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Comment Re:This is an easy one. (Score 1) 264

If the small local ISP is screwing up, and refuses to respond in any useful way despite your best repeated efforts, it sounds like its time to take your business elsewhere, maybe to one of those large ISPs you mentioned.

The only problem is that more large ISPs are doing this than small ones. Large ISPs have teams of executives with nothing better to do than sit around and figure out how else to further screw their customers. Small ISPs are generally too busy trying to keep their infrastructure online for an extended period of time.

Despite what their ads say, the goal of a large corporation is to make the shareholders happy by having steadily increasing profits. They do this by providing "bigger, better, faster", by cutting costs, and by finding additional revenue streams. Unfortunately, this often screws the customer, and in a virtual monopoly, the execs could care less about that.

Forget "bigger, better, faster" in the US because there is virtually no competition and they don't want to spend money on infrastructure upgrades when their customers are already chained to them with no hope of escape.

Cutting costs, well, I for one have a much easier time understanding heavy Indian accents than I did a few years ago.

Finding additional revenue streams, yep that US$0.001 per mis-typed domain name adds up quick when you are looking at 100s of thousands of them per day. The truly clueless will be thankful that the ISP is providing this "service". The average user will be slightly annoyed at worst, but most likely won't care. The rest of us will just start running our own DNS servers, and skip using our ISP's DNS servers all together.

I started running my own DNS servers years ago when mt ISP's DNS servers were becoming non-responsive. Much better response times, and no unwanted redirect crap.

Comment Re:Convert? (Score 1) 621

Now, I'm not arguing that there's anything wrong with what this city is doing. But I wonder how many people who are criticizing Time Warner over this really understand what they're arguing in favor of. They're arguing in favor of an economic system that is designed to be anti-competitive and to provide services for less than a private company ever could. Given that most seem to be criticizing Time Warner for "not competing", I would say very few understand this.

One could say that they are arguing for the rights of the taxpayers/voters to decide how their local taxes are spent, and what services their local government provides. This is why we have local elections, so that the citizens can decide whether or not their local government can provide desired services that are not otherwise available.

As for the argument of TWC "not competing", if they didn't want to compete with a local government provided service, then they should have established the services the citizens wanted when it was requested. As it stands here, TWC was asked to take the lead, they declined, and now they are crying because their customers decided that TWC's services weren't sufficient and they voted to use their tax dollars to provide for themselves.

TWC felt that the potential customer base was too small to warrant addition investment, and they were proven wrong. Now they are crying at the legislature so that their bad business decision can be reversed.

Comment Re:Pro-Video Gamer??? (Score 1) 207

About the only professional sport I like to occasionaly watch is hockey. The other pro sports, while I'm not all that fond of them, I do understand why people would want to watch it, with the exception of basketball. I can't fathom how people enjoy that sport, court is too small, scores are too large.

I am completely unable to grasp the reason there is a large enough potential audience to make pro video gaming profitable. No doubt that the gamers are serious about what they do, I fail to see where the leagues or sponsors are making any profit on their investment. No profit for leagues or sponsors == no pro gaming. Shit man, if I'm gonna spend the time watching someone else play a video game, I may as well be playing it myself.

Comment Pro-Video Gamer??? (Score 1) 207

The thing that I find to be most outrageous is that there are pro video gamers in the first place. Last I checked, they weren't showing up anywhere on ESPN. WTF, was that just some sort of feeble attempt by the game publishers to get more people buying their warez? "Oh, if you get really really good, we will pay you to play video games all day long. (You gotta be in the top 0.0000005% to get that though, in the meantime we will still take your $$$)"

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