hundreds of mirror-P shaped 9's.

Many of my teachers were more focused on indoctrinating me rather than improving my mind.

Reflecting; it is funny that the fonts I use today depict numbers the way I learned to write them from my Dad rather than the way I learned to write them in school.

Comment Re:How many charge/discharge cycles? (Score 1) 198

How is 600 miles worst case? It wasn't wise but as a kid, I once drove 36 hours straight with maybe a 2 hr nap. Worst case in miles is going to be 24 hours * (max sustainable miles / hour) - number of recharges required * recharge_time. I think a number closer to 1500 miles is more like it. There are toll roads where the speed limit is 85.

Comment Re:So overpopulation is not an issue? (Score -1, Flamebait) 120

Overpopulation is overrated. There is plenty of space for 50 Billion on our little Earth-egg if we manage it and stop wasting lives and resources on violence. We can warm up our planet so that sparsely populated arctic and antarctic lands become comfortable or adapt to cold weather. Reserve a whole continent (warm Antarctica?) for wild animals and very few humans. With 50 billion people there is bound to be a few Einsteins that can figure out the details. There are zillions of planets out there to live on and we aren't even cramped enough on Earth yet to pop.

As far as extinction goes, as long as we don't make ourselves extinct, even the dinosaurs aren't extinct. If we continue down our current path of understanding genetics we will one day learn to make Chetahs and other wild animals from scratch.

Right now we need to save ourselves from stupid violent humans. The violence needs to stop now. Imagine.

Comment Re:What a joke (Score 1) 59

I think you could cure motion sickness with VR. For example, one of the remedies for sea sickness is to go out on deck and see the horizon. Oftentimes during foul weather when seas are most rough passengers are restricted from going outside for safety. If they could jack into a VR view of a horizon corresponding to what their inner ears are sensing, they could be cured.

Submission + - Magnus Carlsen Defends World Chess Champ Title (worldchess.com)

Wargames writes: All tied up 6-6 after 12 rounds of normal games, GM Magnus Carlsen defeated challenger GM Sergey Karjakin in four rapid chess playoff rounds with a 3-1 score (9-7 overall) to defend his title as World Chess Champion. The final playoff game ended in a stunning queen sacrifice for a great birthday present since the playoff's were played on the champ's birthday.

Comment Re:There are two warnings in the app about this. (Score 2) 175

Why do you think that a passenger should not be allowed to play a game?

While the startup notifications are annoying and condescending, the alerts that popup when you are moving faster than say 15 mph (which is easy to achieve on a bycicle) are condescending, annoying, and require a response which is distracting. I think it would be horribly and terribly ironic if the idiot who was driving while playing was pressing the "i am a passenger" button at the time of impact.

Other apps, eg. Waze do this too. I think the app cannot make the judgement of whether it is safe for me to use. I do not think it should be a function of an application to keep you from doing stupid stuff, nor should the app go out of it's way to make you do stupid stuff (posit a malicious map or game app that purposely puts you in dangerous positions, eg, if pokeman put a Meow Two in the middle of a cloverleaf). An app should be neutral and the app should focus on providing entertainment or information, or whatever it is designed to do. For example, reading The Bible might be good for your soul but there doesn't need to be a disclaimer on the cover 'Please do not read books while operating a motor vehicle'. I think "thou shalt not kill" is universally applicable, perhaps just not taken to heart enough until sad events like this take place.

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