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Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 506

you are a fool because all politicians are far from equally detestable

Don't worry, your starry-eyed optimism will wane with age. Yes, you are of course technically correct. But the difference in how much I detest the least detestable and how much I detest the most detestable is so small as makes no practical difference.

Comment For non-USians (Score 1) 102

As a non-US, non-CA, non-IE and non-McD denizen, I am still puzzled about the nature of this "shamrock" component of the drink even after reading the Wikipedia article.

And can someone explain to me why one would want to go to McD to buy sham-anything while the real thing is to be had for next to nothing, and probably better tasting?

Comment Re:Much more subject matter exists (Score 1) 106

There are a lot of red brick houses in the world. If only the date of the building of the house is known and the bricks are not repurposed from other buildings, similar information can be derived.

If they can measure the magnetic properties of the mortar you can even get the direction.

Yes. But not from 2000 years ago...

Comment Those distances (Score 1) 532

smoking is prohibited within 10m (33ft) of a playground, within 4m (13ft) of the entrance to a public building, at rail platforms, taxi ranks and bus stops

I wonder how they come up with those distances. Some evenings I sit in my house, and get this penetrating smell of smoke, and start some anti-invasion house clearing procedures, since there are no smokers living there. Then I look out the window and see it's just some bloke walking past in the street and smoking, some 30m (+-100ft) from the closest point to my house.

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