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Comment Chocolate vs Candy bars (Score 1) 311

And here I thought one eats those kind of candy bars for the burning sensation down your throat, the sugar high soon afterwards, and then the nice lethargic lull - and not for the sweetness. Because by golly, they sure tend to nuke one's taste buds into oblivion.

Comment Another app I won't be installing (Score 1) 130

At the moment I'm stuck with an old Android phone. Thus, no Whatsapp, no Facebook, no $LATEST_FAD_APP, no Uber app. (I am however able to get some apps from alternative app stores like F.droid.) I can obviously use web apps no problem. Google told me that the mobile site of Uber could be used if no app available, but they need to activate your account for it, which didn't happen: Uber support basically told me: upgrade your phone. Not happening.

In the mean time, the time for my hospital procedure which involved anesthetics (so no driving myself to and from the hospital) came and went, and that's one of the benefits of having a real life circle of friends: some can chip in and help you with a ride for not much more than a "thank you".

I guess I'll continue to drive myself, ride bicycle, bum rides, get courtesy lifts or loan vehicles from the workshop, rent a car, etc. as in the previous decades of my life.

Comment We're all prostitutes (Score 5, Insightful) 280

I thought "ashamed of code" would be e.g. using a for loop on a Java Collection rather than an Iterator; or using EJB methods to simply wrap database layer calls, instead of encapsulating business rules (because you see our project uses a 3-tier architecture because someone somewhere read it is a good thing to do); or not doing unit tests.

Writing code to put bread on the table for employers whose business ethics are questionable (or cut corners when it comes to generally accepted good software engineering practices) is to be expected. It's not as if these things are discussed at the hiring interview. And jumping ship at the drop of a hat when these things crop up is seldom practicable - a new round of interviews takes time, so does induction into a new workplace.

We are all prostitutes, either from the neck up or the neck down.

Comment Re:Yeah so??? (Score 1, Insightful) 74

I was disappointed. I expected an Orwellian experience where it told me what my sexual orientation was and who I vote for all I got was a load of crap I'd expect any piece of software to be capable of monitoring. I mean honestly slashdot clickbait much?

My point exactly. It rather trivializes the "serious themes of big data and privacy", rather than "thematize this in a simple and lighthearted way".

Comment Anecdotal (Score 3, Interesting) 61

During some health/hormonal issues I started paying attention to my sleep too. I absolutely feel it is vital to being productive. (Everybody's mileage may vary, obviously.)

I've become a big fan of screen reddening apps, incandescent/warm-white light sources, and wearing yellow/orange glasses some hours before bedtime - all the general melatonin-killing blue light avoidance being punted for years now.

What people do seem to often miss however, is the thing about timing. Melatonin is produced only for a certain window period during the early evening. Trudging on through that window period by forcing yourself to stay awake, makes me unable to fall asleep later on, no matter how tired. So no late-night reading or surfing past bedtime, no matter how thrilling the novel or how .... uhmmm... interesting american election memes, how compelling the conversation, or how urgent the deadline. The corollary of this is that one has to work out a good bed-time routine and stick to it 7 days a week.

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