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Comment Disjoint between title (subject) and summary. (Score 1) 188

I didn't read the original article. I did read the summary which says absolutely nothing about "How To Make Novice Programmers More Professional." It seemed to be a whinge about how one seasoned developer felt disrespected by management. I don't see how that helps make novice programmers better in any way.

Looking back on my development, a mentor was insistent that shortcuts often lead to delays and inefficiency later on. Do things right in the first place and move forward.

I'm not sure that's relevant to this discussion, but I'm one of the dinosaurs.

Comment Re:Car itself should recognize such behavior and (Score 1) 180

I've always wondered how the technology exists for my SatNav to tell me the speed limit of the read I am currently on... but the car doesn't get limited to that speed limit. ...

SatNav in our car does not always list the correct speed limit. There are some roads that had the speed increased years ago and the car (purchased 2016-09) shows the old limit. Driving 55 mph on a road with a 65 mph limit would be suicidal (particularly at the times when most traffic is moving at 75 mph or faster.)

Comment Re:Can we please have that here in California? (Score 2) 180

That may be the law, but that cop was a jerk. There's no real safety concern with people texting while stopped at a stoplight. Singling that out for special enforcement -- that's just jackass behavior of someone with a little power and an axe to grind.

1) Maybe the cop has sat behind cars that just sit there when the light changes because the driver is busy on their phone.

2) If said person suddenly notices that the light has changed and hits the gas w/out checking to see that the way is clear, it does become a safety issue.

Comment Re:The figure is meaningless. (Score 1) 114

The number of times I've bought new drives because I needed increased capacity far exceeds the number of times I've had to replace a failed drive.

I had to replace a couple 2TB Seagate drives before I needed more capacity. Of course I replaced them with bigger drives but could have gone years with the existing capacity had the drives continued operation without difficulty. This model also had a very high failure rate in older Backblaze reports.

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