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Comment Re:The figure is meaningless. (Score 1) 114

The number of times I've bought new drives because I needed increased capacity far exceeds the number of times I've had to replace a failed drive.

I had to replace a couple 2TB Seagate drives before I needed more capacity. Of course I replaced them with bigger drives but could have gone years with the existing capacity had the drives continued operation without difficulty. This model also had a very high failure rate in older Backblaze reports.

Comment Lacking in I/O (Score 4, Informative) 115

The extra processor horsepower and RAM is nice but it seems like it is not matched by I/O. is the gigabit Ethernet tied to the processor? One of the drawbacks of the Pi (not Pie, BTW) is that Ethernet is off the internal USB2 hub.You could put gigabit Ethernet on a USB2 hub and get no increase in bandwidth. The Tinker has one micro-USB connector for power. Does it support OTG? (According to the Hackaday article it does have multiple USB 2.0 ports.) Sata would be nice too.

The biggest advantage of the Raspberry Pi is the community. It's going to be hard to match that. The RPi has hit critical mass when I can go to my local Microcenter and get a Pi 3 Model B for $30 US or a Pi zero for $5.

Comment Re:No way to cut the problem at the root? (Score 1) 74

I would say you might be better off with a $50 Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X; cheaper and easier.

Definitely cheaper and easier. My Asus AC-RT68 is also cheaper and easier.

I'm pretty confident that that pfSense has a broader feature set and is likely more secure than the Asus. I wonder where the EdgeRouter X fits on that spectrum?

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