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Comment Re:Google's reply? (Score 1) 172

They literally keep me from having to click a link in many instances by giving me the information I need within the first part of the results.

Well, that raises an interesting question... if the information in an article is so lean that a computer algorithm can boil it down into a trivial amount of text, then is the article really a creative work that's worthy of copyright protection? And would Google's algorithm be considered a transformative fair use (or fair dealing, or whatever the EU standard is)?

Comment Re:Google's reply? (Score 1) 172

Why would they bother?

To break the argument.

These sorts of laws are based on the premise that Google is taking something for free and the news sources get nothing back. That's obviously a false premise, but that doesn't seem to be getting through to the people that matter and even making an example of entire countries doesn't seem to be enough to make the problem go away.

So, play hardball; if the news sources think their content is worth something, maybe Google's aggregation and traffic services should be worth something. Possibly more.

Comment Re:Google's reply? (Score 2) 172

"Well, we'd rather not have to pay, so... we'll just not index your content anymore. kthxbye"

More like "well, it turns out that it's gotten too expensive to send you traffic for free, so we're gonna have to start charging by the click. But don't worry, we'll just take it out of what we owe you for using your content..."

Comment Re:stability where? not for servers (Score 1) 90

All I needed to restore my system init behaviour to something useful on 16.04 was:

apt-get install upstart-sysv

I'll consider revisiting systemd at some point in the future if Ubuntu is willing to migrate my init configurations properly, and I'm assuming that this approach will become untenable as systemd's tendrils creep deeper into the system, but for now it gets me back to a seemingly functional system.

Comment Re:I don't have any yoga emails .... (Score 1) 563

They want to preserve that plausible deniability and ensure some former employee didn't say something in a company email you weren't aware of that winds up costing you $'s in a lawsuit.

I think that in many cases, it's just as much about saving money in lawsuits by not having to pay lawyers to plow through years and years of "hey, lunch at Vinnie's, you in?" e-mails.

Comment Re:Ahh, science (Score 1) 695

Did they place it next to the 401, or did they place the 401 next to the weather station?

They placed it next to the 401. There's a whole network of them specifically for getting road weather information. You can see some results at

A number of provinces in Canada have something similar. The GP is just unaware that there's actually uses for weather stations beyond climate modelling...

Comment Re:Ahh, science (Score 1) 695

My personal favorites? The one that was placed next to the 401(one of the busiest highway systems in the world), nothing like a pile of vehicle exhaust and hot asphalt to give accurate temperatures.

You mean the weather stations which are part of the Ontario road weather network, installed specifically to get weather information along Ontario roads?

<sarcasm>Yep, that was poor planning... </sarcasm>

The other, was out in Alberta which was in a valley, next to a river fed from mountain water run-off(roughly 4m away), which spent 2/3's of the day in the shade of a pine tree forest.

A provincial forestry weather station. Odds are it's in that specific spot because of either accessibility, power, or it's a known problem spot.

There's a lot of unofficial weather stations out there (easily 3-5x more than official stations), but they're usually installed for specific purposes (forestry, mining, health and safety, transport, etc). They don't have the same constraints as more official stations simply because the data they generate doesn't matter in the big picture.

The installations of official weather stations, in particular the ones which feed into climate models or get used for aviation, is a hell of a lot more rigorous.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

Here in upstate NY, winters often mean that I need to get out our roof rake to pull snow off our roof.

I have a feeling that the solar roof would perform more like a metal panel roof than a shingle roof. Anything else would be stupid, really, since snow accumulation would interfere with power generation.

Generally speaking, accumulation doesn't happen much on a smooth roof. The biggest problem is large quantities of snow sliding off, to the point where metal roofs typically include snow stoppers above areas like doors and decks.

Comment Re:Fantastic... (Score 2) 110

It can be pretty embarrassing politically for a government to have a plot to kill a foreign head of state hatched on their soil, so if they thought he was a possible threat it was in their interest to monitor him.

A coup is only a good thing if the guys you like win and you're in a position to take advantage of the situation.

Otherwise, involuntary changes of government are a huge source of instability.

Comment Re:What a terrible legal system (Score 1) 287

If some ass hits and kicks his girlfriend 117 times I'm calling in the forensics team because there's going to be the girlfriends blood in the apartment and on his clothes.

Police aren't likely to bring in a forensics team on a domestic assault case unless the guy has gone out of his way to piss of authorities and they want to nail him on something, anything.

The video evidence was simply low-hanging fruit; it was in their face and easy to get, so they grabbed it.

Comment Re:Yes, because it would be (Score 1) 213

Most of these "smart" thermometers have some sort of presence sensing. If you target devices where someone hasn't been home for 2-3 days (say, Monday-Wednesday) you might catch people on vacation. In colder climates, killing the furnace during a cold snap while the owners are away for a couple weeks might be an effective threat.

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