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Comment Re:Who's Which? (Score 1) 177

Based on my experience, it seems the Win10 readiness tool only checks for CPU speed, memory, and free storage space. Every machine on which I ran the analyzer has told me it's compatible with Windows10, only to find out after the update, half the hardware on the machine doesn't work.

Oh, and the tool never tells you when programs are incompatible with Win10. I had a system where 11 applications were automatically uninstalled from the machine, with no prior warning, and I was informed that they were removed only after the OS upgrade had fully completed. Thanks for the heads-up, MS.

Thankfully, all these systems were owned by other people who wanted me to update them to Win10. I wouldn't dare do it to my own workstation, or even my gaming rig.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 208

According to my tests with the built-in memory profiler, the pauses are apparently related to locking garbage collection and cycle collection, so it's all CPU bound. Stuffing more memory into the machine won't help. I'm already running Win64 with 16GB of memory.

One interesting thing is that this appears to be related to the Javascript engine, possibly the JIT/optimizer. If I close all but one window and point the last window to "about:blank", memory usage doesn't go down at all. I just hangs at, say, 2GB forever, all of it occupied by the Javascript heap. This might be why people blame memory leaks. It looks like it, but I think it's just really bad script cache management. Palemoon has none of these problems (I've had an instance of Palemoon open for two weeks with a ton of windows open, and it's still using ~700MB)

I've also tried torturing Firefox to test its memory limits. On 64-bit it seems to max out around 3GB memory usage, with no other side effects besides the frequent pauses. On 32-bit, it maxes out around 1.6 GB and then starts running into massive graphics corruption issues, but doesn't crash. Actually, one nice thing I can say about Firefox is that it never crashes on me. Ever. It's rock stable, but does have a lot of performance issues and they're mostly related to memory management.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 208

I believe it has to do with what sites you browse, especially those that use tons of Javascript.

I've had the memory hogging issues since Firefox 2.0, resulting in massive pauses that last for 2-10 seconds at a time, and they've driven me crazy. They are all related to the Javascript heap and garbage collection cycles. Image-heavy sites that use JS tend to build up the most garbage. I can navigate my own web site all day, but even 5 minutes on DeviantArt will reduce Firefox to a whimpering crawl, using 1.5+ GB of memory and forcing me to restart.

It's painful to hear people telling me constantly that the memory leaks/GC issues don't exists when they simply don't visit web sites that trigger the problems. I love art, and visit a lot of image-heavy sites, and for that kind of browsing Firefox is simply painful.

I switched to PaleMoon a long time ago and it has none of these issues, despite being based on similar code (and far more modern than Firefox 2.0). The pauses and freezes must be related to some kind of "optimization" settings that the PaleMoon developers had the good sense to shut off or remove.

Comment Re:At least two other OSs will "optimize" Kaby Lak (Score 1) 276

MS does this to their own hardware, for crying out loud.

I had an MS Internet Keyboard Pro that refused to work with the Windows7 version of the driver, despite the fact that the entire rest of their keyboard range is supported. Turns out, the driver just blacklists that one particular model because it was originally an OEM device and MS dropped support for those devices in newer versions of the driver. I mean, despite the fact that it's their own product, sold under their own brand name, and with their own logo painted on the fascia.

It's easy to add support by editing the main INI file and adding the appropriate hardware ID number. Then the keyboard works fine with no lacking functionality.

Comment Re:We're All Dying (Score 1) 515

The real problem is that profit is very much a part of human nature we can't seem to conquer.

FOSS developers and projects aren't known for making money, but they manage to gain profit other ways. Most notably, fame, ego, and the thrill of power. It's sad how many "libre" projects are run by power freaks that will actively tell the community that their complaints shall fall on deaf ears. They like to tell you that if you don't like it you can change it, but that's not practical when things are hard-coded to work certain ways to make sure you'll use it only as the developers intended... because they're right and the users are idiots.

Having tried to switch to Linux for 12 years, I've found FOSS isn't much different than commercial software development, except without all the cash and marketing muscle. They can't design worth a damn, but good luck trying to convince them of that.

Comment Re:What drives me insane: (Score 1) 148

Tell me about it. My (now ex) medical insurance provider actually printed my online account password on each invoice -- for my convenience.

The really stupid thing is that they automatically signed me up for online billing, despite the fact I sent in my application via mail, so I couldn't even send my first payment. Naturally this meant I had no password set for my account, so I had to call them over the phone to activate it. Then I got my first invoice on paper through the mail and nearly hit the roof.

Comment Re: No more back button (Score 1) 28

Somewhat off topic, but increasingly I've found the back button (and shift-clicking) doesn't work at all. To much Javascript and proprietary navigation prevents any browser's built-in navigation from doing its job.

Lots of UI failure all over the web, really. It's almost like we're heading back to the 90's and Flash sites all over again.

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