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Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 1) 106

My dad's Ford has an electronic parking brake, and I still have no idea how to release it. When I borrow his car, I just never use the parking brake. The car also has automatic headlights, and I can't figure out how to turn them on permanently while driving through a tunnel (there's about a ten second delay when the lights are on full auto). Don't even get me started on the radio, with its confusing, built-in media center.

One of the biggest reasons why I own a Subaru WRX is because it's one of the exceedingly few sport cars on the road with tons of manual controls, including a manual transmission. Subaru is known for resisting the trend of too much needless electronics, and their cars sell very well. I wish more cars were that simple and honest. My only complaint is the automatic climate control, which forces me to manually turn off the A/C every single time I turn on the blower.

Comment Re:Good job guys! (Score 1) 133

Indeed. I can say a lot of bad things about Firefox, but it never crashes on me. Ever.

I did switch to Pale Moon about 2 years ago, because it's just as stable but way faster. I use Firefox mostly for "broken" web sites that are designed only to work with popular, name-brand browsers.

Comment Re:Users don't report bugs (Score 1) 313

How can users report bugs? There's a mantra that every developer should hide problems, either to save face or because errors are super scary looking.

I almost never get error codes of any sort these days. More and more log files are in binary format and need special tools to read. When there's a bug in the code of a web page, often all I get is a blank screen. Even the classic BSOD now has an emoticon as its primary message.

Comment Re:Slashdot users are more terrified than anyone (Score 1) 52

For a supposed bunch of tech enthusiasts, I see the most technophobia on this site. It's really quite pathetic.

Every day that goes by, I see another company locking us out of our products for our own protection, and taking them away from us by force whenever they want.

The electronic equivalent of book burning most definitely scares me. The only thing that's pathetic is that most technophiles I've come across never studied history and just don't give a damn.

Comment Re:I suppose (Score 2) 213

In my attempts to track down why Firefox has huge memory problems but Pale Moon v26 does not (and Pale Moon v27 does), I've determined that bad caching policy is responsible for memory consumption, not leaks.

Firefox will cache the hell out of everything it encounters regardless of the limits you set for the memory cache, up to a certain percentage of total available memory. In recent versions of the browser, most internal memory management settings not in the preferences file seem to be set to "-1" (fully automatic) so there's no way to change them unless you recompile. Bloody annoying.

Not being an application developer, my only lead on how to track down all the settings involves comparing the code of Pale Moon v26 to v27. Not an easy feat, seeing as how there's over 40,000 new or changed files between those two versions. I've not made much progress on compiling a less stupid build, but I do know the problem is that the browser is just insanely greedy with memory, not that it's "losing" it.

Comment Re:How does brain work? (Score 1) 389

I can copy a Windows install disk, and create a working copy without understanding how it works.

Assuming you copier has a 100% understanding of how the structure of the disk works.

I'd like to see you try this approach with a copy-protected floppy disk for one of those 80's computers. Now you need a deep understanding of how the track layout works to make a copy, or else your copy will fail. Even worse, the copied programs on the disk may be corrupted and not work as expected, and perhaps even do something dickish to your computer.

Comment Re:Things I'd fix if I could go back in time... (Score 1) 467

How about a manager deciding to remove the high-speed serial port on the C64, without the engineers' knowledge, because he didn't know what it was for? That resulted in the floppy drive being a hundred times slower than it should have been, since it had to be plugged into the C64's slow serial port instead. Untold hours of peoples' lives were wasted due to that braindead cost-cutting measure, made by someone who had no clue how hardware worked.

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