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Comment Re:Everyone's demanding higher pay (Score 1) 304

While I understand your point, there are LOTS of jobs that require the same level of skill as a burger flipper. Fast food employees just get knocked around in analogies a lot more than your typical retail clerk, shelf stocker, dry cleaner, barber, security guard, forklift operator... etc. Hopefully, you don't fall prey to that American axiom that college is a minimum requirement for employment and if you don't have a double master's degree, you're worthless.

Hell, how many stories to we read on Slashdot about thousands of IT people being laid off? Being a geek is apparently in the same supply-demand ball park as fast food. Almost jobs will be, eventually, if the robot/AI overlords become competent enough. Will anyone deserve a wage at that point?

Comment Re:employee improvement plan (Score 1) 387

Help them to identify why they perform worse than their peers and try to help them improve

I didn't work for Amazon, but I did work in a warehouse, specifically one that ships medical supplies to hospitals.

In my case, the newfangled voice picking computer couldn't understand my voice (even simple phrases such as "yes" and "no") and the volume of the headset would go berserk for no reason, toggling between whispering and screaming so loud I was scared it would literally damage my hearing. Getting work done was impossible. No matter how much I tried to reason with management that it wasn't my fault, they insisted that the system was working fine for everyone else. I was simply told that my performance was below 87% and I had two weeks to improve my numbers or I'd be terminated. I quit. I had worked there for 10 years, and the voice picking system had been implemented within the last 10 months (with performance numbers being enforced within the last 3 months or so).

Looking back, they were probably bluffing, since almost everyone was below the threshold and also received performance warnings. As such, it wasn't a case of "worse than my peers." However, I had better things to do with my life than be bossed around by a screaming computer for 15 hours a day, just to constantly be told by management I wasn't good enough. The job is basically designed to burn you out.

Comment Re:Value for money (Score 1) 196

Apple makes a lot of money that way. What's the problem?

The problem is that if one company makes all the money, it shows that the market is unhealthy, and it's actually quite likely that company isn't making all the money by their own merit.

Even though Apple has a relatively small market share compared to others, they can still drive the entire market, and in many cases, ensure that certain technologies and standards are NOT available to competitors. Remember when multiple manufacturers were introducing e-IPS monitors over a year, and then they suddenly all disappeared and Apple was using e-IPS technology exclusively? How did that happen?

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score 1) 127

Indeed. I've been using PaleMoon for about a year and it blows away Firefox by a wide margin. I love it.

It appears a lot of that is due to how the browser is configured, rather than the vintage of the code or rendering engine. Even really old versions of Firefox are slower and more bloated and the latest releases of PaleMoon, and PaleMoon has none of the frequent pausing issues caused by memory management, which have plagued Firefox since version 2.0 -- way before Australis made its debut.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if just a few configuration tweaks would fix all the problems with Firefox. Mozilla just has an agenda and wants to keep all the bloat.

Comment Re:Sorry to be Negative, but... (Score 1) 127

If you want to save your SSD, turn off caching. That stuff is a carry over from the old 56k days when it made pages loader faster. It's not needed anymore.

I'm actually curious as to whether caching even still works these days. I've noticed that if I download a large image (at least a couple megs), if I try to "Save As" to my hard drive, the browser will completely re-download the entire image again. Given that my cache is set to 500MB, shouldn't it just save the damn image it's already downloaded? Apparently not.

Incidentally, PaleMoon is my primary browser, and Firefox is my backup (mostly for HTML5 YouTube). Both browsers have the same cache behavior.

Comment Re:"closures"? Are you F'ing kidding me? (Score 1) 497

I've found that most programmers are really, really bad teachers.

Actual conversation witnessed on ICQ (not mine):

Newbie: I'm having trouble with the db layer in my code trying to do [blah blah]
Pro: Pastebin [doesn't care if newbie has a Pastebin account or not]
Newbie: Here you go... [link]
Pro: Throw that shit out and read "Learning Python the Hard Way"
Newbie: Okay, but do you have any advice on what I'm doing wrong?
Pro: I didn't even look at it

I facepalmed pretty hard, especially since Learning Python the Hard Way only teaches you Python syntax, and nothing about programming, let alone database layers

Comment Re:Holy Shit (Score 1) 243

I could write a book about how many problems ATI/AMD drivers have caused me until I finally gave up and went Nvidia a couple years ago, which includes programs outright crashing left and right. After I got an Nvidia card, I could run every game I threw at it except for one... Viper Racing... and that game is about 18 years old.

With that said, I'm happy with these older drivers I'm using now. I think I'll treat my Nvidia drivers like my copy of Windows7 and [backup web browser] Firefox 47.

Comment Re:Going by the data in the summary... (Score 1) 372

As someone who's uncircumcised, I've had no problem using condoms, and they can be a lot of fun when used properly. I often need one to help me last longer because I'm too sensitive.

Personally, based on what I've heard and experienced, circumcision interferes with natural sexual function since the skin of the glans becomes calloused and hard. I have no doubt that adding a condom on top of that ruins sex entirely. Perhaps we should just get rid of circumcision.

Comment Re:Touch Bar is a disaster waiting to happen (Score 1) 361

It's bad enough we have Start Menus and "Ribbons" that automatically re-arrange themselves. Now we have keyboards that do it, too.

Fundamental design failure: an ongoing downward spiral across many devices and manufacturers for the last 10 years.

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