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Comment Re:Fuck software (Score 1) 319

I am so sick and FUCKING TIRED of all the constant updates from every fucking piece of software. Fuck computers.

Most insightful response in the thread, because this is what ORDINARY people are thinking every day, not just the Slashdot crowd.

I've breathed computers since the C64 days and love technology in general, but since smart phones showed up, it's been one massive disappointment after another. I gave up on web development as a career for a reason.

Comment Re:That's their job (Score 1) 447

There are a huge number of tax avoidance schemes that I could use to reduce my tax burden...

The real problem is that they are complicated, not worth your time, and can be very risky if you make a mistake, such as applying for them without being certain that you qualify. Even when I was a teenager and had a single W-2, filling out my taxes took most of a day, because I was worried sick that I'd forget to report something correctly. Filing taxes was a nightmare not because I had to pay my share, but because every time I entered a deduction, that I would somehow be punished for it.

Corporations can afford lawyers, and their salaries are worth it. If hiring a lawyer to reduce my taxes "properly" was economical, I'd sure as hell let them do it.

Comment Not impressed (Score 3, Informative) 82

I just gave this thing a try on a Win7 x64 box on a Core i5 3770K @ 3.4 GHz, and the results are... interesting, but not in a good way.

First, I tried to explicitly use a quality level of 78% to test it against some low-quality images, and the program immediately yelled at me that if I want to use a setting below 84%, I need to modify the source code and recompile. WTF? Do we really need idiot-proofing of command-line utilities, too? Second, I found out that setting a quality of 88% actually sets the quality much higher than 90%, resulting in huge, HQ files. I have no idea how they determine the quality from the command-line flags as I haven't looked at the source, but apparently this program is pretty buggy. Unsurprisingly, like most programs these days, Guetzli only utilizes one CPU core, so it will be slow, but at least it won't lock up your machine while it works.

Anyway, compared to the default Photoshop "save for web" feature, this program makes files about the same filesize, but takes about 200-300x as long (roughly 1.5 minutes for Guetzli compared to less than a second for Photoshop). All my test images were between 0.5 to 1.0 megapixel, and consisted of gradient shaded cartoons and a few shaded pencil drawings, which normally show horrible artifacts and are difficult to compress well. For the images I used at 90% quality, there's apparently no real advantage. I couldn't get the quality settings in Guetzli to work correctly, so I did the runs with Google's tool first, then made comparable images with Photoshop to match the quality. File size differences were less than 10%. I did find that that Guetzli prioritizes chroma over luminance, so strong colors have fewer artifacts, but base colors and B&W patches have more artifacts and are blurrier. The net quality is about the same overall, so this tool is disappointing. If you're going to use this utility, it's best reserved for highly saturated pictures, but overall I didn't see any gains in compression.

If you're looking for serious gains in compression, you're better off using PNGOut by Ken Silverman to crush PNG files. It's usually not worth trying to get more compression out of JPEG files over a utility like Photoshop, Irfanview, or ImageMagick. Even JPEGTran never gave me any significant gains over Photoshop's JPEG routines.

Comment Re:Potential Damages? (Score 1) 317

This is a novel setup and fun to read, but it does highlight just how easy it is for a very small number of people to cause a huge amount of chaos should they decide our cushy, social honor system doesn't suit their lifestyle.

Modern terrorists don't need to blow up an airplane. If they want to cause REAL damage, they need only place a few interesting phone calls.

Comment Re:so go use linux? (Score 1) 419

Just because Microsoft pulls support doesn't mean the OS suddenly stops working.

Speak for yourself. Twice I had to call MS to re-activate my license for XP because I swapped some parts on my box. I learned my lesson, and am deathly afraid to touch any part of my current Win7 PC just in case MS decides I "might be the victim of piracy".

I wish I could stitch to Linux now, but I've been trying to do that for 12+ years, and always hit way too many potholes. When Win7 completely dies (probably due to hardware failure), I'll have to make the switch since there's no way I'm using any newer version of Windows.

Comment Re:Well, butt then (Score 1) 419

There is only 1 name for people who run Windows 10.

Way to get people to feel comfortable with the Linux community (one of its greatest stumbling blocks). Pretty much by definition, only half the population consists of idiots, and Microsoft has 90%+ of the desktop market. You do the math.

What next? More banter about Democrats calling Republicans racist? I'm sure that will help.

Comment Re:Why the surprise? (Score 1) 274

This take is far more accurate if you watch his earlier stuff. The UK version of Kitchen Nightmares was fantastic, and I was always a big fan. I highly recommend the DVD collection to anyone looking to start any kind of small business.

Today, he's still a well-meaning asshole, but... with a bit more asshole (and ego) than before. I still like his shorts on YouTube, but don't watch any of his TV programs.

Comment Re:Universal Basic Income (Score 1) 392

The loudest objection, "We don't have the money"'s simply not true.

Especially if it applies universally. Almost any regulation or tax can be tolerated as long as there's a level playing field and no one business has an unfair competitive advantage.

The real trick is getting corporations to actually pay the taxes they owe and taxing international trade (as most countries currently do). There's just too many loopholes in the system. What difference does a 35% tax rate mean if a bit of accounting acrobatics reduces their effective tax to zero, and only the biggest corporations can afford the lawyers necessary to make it work?

Comment Re:Wah! I don't want my customers to afford my pro (Score 2) 392

collectively suppress labor

The key word here being "collectively."

Why care about the economy as a whole if YOUR business is doing okay? In the minds of the executive, making as much money as possible is a less important goal that simply making more money than everyone else. Sure, the economy might be a smoldering pile of ashes, but at least my pile of ashes is the biggest!

Comment Re:Automation is NOT the enemy. (Score 1) 392

I believe what's coming is what was predicted in the 50's. Shorter work weeks, more leisure time and that's because through our hard work and efforts we have arrived at the future and will now reap the benefits of all that effort.

Yeah, yeah. Any time my [blue collar] ex company told us to work harder on our way to SUCCESS, we did, and none of us ever got a raise or shortened work hours. Like most of the country for the last few decades, we've seen our real wage go down. Eventually we got to a 15-hour work day, every day. Why? Because most of my coworkers didn't have a life and preferred to work ungodly hours so they could make "more money." Rather than demanding raises, talk about a union, or otherwise "reap the rewards", most people just swallowed that false economic BS management fed us. I quit, but I was alone in that decision, apparently.

I have a hard time accepting that we'll eventually move towards UBI. We seem to have this philosophy of putting in the hours, regardless of how much work we actually do. Shorter work weeks go against basic human instinct, let alone what the Mennonites think.

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