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Comment Zoze Zwiss (Score 3, Funny) 160

... with the assistance of the clock (Spectratime of Switzerland) ... manufacturer

Seems to be a big blow to the Swiss clock makers' reputation for accuracy and reliability. But rejoice. Maybe those Swiss watches will start to sell for more realistic prices...

Disclaimer: This post is intended to produce whooshing.

Comment Newsflash (Score 1) 176

Newsflash: eating food that people have eaten for thousands of years and thrived on, is better than eating highly processed, deep-fried, and/or chemical additives-rich junk that incidentally makes money for their manufacturers and sellers.

Eat more food grown on plants and less food manufactured in plants.

(To be sure, a smallish component of meat and dairy is often advised, but if your diet consists of only this (and perhaps bread or your locale's starchy staple) then health problems shouldn't even be surprising.)

Why do people believe that food consists only of Carbs, Protein and Fat? Perhaps with a sprinkling of vitamins and minerals, which can just as easily be gotten from supplements? There's stuff like probiotics, enzymes, and elusive co-factors and who knows what else that science has not yet even discovered, let alone understood and described.

Comment Re:An Actual Sentence? (Score 1) 732

I don't think many people seriously believed voting itself was hacked.

Actually 50% of Clinton voters believe that, or about a quarter of the US population. Of course Trump voters had their own preferred conspiracy theories as you can see from the same report. What it shows is that people believe the narrative of their preferred news sources, and that neither major party is immune.

Rolling Stone has a nice article with an overview of the whole situation and why we should be skeptical. It's nice to see that coming from them, because MSNBC won't say it (gotta support out side) and nobody is going to believe Fox saying it, and sadly the rest of the press is starting to fall in line with one side or the other.

Comment Re:Safety first? (Score 1) 121

Tell me again how self driving cars are supposed to bring safety to the roads by not having a human driver AND capable of drag racing at the same time?

Maybe by outrunning all the accident-causing bad human drivers? (Sarcasm aside, I agree with you. Seems the acceleration is just sales pitch, it seems that is the lowest-hanging fruit in e-car features, given electric motor properties.)

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