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Comment Re:Why are bankers doing that research (Score 1) 284

My impression is that banks are about the bottom line and profits. Why is someone at a bank doing that research?

Maybe they are simulating society in an attempt to research ways to increase the bottom line and profits. I mean it takes a crook to think like a crook, according to so many detective stories.

Comment Re:At what point do end-users become responsible (Score 5, Funny) 237

I hear your cry about antivirus software.

A website the other day detected 432 viruses on my computer. Thankfully, it also provided a link to download some high quality antivirus software that resolved the problem.

I'm glad to say I'm now part of the solution and not of the problem any more.

Comment Re:Where?? What is wrong with MORE CHOICE (Score 1) 551

But the audio adapter dongle requires software keys that only Apple can provide. And can withdraw. So, it is DRM that hasn't been switched on. Yet.
Don't give the monkeys the keys to the banana plantation.
This leaves the key in the lock for future implementation. Don't give them a lock, or a key. Audio is all that is left for us now.

Comment Re:Incomplete title... (Score 1) 399

... it's about someone trying to snidely imply that they are much more intelligent, high-minded, and enlightened than everyone else ... It's about trying to make themselves look like an upright, cultured, magnanimous person by publicly expressing disdain for others.

In the recent post on Twitter's free speech woes a lot of commenters decried the utterly vulgar language and bullying that manifests on it under the guise of "free speech".

I'd venture to say that anyone trying to debate any issue insightfully and civilly, will be seen as much more intelligent, high-minded, cultured etc. etc. as that baseline. And may draw a lot of abuse upon himself for that reason.

Comment One benefit (Score 1) 203

If this could be used for a larger system so that the car could go at a constant speed (even if lower than the speed limit) and catch all the lights green, I guess this might save a considerable amount of fuel and pollutants by avoiding the braking and acceleration. It will also feed into my OCD and make for a more pleasant (gratifying) trip - I hate waiting at red lights. Lights would need to be synchronized though. And I guess cars without such a system will still race from intersection to intersection, which might foul things up.

Comment Re:Either .. Or (Score 1) 465

I hear you, but as soon as you start putting qualifiers onto it, it's not "free" anymore. Maybe call it "civilized debate" instead of "free speech", and weed out the abuse. As another poster has pointed out, no platform is compelled to provide "free speech" - so just accurately label (and define) what you provide.

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