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Comment Re:What is the right backup solution? (Score 1) 124

Good reason to version backups. Mine go to a new directory (e.g. .../backup//dd/... And when 'dd' == 01, it goes to .../backup//yyyy-mm-dd/... and is complete. The rest are incremental. And a copy goes offsite via ssh so even if they got to my local backup server (*) the remote server would remain intact.

(*) My backup server is not that fast. I'd likely recognize the issue before it was fully encrypted.

Sadly, I'm running Linux so I probably won't get a chance to prove that my strategy works.

Comment Re:Anyone voting for Hillary should be tried... (Score 2) 421

It's irrelevant, really. Trump has absolutely no chance of winning. ...

Trump has absolutely no chance of winning the Primary.

Or so I thought. And I was wrong, along with a lot of others. I would like to agree with you but I am not so certain.

Both Trump and Clinton are widely disliked. That will suppress voter turnout. With fewer votes it is easier for the election to tip one way or the other. This election may be decided more by who does not vote than those who do. Those of us who agree that a Trump presidency would be a Bad Thing(tm) can only hope that Trump is disliked more on election day than Clinton.

Comment Re:Proportionality (Score 1) 202

It could be more.

I ordered a container of drain cleaner flakes. It was poorly packaged and popped open in transit. When i opened it I was greeted by a cloud of powder that made me cough. It is nasty stuff.

I complained to Amazon, the vendor and the CPSC and never heard back.

I hope they put some effort into evaluating packaging of hazardous chemicals.

Comment Re: wonder why (Score 1) 688

Mr Dragon,

I forgot the /sarcasm at the end of my post.

Reagan was seen as great because as a skilled actor he was good at manipulating the public's perceptions. I doubt that Trump can do that. His appeal relates to much more basic emotions and perhaps that people are just tired of being jerked around by the ruling class and don't see him as part of that.

Just to be clear, I'm no fan of Trump and not particularly fond of Reagan.

Comment Re:The RPi's "secret weapon" (Score 2) 120

Is its following, community and wide range of available software.

Really good point. To draw an Arduino analogy, there are other platforms that offer better bang for the buck (e.g. various STM Discovery boards, some of the Cypress boards) But the community and resulting accessibility make the Arduino much more popular.

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