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Comment Re:Sounds familiar... (Score 1) 216

If your definition is correct, why are the results of every "left wing" government less liberty, greater inequality and more division?

This is why it's almost impossible to have political conversations involving Americans these days. Before you can even start, you first have to face the legions of cultural myths that Americans take as gospel that just have absolutely nothing to do with reality.

Comment Re:Sounds familiar... (Score 1) 216

Please, nobody is better at ignoring hard evidence than the left. Bad as all politicians are, right wing ones are still a lot less scaring than our new overlords from the left.

Wow. I'm always amazed at how much bullshit and projection rightwingers can compress into such small sentences. It's a sort of awesome literary feat, how you can fit so many completely false world views into so few words. It would be very difficult to write conservative characters with the same convincing density of completely wrong opinions.

Comment Yeah, right (Score 2) 506

No, his entire post is based on our history within our lifetimes and all of his claims are easily verified.

Your post, however, was nothing but links to right-wing spew sites that are currently occupied with the business of rewriting their own movement's history because that history is repellent to a growing number of voters. That's not a trend that's going to change as the only people left still swallowing the shit you're shoveling are dying off and not being replaced.

Comment Yeah, right (Score 1) 434

Anytime someone disses the Beatles all they're doing is revealing they have no sensitivity whatsoever to what makes music great.

I'd bet my life that people will still be listening to the Beatles in a 100 years. They'll be listening to very little of the mass-marketed crap that passes for music today.

And there will always be new Beatles fans, just because the music is that good. I have a nine year old son and half a dozen teenage cousins. Every one of them thinks the Beatles rock, because they hear their music for the first time and think "Oh my god, these are good songs compared to what I'm hearing on the radio".

I think the generation coming up is going to be a lot more sophisticated about music and they won't be as taken in by hip hop poseurs, American Idol wannabes, and pretty teenage dancers masquerading as musicians. They seem to be a lot more resistant to advertising bullshit than the current crop of young adults.

Must be because of better parenting :)

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